Dauntless Open Beta Starts May 24th

Dauntless Open Beta Starts May 24th

Last updated on April 14th, 2018

It has been a while since September 2nd when Dauntless entered closed beta. They pushed back the winter open beta to early 2018 and now we have finally gotten word on the open beta. Dauntless open beta will be launching on May 24th.

Dauntless Launches Open Beta May 24th

Players who would like to become a founder only have until May 23rd to purchase those packs while they are still available. About 3/4 of players have already purchased some form of their founder packs. Those who are interested in what exactly this entails can read further details in our Founder Packs article.

The Phoenix Labs team, after years of development, is proud to announce that Dauntless will enter Open Beta on May 24th, 2018! More than 100,000 Slayers have begun forging their legend in the Closed Beta, and now more than 800,000 Dauntless account holders will be defending the Shattered Isles from the Behemoth onslaught.

From all of us at Phoenix Labs, thanks to everyone who has joined the Closed Beta. All of the Slayers who shared their feedback by playing the game or joining the Dauntless community have made a major difference in our development. Your feedback and insights have guided countless decisions and inspired ideas that will shape the Shattered Isles for years to come.

We’re dedicated to expanding the world of Dauntless with your continued feedback and inspiration. Open Beta is an exciting milestone, but we’re still far from done. We will continue to create the game that Slayers will be proud to call their own for years to come. You can stay up to date with what’s coming to Dauntless at the Dauntless Road Map.

Dauntless is slated for a second quarter release which means we should see it before June 30th. I think staying on this deadline will help significantly with it’s success, and faring well with it’s competitor Monster Hunter World, which won’t be on PC until fall. In that time, I hope they make Dauntless unique enough so becomes a strong PC game contender. Dauntless is currently exclusively available for play on PC.


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