Death End Re;Quest 2 Announced

Death End Re;Quest 2 Announced

Dark JRPG Death End Re;Quest will be receiving a sequel in Japan for the Playstation 4.

Death End Re;Quest 2 Announced

Compile Heart has announced another dark entry in the series, with brand new characters and story which was revealed by Famitsu. A narrative that will push the familiar feelings of fear and despair that the first instalment delivered. Don’t worry if you still haven’t played the first title as Death End re;Quest 2 will be just as “enjoyable even for those who didn’t play the first Death End re;Quest”.

Death End Re;Quest 2 plot will be written by none other than Makoto Kedouin, the author of the first Death End game and Corpse Party, returning as the scenarist of the next title. Kei Nanameda will be the character designer much like the first Death End. Kei has also worked on several other Compile Heart games like Dragon Star Varnir, Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force, Mugen Souls, Mugen Souls Z, and Trillion: God of Destruction. Thanks to Famitsu magazine we are able to have a tiny preview of the game and its characters. Death End re;Quest 2 will be launching on PS4 but no date or price has been outlined according to ryokutya2089.

The setting for this game is an all girls dormitory, focusing on three girls who witness a strange phenomena full of conspiracies, as residence of the dormitory mysteriously start to disappear one by one. It definitely fits the kind of stories that are portrayed in Corpse Party, but sounds more mystery driven than horror. However, from the key art there might be more gory twists to this entry.

There were also a few details which were shared and summarised by ryokutya2089:

  • The stage is the fictional town of Liz Shoala, an image of southeastern Europe.
  • Occult concentration increased 200% of the previous game.
  • The story set on the stage of the world of the reality edition of the previous work.
  • The direction of the design is realistic.
  • A story that you can enjoy even if you are not playing the previous work.

Death End re;Quest is a fusion of turn based RPG and a dark horror visual novel that is available on PS4 and PC. Be sure to find out what we thought of the game in our Death End Re;Quest Review. You can also check out further guides with our Death End Re;Quest Starter Guide & Tips as well as our Death End Re;Quest Trophy Guide to learn how to platinum this game! Be sure to lookout for more Death End Re;Quest content!


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