Death End Re;Quest Chapter 4 Guide

Death End Re;Quest Chapter 4 Guide

Last updated on February 24th, 2019

In this Death End Re;Quest Chapter 4 Guide, I’ll be going over the path to clear the fourth area of the game and it’s boss. Death End Re;Quest is a unique RPG game that merges the typical JRPG and allows players to convert it into a fighting game, shooter, or even a slot game. There are other subtle quirks that the game possesses that will be simple to execute but difficult to master.

Death End Re;Quest Chapter 4 Guide

Upon reaching Chapter 4 of Death End Re;Quest, players leave the Outskirts and continue to the The Phantom Abyss. It will also take players to the Alhaoi Wilderness and Rizaria Forest Dominium before facing off with bosses Ripuka and Scorpia. Follow our guide to navigate the monster filled journey and not miss out on useful items!

Outskirts (Godot Ruins, The Phantom Abyss)

Upon leaving the Outskirts save point of the Godot Ruins, The Phantom Abyss follow the tree roots to the end and cross the bridge on the top right. There will be a chest tucked behind the fallen log, at the top right location containing 1 Kuwait Manacross (66 ATK, 30 MAT, 60 MDF). At the dead end path, there will be a chest containing 1 Gowen Grass. To the North there will be location where Shina’s environmental ability, Spider Rodeo, will be able to be used. Players should see a wooden scaffold-esque object and a green circle on the ground. A chest containing 1 Amethystomagear (75 ATK, 40 MAT, 80 MDF) will be the reward.

Cross the bridge and head to the left to find 5500 Eni in a chest. On the opposite side will be 1 Godot Relic inside the chest. Head inside the open gate, obtain the Odd Candlelight to the right of the tree root, and then climb up the large tree root. There will be a Beast Clan Scarf at the top of the root’s platform. Grab the key item nearby to trigger a cutscene; afterwards descend the tree root adjacent to the key item.

Make a left at the base of the root and follow the path until the end to find 1 Plas Phonspear (150 HP, 90 ATK, 60 DEF) inside a chest. Proceed back to the base of the root and make your way to the right to find the Beast Clan Coat inside the lone chest.

Head to the real world and enjoy the several cutscenes that will progress the main story further. Once that is done, head back to World’s Odyssey and continue through the large stone opening to reach the next area.

Monsters in Outskirts (Godot Ruins, The Phantom Abyss)

  • Epilis 2980 HP 10 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Fortism 4154 HP 10 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Screach 3800 HP 25 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Rouche 4684 HP 15 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Albim 7,420 HP 15 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Akamupos 1696 HP 10 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Plevrie 4210 HP 10 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Leepameal 3999 HP 15 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Epagogi 6897 HP 20 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Keriapuka 3754 HP 10 SP ☾ Moon Type

Alhaoi Wilderness

Follow the path to the first open area to find 2 Patch 4.0 located inside a chest. This place has a tent area, which acts as a save point, and also has a line that will engulf players in cutscenes. There will be a Beast Clan Coat to the left and 1 Divine Elixir to the right after the cutscene area. Travel to the next section and obtain the Enolef’s Ether and the 3 Code Salve in the chests.

Rizaria Forest (Grand Tree) Dominion

In Rizaria Forest, there will be another save point and a tent that can be found to the left of the bridge. Cross the bridge to grab the Code Salve 222.0 before the cutscene. Pick up the High-Elf Tonic after the cutscene and proceed straight. There will be a wooden scaffold-esque object that players will be able to use Shina’s Spider Rodeo to obtain the Garenasnal Magia. To the left of this structure there will be 6,500 Eni and the Elf’s Guidance. Collect the Elven Dust just before the ! then use the Elf’s Guidance to cross the gap. There will be a Beast Clan Coat and ! to receive a cutscene. From there, pick up the Code Salve tucked in the corner and approach the 4 teleporters.

Take the left teleporter to see more cutscenes, then proceed to activate the second teleporter. Don’t miss out on the Japanese Doll, the item inside the chest. Take the teleporter back and enter through the newly activated portal. Use Clea’s Avalanche environmental skill to remove the door blocking passage to the Dark Horn. Investigate the key item to have roots create a bridge to a purple teleporter. Don’t enter it right away as there is a Ancient Branch to be acquired in a chest. Proceed through the teleporter and re-trace your steps to then activate the third teleporter.

Enter through the third teleporter, investigate the key item to cross the newly formed bridge allowing passage through the final teleporter. This will take players just outside Lucil’s village but first head to the real world as Arata.

Monsters in Rizaria Forest

  • Ilbe Agnortia 6560 HP 20 SP Stars Type
  • Waylo 3240 HP 15 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Tudei 3254 HP 15 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Enamono 4954 HP 15 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Lowlowdei 8287 HP 15 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Eelbauna 5487 HP 15 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Enabens 8874 20 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Treeper 2480 HP 20 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Bugrian Sphere 10 HP 20 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Omorruffy 12,400 HP 15 SP ★ Stars Type

Rizaria Forest (Village Entrance)

After the cutscenes, enter the village, and be sure to save at this point. Obtain 1 Code Salve before seeing the cutscenes. Follow the only path in the village picking up 1 Code Salve 2.0 and entering the teleporter adjacent. Inside there will be 1 Red Quartz. Pick up the Elf’s Heart outside the blue teleporter and enter it. Grab the Weird Key, then enter the teleporter which will lead you back to the first key item we couldn’t interact with. Now with the Weird Key in hand, a light bridge will appear. 1 Croatation inside the lone chest will appear before the cutscene. After the cutscene has finished, there will be 1 Ancient Branch and 3,333 Eni.

Enter the blue teleporter, turn around to the left to obtain 1 Code Salve 2.0. Follow the path to the next area while picking up the 1 Enolef’s Ether before getting ready to fight Ripuka.

Mini-boss: Ripuka, The Slaughterer

While Ripuka’s stats look weak compared to other bosses found in Deaths End Re;Quest, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her defensive stats seem to be extremely high, or it could be the game is giving her some God like Armor. Regardless, players have 2 choices in this fight: lose on purpose or wait out several turns to fight another boss.

6,666 HP, 20 SP, ★ Stars Type

Ripuka will target Shina so its imperative to have all girls triple guarding. Despite triple guarding Shina, it may not be enough, but the goal is to prolong the amount of turns so the fight can be finished. The better your team fares in the Ripuka fight, the higher chance of success in the next fight.

Ripuka’s Attacks

  • Execution Hymn (★ Stars Type)
  • Gravity Smash (★ Stars Type)

Players will fight the Chapter 4 boss, Scorpia right after the fight with Ripuka, so be prepared.

Boss: Scorpia

Scorpia will be an extremely powerful Entoma Queen on Hard Mode since players will have to fight this boss right after fighting surviving Ripuka. Take the first turn to heal your Shina and any other party members. The team role I used was Shina, Clea, and Al. Shina’s and Clea’s type advantage will be able to deal heavy damage to Scorpia and Al’s tanky-ness will help her survive and deal damage. If you want to know more about each characters strengths and weakness check out our Death End Re;Quest All Girls Guide.

Shina’s attacks should consist of:

  • Lunamispolo
  • Lunamissimo

Al’s attacks should consist of:

  • Sol Lance
  • Sol Spear

Clea’s attacks should consist of:

  • Moon Laser
  • Blue Bullet

200,222 HP, 50 SP, ☀ Sun Type

If players use the most powerful attacks I have listed above, it would only be possible for 1-2 turns as those skills require a lot of mana, and/or is combined with low SP pool. We will counter that issue by summoning Ephemera because due to Ephemera’s special effect, the girls’ max SP pool is increased by 30%. It also recovers their SP, something that’s not listed.

Avoid using Lily to deal any damage as Scorpia counter attacks her often. Avoid putting all the girls in a close circular proximity as Scorpia has a tendency to use Scorpia’s Code, which is a wide ☀ Sun Type AOE attack.

Defeating Scorpia grants players 29,760 Exp, 8,000 Eni, and 1 Ultra Ogre Brew.

In this chapter you will be able to access new shop wares, below you’ll find the item, their cost and their benefit:

Shop Wares

  • Patch 1.o
    • Costs 200 Eni
      • Heals 100 HP
  • Patch 2.o
    • Costs 200 Eni
      • Heals 300 HP
  • Elf Tonic
    • Costs 600 Eni
      • Heals 100 SP
  • High-Elf Draught
    • Costs 5,000 Eni
      • Heals 999 SP
  • Enolef’s Ether
    • Costs 12,000 Eni
      • Heals 999 SP to those in range
  • Ogre Cold Brew
    • Costs 420 Eni
      • Fully revives all units within range
  • Panacea
    • Costs 100 Eni
      • Removes all debuffs and status effects
  • Levon Sword
    • Costs 12,000 Eni
      • 145 ATK, 50 MAT, 100 MDF
  • Zirconia Magia
    • Costs 8,400 Eni
      • 102 ATK, 40 MAT
  • Spinal Sword
    • Costs 7600 Eni
      • 87 ATK
  •  Calcolsmagear
    • Costs 600 Eni
      • 9 ATK, 40 MAT
  • Alpha Wing Bow
    • Costs 14,800 Eni
      • 77 ATK, 40 AGI
  • White Fang Drive
    • Costs 11,000 Eni
      • 100 HP, 66 ATK, 50 MAT
  • Alba Bow
    • Costs 7,400 Eni
      • 100 HP, 66 ATK
  • Green Fang Drive
    • Costs 6200 Eni
      • 70 HP, 33 ATK, 50 MAT
  • Bulti Bow
    • Costs 1000 Eni
      • 150 HP, 22 ATK
  • Fifty Degrees
    • Costs 9,400 Eni
      • 150 HP, 117 ATK, 60 DEF
  • Yellow Quartz
    • Costs 8,000 Eni
      • 125 HP, 45 ATK, 60 MAT, 60 MDF
  • Sakuhon Spear
    • Costs 6200 Eni
      • 50 HP 20 ATK, 60 DEF
  • Akari Iron
    • Costs 5,200
      • 125 SP, 48 ATK
  •  Viostar
    • Costs 5,200
      • 150 SP, 5 ATK, 5 DEF
  •  ZPS-100
    • Costs 5,200 Eni
      • 100 SP, 35 ATK, 100 MAT
  • Dementation
    • Costs 19,000
      • 200 HP, 100 ATK
  • Magic Bracelet Lv 4
    • Costs 12,000 Eni
      • 40 DEF, 80 MDF
  • Magic Bracelet Lv 3
    • Costs 9,200 Eni
      • 30 DEF, 60 MDF
  • Magic Bracelet Lv 2
    • Costs 5,300 Eni
      • 20 DEF, 40 MDF
  • Magic Bracelet Lv 1
    • Costs 1,750 Eni
      • 10 DEF, 25 MDF
  • Guard Bracelet Lv 4
    • Costs 16,000 Eni
      • 80 DEF, 40 MDF
  • Guard Bracelet Lv 3
    • Costs 11,000 Eni
      • 60 DEF, 30 MDF
  • Guard Bracelet Lv 2
    • Costs 7,000 Eni
      • 40 DEF, 20 MDF
  • Guard Bracelet Lv 1
    • Costs 3,000 Eni
      • 25 DEF, 10 MDF
  • Brawn Ring
    • Costs 40,000 Eni
      • 300 HP
  • Magic Ring
    • Costs 6,000 Eni
      • 50 SP
  • Attack Ring
    • Costs 35,000 Eni
      • 100 ATK
  • Will Ring
    • Costs 25,000 Eni
      • 50 MAT
  • Defense Ring
    • Costs 25,000 Eni
      • 50 DEF
  • Mindful Ring
    • Costs 7,500 Eni
      • 50 MDF
  • Rapid Ring
    • Costs 3,000 Eni
      • 50 AGI

Shop Sidequests

  • Tale of Triumph IV
    • Subjugate/destroy 2 Tudei
      • Reward is 1 Rapid Ring
  • Dust Reserves
    • Harvest 1 Elven Dust
      • Reward is 1 Magic Bracelet Level 3
  • Sanatheus Stone
    • Harvest 1 Sanatheus Stone
      • Reward is 1 Guard Bracelet Level 4

Following this guide you will have successfully defeated Scorpia!

To see this guide in action see it here:

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