Dauntless Receives a Behemoth of an Update in Preparation for Open Beta

Dauntless Receives a Behemoth of an Update in Preparation for Open Beta

Last updated on May 2nd, 2018

Dauntless is heading to open beta on May 24th, the team at Phoenix Labs is definitely not slowing down with this action RPG as the open beta approaches, the new Seeking the Horizon update has been announced along with some of the new additions. The update includes a progression system, exotic armor and weapons, a reputation system, transmog options and more releasing ahead of open beta on May 2nd.

Dauntless Releases Update – Seeking the Horizon

Those who have been playing the closed beta are about to have the playing field levelled, as the progression of their characters will be wiped as open beta rolls out. There is a silver lining for those who joined closed beta as they will able to receive a special in-game reward. Participants who take part in the closed beta between May 2nd reset and May 22nd reset, will be able to gain rewards for climbing tiers and receive more in-game bonuses unique to their input in the game’s development.

So let’s have a look at what’s coming with this update:

Progression System

Using player feedback Phoenix Labs have started to develop a progression system, this will help with new experiences they create in the Shattered Isles. They have unveiled this new system in a post on their website.

They ensure that the progression system is not just an update to quest lines and crafting requirements, but a new way to progress through the stories of Dauntless and even affect the way players relate to characters in the game.

They have plans to keep improving world map systems and shared this screenshot below of the quests and activities, players will be able to see what is available for their Slayer:

Starting May 2nd with the¬†Seeking the Horizon¬†update,¬†Slayers¬†will be introduced to a new reputation system for their progression. This will include “winning the favor” of three different characters in the update, more will come in the future.

New Challenges

As you progress through Dauntless, unlocking characters, the Slayer, Alchemist and Weaponmaster paths will also have weekly quests and two daily quests, completing these will gain Slayers reputation and make other rewards available to them. Completing these quests daily will allow access to special cells, weapons and consumables. But this is not the only quest change, they also share that they plan to add new side quests which will give rewards such as lanterns.

Guiding you through the Slayer ways is Captain Katerin Sorrel, as you become well known in the Shattered Isles you unlock new challenges along the way. Bosun and Markus Boehr will help to grow your knowledge of aether-infused alchemy as you aid them.

Hunt modifiers are being added which will come and go, this will add the challenge of adapting gear/builds and tactics to battles. If you’re really looking for a challenge “heroic difficulty” is on it’s way.

Hunt Options

Dauntless introduces three new aspects to the game giving more flexibility when is comes to hunts, these come in the form of patrol, expedition and pursuit:

Patrol –¬†Slayers will be able to join a “patrol” letting them decide which zones they wish to hunt in but not the specific island or Behemoth.

Expedition –¬†The expedition¬†lets players choose a particular island to hunt on, however not the Behemoth, this is a perfect way to pick up gatherables. Picking bundles for gatherables is now an option and dependent the on the island hunted on.

Pursuit РIf a player is looking for a particular Behemoth then choosing Pursuit is the way to do that.


After listening to feedback from players, the developers have set to add more options when it comes to gear, set perks, cells and character customization. With the new update, new armor set bonuses, new gear keywords and an overall makeover to the cell system have all been implemented. With further details to come, Phoenix Labs explains that these will majorly change the possibilities for players including goals.


Endgame or evergame as the¬†Dauntless¬†team like to call it, is mentioned showing that they are looking at the bigger picture when it comes to the life span of the game. They set to add new dangerous¬†Dire Behemoths that set to test not only player skills but deal out “new levels of punishment”.¬†These big bad bosses of the game come in the form of¬†Firebrand Charrogg, Razorwing Kharabak, Frostback Pangar, Bloodfire Embermane,a reworked Moonreaver Shrike and Deadeye Quillshot,¬†each varying in levels of deadliness.

Players will need to be on their guard as it’s not just the bosses that are deadly, the update will add freak storms and maelstrom of Aether creating new challenges and variants to the game.

The big, the bad and the Behemoth

New Rewards

All of these challenges would not be worth half the trouble if it were not for the rewards that lie at the end, Slayers will be able to receive new exotic weapons and armor. This new addition to gear has special features including specialised abilites and unique looks to go with it.

Transmog System

Knowing how important looks are as well as function for players, Dauntless will be adding a transmog system. Transmog Stones will be introduce to the game letting players apply appearances they have already collected, without affecting the attributes and skills of the gear they have equipped. Essentially letting you match your outside, match how badass you feel on the inside.

If you are interested in playing¬†Dauntless¬†before the open beta launch, you can sign up for closed beta with a¬†Founder’s Pack starting at $39.99 for the Slayer¬†tier.¬†Note that the¬†Founder’s Packs¬†(which originally contained access to pre-beta content) will be replaced with the¬†Supporter’s Packs because of the launch of open beta,¬†meaning some of the rewards that came with the¬†Founder’s Packs will not be available in the future. There are different tiers available with different benefits for each.

Players will be able to test all these news systems with the new update on May 2nd, with the open beta going ahead on May 24th and will be free-to-play.

If you want more upcoming gaming news be sure to check out the latest RPGs news and for all the latest news check out the news page.


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