Days Gone Starter Guide & Tips

Days Gone Starter Guide & Tips

Last updated on April 29th, 2019

In this Days Gone Starter Guide & Tips, we’ll be going over several mechanics, early skills and general tips to ensure you stay in control in this freaker world.

Days Gone Starter Guide & Tips

There are a number of items to lookout for in Days Gone, these include foraging for wood and even using the crafting system to improve equipment. But its not just your items you’re going to keep an eye on, the weather, time of day and keeping your motorcycle up to snuff is also crucial. Read on for some  useful tips which will help you on your journey.

Craft Me Something Nice

Days Gone crafting system allows the player to forge ammo, first aid kits, traps, weapons, and more. Bolts for example are crafted by foraging wood from forest and other wooden sources. Crafting is also used to strengthen equipment, your vehicle, and even special ammo. Here are some handy tips to keep in mind on your apocalyptic journey.

Channel your inner scavenger as you collect all the things in the world. Ammo, bottles, gas, nails, wood are a few examples of the possible materials you can find. Have trouble finding them? Head to a populated area to find a large supply of them but be careful of those who are hoarding them.

Take inspiration from your Red Dead Redemption 2 days and hunt animals pelts and other valuable resources.

Help the World, Help Yourself

Players have the option to do side jobs and quests for camps which will in turn help you in being better more prepared to tackle the freakers of the world.

  • Ambush Camps
    • Reveal portions of the map, provides new crafting recipes and marks collectibles on your map.
  • Encampment Jobs
    • Increase your trust with camps which provides better weapons and bike upgrades for sale
  • Infestations
    • Will unlock new fast travel routes for the player.
  • Nero Checkpoints
    • Acts as fast travel spots as well as providing HP, Focus, and Stamina upgrades.

Information & Environment are Key

In the world, Freakers come in all shapes and sizes as well carry different abilities. These are your main enemies and it would be wise to always measure up your opponents before you strike. Certain Freakers may only approach you once you pass them, while others call in reinforcements in order to swarm you. They may travel solo or travel in packs called hordes.

You must be ready to use the environment to swing the advantage to your side before it’s too late. Run into a horde which outnumbers you? Lure them into an enemy’s camp and hide nearby as the 2 groups duke it out.

Melee, Range, Survival

Players can tailor Deacon St. John into a specialist class or a mixture to better suit their play-style. Invest your skill points into the Melee, Range, and Survival trees to learn skills to ease your fight in the wild. Below are a snippet of the skills one can learn that should assist all types of play styles.

Melee Skills

Hard Headed: Increase the damage of melee weapons.

Field Repairs: Allows the option to repair melee weapons with pieces of scrap out in the field.

Reckoning: Provides a chance for a critical impact in combat.

Retribution: Increases the chance of damage done by critical impacts by 25%.

Rock On: Able to stun an enemy by chucking a rock at them.

Range Skills

Fight & Flight: Increases precision while aiming and moving.

Focus Shot: Slows down time while aiming.

Headrush: Able to regenerate HP by hitting enemies in the head.

Knocked Up: Greatly increases crossbow bolt damage.

On The Move: Reload weapons while sprinting.

Two Birds, One Bullet: Enables projectiles to piece enemies.

Survival Skills

Air To Ground: Detect surrounding enemies faster.

Second Wind: When HP is critical, another shot of adrenaline is available.

Thief In the Night: Lowers the noise made while moving about.

Thorn In Your Side: Grants a chance to recover your used bolts from enemies.

Movin’ In Silence

Once players gain access to crafting, they will be able to silence their weapons and trusty motorcycle. This should start giving players the upper hand in choosing which encounters they want to engage in and which to avoid. There are also skills players can learn to strengthen their sneak game like Thief In the Night. These, combined with silent weapons will allow you to be the true predator in Days Gone.

Time & Weather

The weather impacting the land of Days Gone will constantly change from idyllic scenes, to huge rainstorms, and even snow falling ever so gently. Besides changing the appearance of the landscape it will alter how well the player can see and the inhabitants of the world. Plan your day accordingly as you cannot run from time to time. Day turns night and with it comes new dangers, these will be on the prowl. Powerful enemies roam the night be hyper aware of your surrounding lest you have a death wish.


In Days Gone, there are plenty of weapons players can find or create once they have the right materials. Weapons can also be upgraded and repaired in order to keep their stats at a manageable level. Some of these weapons include:

  • auto rifles
  • axes
  • bats
  • clubs
  • crossbow
  • crowbars
  • machete
  • table legs
  • picks
  • pipes
  • shotgun
  • sniper rifle

Traveling By Motorcycle

It’s Deacon and his precious bike against the world. Hone your motorcycle maintenance as the bike will be the sole means of getting around Oregon besides fast traveling. Treat it as an extension of yourself, keep it fully stocked with fuel, repair it often, and keep an eye on it from those who wish to cause you harm. As you progress, upgrade your bike’s speed, durability, and fuel tank to better assist you on your journey.

When fuel gets low, make sure you stop at a gas station to refuel. You can spot them by the bright red fuel container; tread carefully as fuel is a precious commodity for all. Unsure if your tank is getting low? Simply get close to your bike too see its condition and remaining fuel. Those who love fashion and making their own aesthetic can change the look of the bike to make it their own.

Days Gone releases on April 26th exclusively on Playstation 4. If you’re planning on riding through be sure to check out our Trophy Guide to not miss out on any of the achievements. Be sure to keep an eye out for more Days Gone content, you can also check out our guides section for more help.


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