Dead Cells Introduces New Game Mode Called “Boss Rush”, Now Available on PC

Dead Cells Introduces New Game Mode Called “Boss Rush”, Now Available on PC

Dead Cells gets a free new update that unleashes the new Boss Rush game mode. It is currently available on PC.

Dead Cells Introduces New Game Mode Called “Boss Rush”, Now Available on PC

  • Genre: Metroidvania, Roguelite
  • Developed by: Motion Twin, Evil Empire
  • Published by: Motion Twin
  • Release Date: October 5, 2022 (PC)
  • Price: Free Update!
  • Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile (Eventually)

Motion Twin is a developer that just keeps on giving. Their previous update, Enter the Panchaku, had sweeping amounts of new features, items, and things to look forward to. Even the Legendary Weapon system got an overhaul in this update, which changed the way affixes roll on these items. And this was a free update!

And now, Motion Twin is at it yet again in their newest update for Dead Cells. This time, an entirely new game mode will become available for those who want a different kind of challenge.

The Boss Rush

Introducing Dead Cells’ first-ever boss rush mode, for the Beheaded who prefers to only face the fiercest foes. The Boss Rush room will be available in the starting area’s basement, alongside the Training Room and Tailor which specializes in cosmetic outfits.

Boss Rush is Dead Cells' Newest Mode

Boss Rush is Dead Cells’ Newest Mode

Upon entering the room, players will be greeted by a new, heroic NPC with a distressingly large buster sword. The mode needs little to no introduction, and thus the NPC just points you to the right direction where you can make preparations for the upcoming slaughter.

Bosses are Randomly Chosen

Bosses are Randomly Chosen

Players will have an opportunity to choose a set of randomly generated equipment. There will always be a choice of Tactics, Brutality, and Survival to ensure that players of all styles can have options. The weapons, gear, and amulets granted to the player will be things that have already been unlocked and are boss-cell dependent. Players can also allocate various mutations to fine-tune their builds.

Enter the Gauntlet

The boss rush mode is simple and entirely disconnected from the main roguelite game. Players will go through 4 different doors that will lead to four separate areas. The first area will have the Beheaded face-off against 3 Bosses in total. After that, the second room will have 3 bosses back-to-back, but this time with different modifiers. Room 3 will have 5 Bosses, and Room 4 will have 5 fearsome bosses, all with different kinds of modifiers.

Choose Your Build

Choose Your Build

Modifiers are all different kinds of wacky ways that Motion Twin is adding to make Dead Cells more difficult. Bosses can potentially deal more damage, take more hits, heal themselves, or even have more limbs to pummel you with. Or they can summon a huge group of lesser foes to mess with you.

Face Dead Cells' Finest Bosses

Face Dead Cells’ Finest Bosses

Stage 1 and 2 will only pit players against one boss at a time, starting at tier 1 foes, then tier 2, and finally tier 3. The next stages, 3 and 4 will have players face off against 2 Tier 1 Bosses at the same time, 2 Tier 2 Bosses at the same time, and one Tier 3 boss.

TWO Times the Fun!

TWO Times the Fun!

Players will only face off against enemies that they have already encountered in the game. This means that you will not experience bosses from the DLCs if you do not own them.

  • Tier 1 bosses include the Concierge, Conjunctivitis, and Mama Tick.
  • Tier 2 bosses are the Time Keeper, The Giant, and The Scarecrow.
  • Tier 3 has the strongest foes, namely the Hand of the King, The Servants, and The Queen.

The Adoring Fan

New to Dead Cells as well is that he finally gets an adoring fan to worship the very ground he dodge rolls on. As a tribute of his devotion to you and your skills in the Boss Rush, he will construct a customizable statue in your very likeness.

Fully Decked Out Beheaded Statue

Fully Decked Out Beheaded Statue

Players will gain more options to display their grandeur the more they play and triumph over the boss rush. Who knows, maybe there’s even a special helmet in store for players who can finish each of the stages without taking a single hit?

Dead Cells is on a Roll

The game has definitely had some great updates in the past few months. Breaking Barriers update, for example, added a lot of accessibility options for players of all types to be able to enjoy the game. Motion Twin however did confirm that 2023 will be an even bigger year for Dead Cells.

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