Death End Re;Quest Flash Drive Skills Guide

Death End Re;Quest Flash Drive Skills Guide

In this Death End Re;Quest Flash Drive Skills Guide, I’ll be going over some of the possible skills that each character can learn and the method of how to unlock them. This guide will help players achieved Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop trophy that requires 50 learnt skills.

Death End Re;Quest Skills Guide

The Flash Drive system in Death End Re;Quest allows players a % chance to learn a higher level skill, by performing the proper combinations in the Triact (for example: Rokudein, Rokudein, then pressing touch pad). It’s best to learn these spells early on in order to continue learning more powerful skills. Starting early gives players the opportunity to level up often in the beginning, replenishing their SP. Players can also farm enemies near camps to have a fail-safe in case things get out of hand. Learning skills will be paramount if players also wish to unlock the Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop trophy. Below are several skills and their means of unlocking.

Shina’s Skills

  • Rokudein, Rokudein, unlocks Roudian
  • Trally Bloom, Trally Bloom unlocks Trally Sharp
  • Meti, Metic unlocks Metinark
  • Metinark, Metinark unlocks Metistar
  • Metistar, Metistar unlocks Metimatil
  • Metimatil, Metimatil unlocks Metimavert
  • Lunamissimo, Lunamissimo, Lunamissimo unlocks Lunamispolo
  • Ache, Stark, Lunamis, unlocks Achewave


  • Metias, Metias unlocks Metic
  • Metic, Metic unlocks Metibens
  • Metibens, Metibens unlocks Metid
  • Metid, Metid unlocks Meti Pulebe
  • Debricave, Debricave unlocks Manafont
  • Meti Light Order, Metinfris unlocks Icarus Heel
  • Meti Light Order, Icarus Heel unlocks Icarus Dash
  • Manafont, Metinfris unlocks Medisorder


  • Sol Pro, Sol Strike unlocks Stark
  • Stark, Stark unlocks Stareig
  • Sol Promine, Sol Promine unlocks Sol Plosion
  • Def Park, Meti Eltar unlocks Kachi Pakatsu
  • Sol Lance, Sol Lance unlocks Sol Eruption


  • Blue Bullet, Blue Bullet unlocks Cobalt Bullet
  • Cobalt Bullet, Cobalt Bullet unlocks Cerulean Bullet
  • Moon Flash, Moon Flash unlocks Moon Beam
  • Divine Bind, Divine Bind unlocks Divine Heal
  • Divine Bind, All Lives Hardened, All Lives Hardened unlocks All Lives Restored
  • All Lives Hardened, Liffy Venog unlocks Liffy Streak
  • Liffy Streak, Liffy Streak unlocks Liffy Bank
  • All Lives Hardened, Blue Bullet unlocks All Lives Revived
  • Divine Heal, Divine Heal unlocks Divine Protection
  • Cerulean Bullet, Cerulean Bullet, Cerulean Bullet unlocks Azure Bullet
  • Liffy Bank, Liffy Bank unlocks Liffy Kichic
  • Moon Beam, Moon Beam unlocks Moon Laser
  • Liffy Kichic, Liffy Kichic unlocks Liffy Spenk
  • All Lives Hardened, Divine Protection, Divine Protection unlocks Divine Heal (All)


  • Phoenix Tune, Phoenix Tune unlocks Phoenia
  • Phoenia, Phoenia, Phoenia unlocks Phoenix Ray
  • Therapeak, Therapeak unlocks Pure Therapy
  • Phoenix Tune, Ache Flare unlocks Magifacture
  • Phoenix Tune, Ache Flare unlocks Shooting Star (after previously learnt Magifacture)
  • Phoenix Tune, Phoenix Ray unlocks Solar Flare
  • Pure Therapy, Therapeak unlocks Deathstroke Therapy
  • Shooting Star, Shooting Star unlocks Starwell
  • Solar Flare, Solar Flare unlocks Solar Rock


  • Aster, Aster unlocks Asteria
  • Asteria, Asteria unlocks Aster Palza
  • Aster Palza, Asteria, Aster unlocks Star Vezerg
  • Aster Palza, Asteria, Aster unlocks Achefire (after previously learnt Star Vezerg)
  • Aster Palza, Asteria, Aster unlocks Lunarock (after previously learnt Star Vezerg and Achefire)
  • Meti, Meti, Meti unlocks Liffy Venog
  • Hone Power, Aster unlocks Over Aegis
  • Meti, Revive unlocks Alice Revive
  • Comet Faye, Comet Faye unlocks Comet Fang

To see this guide in action see it here:

By completing this guide, you’ll be on your way to earning that Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop trophy.

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