Death End Re;Quest Chapter 5 Guide

Death End Re;Quest Chapter 5 Guide

Last updated on February 24th, 2019

In this Death End Re;Quest Chapter 5 Guide, I’ll be going over the path to clear the fifth area of the game and it’s boss. Death End Re;Quest is a unique RPG game that merges the typical JRPG and allows players to convert it into a fighting game, shooter, or even a slot game. There are other subtle quirks that the game possesses that will be simple to execute but difficult to master.

Death End Re;Quest Chapter 5 Guide

In Chapter 5 of Death End Re;Quest players will travel to the Sanatheus Temple which includes the Shrine of Return, Corridor of Wisdom and Dwelling of Courage. They will face a number of monsters before meeting Brochiproti and boss Araful. Follow this guide to help navigate your way through this chapter!

Sanatheus Temple (Shrine of Return)

Players will start at the beginning doors of the Sanatheus Temple and cannot leave so it will be best to head to the camp site first. Rest, save and buy upgrades if needed. Leave the tent area by going straight; this will lead players to 1 Enolef’s Ether. Head to the far North location to obtain 1 ZPD-101 (175 SP, 65 ATK, 50 DEF). From this room, head out and continue straight to enter a room with a chest containing 1 Atlan Carus (200 HP, 155 ATK, 34 AGI). Proceed back to the room where you picked up the ZPD-101, but make a left just before the room. Players will find a glitchy purple wall. Time to head to the real world!

Shrine of Return

After progressing the main story in the real world, go back to World’s Odyssey to find the purple wall missing allowing passage for players. Proceed down this path to reach Sanatheus Temple (Corridor of Wisdom)

Monsters in Sanatheus Temple (Shrine of Return)

  • Niltida 22,148 HP 15 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Bistei 9,000 HP 20 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Sevastei 18,000 HP 35 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Sepshidei 5,241 HP 25 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Sinkzeis 13,333 HP 15 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Sitereview 24,444 HP 30 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Shinyapoldi 9,548 HP 30 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Tiranitato 12,487 HP 25 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Ployamo 26,561 HP 15 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Chroinel 17,845 HP 10 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Torentia 22,687 HP 15 SP ★ Stars Type

Sanatheus Temple (Corridor of Wisdom)

Dash along the lone path to reach a room leading to 3 different rooms. Start by heading to the right so we may circle around the map collecting all the loot. There will be a Sanatheus Jewel in the first room to the right. From there take the closest path near the chest to reach another room with a Enolef’s Ether inside a chest. Continue moving along that path to find a chest with a Sanatheus Ironware. Walk towards the North part of the map to find 1 Sanatheus Stone in a chest, as well as 20,000 Eni in another chest found in a room to the left. There will be 3 Code Salve 222.0 in a lone chest in the room to the left of the previous chests.

Corridor of Wisdom

Pick up the Page of an Ancient Book in the North-most room with the ! symbol. Turn around and use Lucil’s Specto Search, environment ability to create a passageway to obtain the Modern Tact (32 ATK, 100 MAT, 124 MDF, 50 AGI). Now make your way to the final ! symbol on the map. This will result in a fight against Brochiproti.


Players will face a Brochiproti that is 1% off from being glitched out. Avoid hitting him over bug tiles to avoid him recovering all his health, and dealing more damage as he already hits pretty hard already. He is of ★ Stars Type so use Al and Lucil to deal heavy damage. Although, be careful as Lucil is quite fragile due to her low Health Pool. 2 turns of Sol Spear from Al will eliminate this foe. Defeating him grants players 1,800 Exp840 Eni and the Goddess Key. Enter the room to obtain the Kertza Wing Bow (99 ATK, 45 AGI)

32,000 HP 50 SP 99% Corruption ★ Stars Type

Head back to Sanatheus Temple (Shrine of Return) to find another glitchy purple wall center right of the map. At this time swap back to the real world and watch the new developments of the main story progress until its time to be back in World’s Odyssey. Continue on this path until you reach the room that has 2 paths to take: 1 on each side. Take the left path to find 1 Splatterbuss (125 SP, 110 ATK). Take the other path to arrive in the final section of this area.

Sanatheus Temple (Dwelling of Courage) 

In this section players must interact with all the ! to gain the ability to open the final doors. Start by dashing to the large room with the locked doors. Exit to the right and follow the path to hit the first !. Players will fight 2 Brochiproti instead of just 1, as before the same tactics will apply. Focus on one to avoid having both team up against you. Defeating them grants players 3,600 Exp1,680 Eni and the Goddess Key. Trot along this path to find another page from an ancient book which will trigger some cutscenes. Proceed along this path to find 1 Enolef’s Ether and another fight with 3 Brochiproti. Follow the same tactics as the first 2 fights to come out on top. Defeating them grants players 4,500 Exp357 Eni, 2 Divine Elixir and the Goddess Key. Obtain 30,000 Eni from the top right chest and its time to be Arata again!

Pick up the High Tact (28 ATK, 76 MAT, 78 MDF, 45 AGI) then obtain the Red Key. It’s now time to unlock the 2 doors. Behind the second door will be a ! and another fight against a horde of Brochiproti. This time there will be 4 of them. Those 4 will split into teams of 2 and attack Lily (or your center girl), while the other 2 will heal themselves. Use Al’s Sol Lance if the enemies aren’t lined up to destroy. Have your second girl revive your fallen teammate then focus killing the last 2 with Al.  Defeating them grants players 6,000 Exp476 Eni, and 2 Divine Elixir. Pick up the Steady Night Blade (160 ATK, 110 DEF, 60 MAT, 20 MDF) in the chest before heading back to the save point at the camp.

Shrine of Return

Once your party is fully healed and you have saved, approach the very first locked door that will be able to be opened at this point. Walk until you reach the teleporter and interact with it. It’s time to fight Araful.

Boss: Araful

Araful will be an extremely powerful Entoma Queen on Hard Mode since she is capable of a large AOE attack that deals heavy damage, while poisoning party members. This fight can be quite difficult to win if you are like me and avoid grinding levels. My party consisted of Shina (Lv 42), Lily (Lv 41), and Al (Lv 43) and all but Lily was 1 shotted. You definitely want to avoid using ☀ Sun Type girls like Al and Lucil. The best team to run against Araful is Shina, Lily, and Celica. Lily and Celica will have the type advantage while Shina will have access to ★ Stars type skills to also exploit Araful’s ★ Stars type weakness. My team levels consist of Shina (Lv 43), Lily (Lv 43), and Celica (Lv 52).

300,000 HP 100 SP ☾ Moon Type, Araful Code ☾ Moon Type, Bite ☾ Moon Type

The best start in this fight is to have Araful use bite on Shina and kill her. This allows Celica to use: Hone Power, Aster League, Aster Palza to deal heavy damage to Araful. Have Lily use: Resurrect, Icarus Dash, Vizstar Sauza to revive Shina, boost everyone’s speed and hopefully poison Araful. Using Icarus Speed will allow the girls to take an extra turn before Araful can attack once more. Exhaust the rest of Celica’s SP using triple Asteria and have Shina use triple Stareig. Use up Lily’s last SP using her star type offensive skills.

Hopefully on the Entoma Queen’s turn, she will target Lily and kill her. Have Celica will use her triple attack to get rid of some bug tiles. This allows Shina to revive Lily on her turn while using Stareig. If Celica gets another turn she will kill Araful with a final triple attack. If you want to know more about each characters strengths and weakness check out our Death End Re;Quest All Girls Guide.

Defeating Araful grants players 38,400 Exp840 Eni, and 1 Ultra Ogre Brew.

In this chapter you will be able to access new shop wares, below you’ll find the item, their cost and their benefit:

Shop Wares

  • Patch 1.o
    • Costs 200 Eni
      • Heals 100 HP
  • Patch 2.o
    • Costs 200 Eni
      • Heals 300 HP
  • Patch 3.o
    • Costs 6,600 Eni
      • Heals 600 HP
  • Elf Tonic
    • Costs 600 Eni
      • Heals 100 SP
  • High-Elf Draught
    • Costs 5,000 Eni
      • Heals 999 SP
  • Enolef’s Ether
    • Costs 12,000 Eni
      • Heals 999 SP to those in range
  • Ogre Cold Brew
    • Costs 420 Eni
      • Fully revives all units within range
  • Panacea
    • Costs 100 Eni
      • Removes all debuffs and status effects
  • Limit Sword
    • Costs 17,200 Eni
      • 150 ATK, 100 DEF, 60 MAT, 10 MDF
  • Levon Sword
    • Costs 12,000 Eni
      • 145 ATK, 50 MAT, 100 MDF
  • Zirconia Magia
    • Costs 8,400 Eni
      • 102 ATK, 40 MAT
  • Spinal Sword
    • Costs 7600 Eni
      • 87 ATK
  •  Calcolsmagear
    • Costs 600 Eni
      • 9 ATK, 40 MAT
  • Sister Mana Cross
    • Costs 36,400 Eni
      • 111 ATK, 30 MAT, 60 MDF
  • Alpha Wing Bow
    • Costs 14,800 Eni
      • 77 ATK, 40 AGI
  • White Fang Drive
    • Costs 11,000 Eni
      • 100 HP, 66 ATK, 50 MAT
  • Alba Bow
    • Costs 7,400 Eni
      • 100 HP, 66 ATK
  • Green Fang Drive
    • Costs 6200 Eni
      • 70 HP, 33 ATK, 50 MAT
  • Bulti Bow
    • Costs 1000 Eni
      • 150 HP, 22 ATK
  • Branch Phonspear
    • Costs 16,800 Eni
      • 200 HP, 132 ATK, 60 MAT, 60 MDF
  • Fifty Degrees
    • Costs 9,400 Eni
      • 150 HP, 117 ATK, 60 DEF
  • Yellow Quartz
    • Costs 8,000 Eni
      • 125 HP, 45 ATK, 60 MAT, 60 MDF
  • Sakuhon Spear
    • Costs 6200 Eni
      • 50 HP 20 ATK, 60 DEF
  • Akari Iron
    • Costs 5,200
      • 125 SP, 48 ATK
  •  Viostar
    • Costs 5,200
      • 150 SP, 5 ATK, 5 DEF
  •  ZPS-100
    • Costs 5,200 Eni
      • 100 SP, 35 ATK, 100 MAT
  • Dementation
    • Costs 19,000
      • 200 HP, 100 ATK
  • Royal Buster
    • Costs 36,000 Eni
      • 32 SP, 103 ATK
  • Magic Bracelet Lv 5
    • Costs 20,000 Eni
      • 50 DEF, 100 MDF
  • Magic Bracelet Lv 4
    • Costs 12,000 Eni
      • 40 DEF, 80 MDF
  • Magic Bracelet Lv 3
    • Costs 9,200 Eni
      • 30 DEF, 60 MDF
  • Magic Bracelet Lv 2
    • Costs 5,300 Eni
      • 20 DEF, 40 MDF
  • Magic Bracelet Lv 1
    • Costs 1,750 Eni
      • 10 DEF, 25 MDF
  • Guard Bracelet Lv 5
    • Costs 28,000 Eni
      • 100 DEF, 50 MDF
  • Guard Bracelet Lv 4
    • Costs 16,000 Eni
      • 80 DEF, 40 MDF
  • Guard Bracelet Lv 3
    • Costs 11,000 Eni
      • 60 DEF, 30 MDF
  • Guard Bracelet Lv 2
    • Costs 7,000 Eni
      • 40 DEF, 20 MDF
  • Guard Bracelet Lv 1
    • Costs 3,000 Eni
      • 25 DEF, 10 MDF
  • Brawn Ring
    • Costs 40,000 Eni
      • 300 HP
  • Magic Ring
    • Costs 6,000 Eni
      • 50 SP
  • Attack Ring
    • Costs 35,000 Eni
      • 100 ATK
  • Will Ring
    • Costs 25,000 Eni
      • 50 MAT
  • Defense Ring
    • Costs 25,000 Eni
      • 50 DEF
  • Mindful Ring
    • Costs 7,500 Eni
      • 50 MDF
  • Rapid Ring
    • Costs 3,000 Eni
      • 50 AGI

Shop Sidequests

  • Final Tale of Triumph
    • Subjugate/destroy 2 Niltida
      • Reward is 1 Magic Bracelet Level 4
  • Odd One Out of the Bunch
    • Harvest 2 Odd Flower
      • Reward is 1 Guard Bracelet Level 5
  • Brick by Brick
    • Harvest 2 Palace Brick
      • Reward is 1 Magic Bracelet Level 5
  • Sturfil Ore
    • Harvest 2 Sturfil Ore
      • Reward is 1 Mindful Ring
  • Mysterious Candlelight
    • Harvest 2 Odd Candlelight
      • Reward is 1 Guard Bracelet Level 6
  • Branch of an Ancient Tree
    • Harvest 2 Ancient Branch
      • Reward is 1 Magic Bracelet Level 6
  • Sanatheus Iron
    • Harvest 2 Sanatheus Ironware
      • Reward is 1 Defense Ring
  • How Do You Dew
    • Harvest 2 Dew Drop
      • Reward is 1 Guard Bracelet Level 7
  • Heartis of Gold
    • Harvest 2 Heartis Gold
      • Reward is 1 Magic Bracelet Level 7
  • Battleship!
    • Harvest 2 Battleship Gear
      • Reward is 1 Guard Bracelet Level 8

Following this guide you will have successfully defeated Araful!

To see this guide in action see it here:

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