Death End Re;Quest Godot Ruins, The Phantom Abyss DLC Guide

Death End Re;Quest Godot Ruins, The Phantom Abyss DLC Guide

In this Death End Re;Quest Godot Ruins, The Phantom Abyss DLC Guide, I’ll be going over the Godot Ruins area, The Phantom Abyss locale and it’s boss. Death End Re;Quest is a unique RPG game that merges the typical JRPG and allows players to convert it into a fighting game, shooter, or even a slot game. There are other subtle quirks that the game possesses that will be simple to execute but difficult to master.

Death End Re;Quest Godot Ruins, The Phantom Abyss DLC Guide

For this Death End Re;Quest DLC players will head to the Godot Ruins, The Phantom Abyss locale in order to try find some treasure, this will lead them to fight a shape shifting Entoma. This DLC is able to be accessed after completing Chapter 7.

Monsters in Godot Ruins (The Phantom Abyss)

  • Gowen Soldier 33,780 HP 35 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Omaraspo 95,550 HP, 25 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Pusediv 22,145 HP 15 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Doggi 13,965 HP 15 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Mafiria 12,680 HP 25 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Nomorse 34,380 HP 50 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Bramuto 70,000 HP 30 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Tileval 20,560 HP 50 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Wilarlia 36,480 HP, 30 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Purcorsi 29,870 HP 25 SP ☾ Moon Type

Godot Ruins (The Phantom Abyss)

From the Godot Ruins Phantom Abyss campsite, descend the tree root and head right to obtain the Guard Bracelet, Level Max. Proceed to the first ! marker and continue on this path until you reach the room with the large black knight-esque enemy, then continue to head South. At the end of the path make a left, obtain the 44,879 Eni in a chest to the right. 1 Succuhorn (280 HP, 410 ATK, 64 AGI) will be found just before the middle bridge. Head North from where the Succuhorn was found to find the Ephemeral Flint (150 SP, 190 ATK, 150 MDF). Make your way towards the next 3 ! markers. There will be a chest to the left end of the path near the 4th marker containing the Knight’s Sword (250 ATK, 200 DEF, 78 AGI). Go back pass the bridge and use Shina’s Spider Rodeo ability to climb the scaffold, and drop down near the 5th ! marker. Traverse to the 6th ! marker and use this time to make a pit stop at the campsite to recover your party, don’t forget to save before engaging the boss of this DLC area at the final ! marker.

Boss: Phantom Clea in Glitch Mode

  • Phantom Ephemera 620,000 HP 100 SP ★ Stars Type 100% corruption
    • Tears of Lament
    • Intimidated
    • Ephemera Code
  • Skeleton Kai 230,000 HP 40 SP ☾ Moon Type 100% corruption
    • Cursed Heartbeat
    • Freeze
  • Phantom Clea in Glitch Mode 7,500 HP 255 SP ☀ Sun Type 100% corruption
    • All Lives Healed ☾ Moon Type

For my party composition I used Shina, Lucil, and Clea. Our goal for this fight is to eliminate Phantom Clea as soon as possible. She is capable of healing the whole enemy team for massive damage and will only prolong the fight. Players can have Lucil use Deathstroke Therapy on Clea to start the fight and then focus on damaging Skeleton Kai with Starbeam and using Phoenix Ray on Phantom Ephemera. Always attempt to position Lucil near bug tiles to have her buggy effect activate after her turn.

Have Shina use Trally Bloom, Lunamis Diapathy, and Rokudian on Clea. This will set up a higher magic attack power for Shina while clearing some bug tiles to use Arata’s Codes later in this match.

Hopefully you can build Clea into a physical attacker as she can be great DPS Queen for this match. Use triple Azure Bullet on Clea and any other enemies in her line of attack. To maximize damage, use an Azure Bullet to hit both Clea and Ephemera as they have lower physical defense compared to Kai.

Once Phantom Clea is defeated have Lucil and Shina focus on Skeleton Kai as their magic attacks will fare better than Clea’s physical attacks. Lucil should be using Starbeam, and double Phoenix Tune to deal damage to Kai and recover SP to regain her lost SP. Shina should use double Stareig and Rokudian/Rokudien on Kai. If you want to know more about each characters strengths and weakness check out our Death End Re;Quest All Girls Guide. Defeating Phantom Clea grants players 244,800 Exp, 270,000 Eni*, 1 Elf Tonic, 1 Enolef’s Ether, and 1 Ultra Ogre Brew. Clea was used in this fight thus Eni earned will be higher than normal.

Following this guide you will have successfully completed the Godot Ruins (The Phantom Abyss) DLC area.

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