Dauntless “Sharpen Your Skills” Update Incoming!

Dauntless “Sharpen Your Skills” Update Incoming!

The Monster Hunter  inspired Dauntless  action-RPG by Phoenix Labs, will be receiving its latest update this December 8th and it’s dubbed “Sharpen Your Skills“. It’ll come with new weapon additions and two Behemoths, among others.

Dauntless – New Update!

The Behemoth duo Slayers can look forward to are Kharabak and Skarn. Kharabak is a fast and lethal behemoth due to its high mobility and it demands focus from players. While Skarn is encased with protective rock armor, requiring smarts and coordination between slayers to bring it down.

A new weapon included is the “War Pike”, and it is something of a Rocket/Spear hybrid where it can dish out piercing thrusts and slashing attacks. In addition to the ability to fire a long-ranged explosive round once a meter has been filled. Furthermore, three new Damage Types will be brought in. Aside from the War Pike’s pierce attribute, there’ll be blunt attacks for hammers and cutting attacks for sword and chain blades.

You can check all of that out and more in the latest developer preview below:

Earlier this year at E3 2017, we got hands-on with Dauntless  and sit down with its development team.

Dauntless  is currently in Early Access and has an Open Beta planned for sometime in 2018 for the PC platform.

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