Dead Cells Early Access Update Adds a New Level, Weapons & Enemies

Dead Cells Early Access Update Adds a New Level, Weapons & Enemies

The hyper speed, critically acclaimed Metroidvania Dead Cells from indie developer Motion Twin received a beefy new update today for its early access version of the game today. The game which features Dark Souls inspired combat, is one of the best values in gaming at the moment, selling for under 2o USD while packing a ton of replayability as well as regular feature updates.

Dead Cells Early Access Update

Today’s “Hello Darkness” update adds the following content to the early access build:

  • A new biome: Some say it will get you nowhere but six feet under… But IF you know your way around like a dog knows its bone, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it!
  • The Island has changed quite a bit. Connections between levels aren’t necessarily the same, have fun figuring all that out again (… until the next update).
  • Two news monsters: kill first, ask questions later.
  • New weapons including Hayabusa boots, or High velocity crossbow.
  • Many changes to the economy system: you can’t buy ALL the things now. Shops now feature 5 instead of 4 items.
  • Automatic installation of a language mod in your language if one exists. You can still choose to play in English via the options.
  • Promenade got a bit more variety.
  • As usual, tons of balancing.

For the full list of bug fixes, revisions and refinements you can read the full notes here.

Right out of the box when it released Dead Cells already felt like a full game, and although the content was only 50% complete we scored it highly in its early access state as did many other publications. You can read our review for it here and you can check out our video preview if you want a broader look at the game’s concepts:

Digging into the Dead Cells early access this weekend? Thoughts so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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