Dauntless Founder’s Alpha now live! Join in and play!

Dauntless Founder’s Alpha now live! Join in and play!

Phoenix Labs’ upcoming free to play game Dauntless is now in Founder’s Alpha: accessible to anyone who has supported the game with a Founder’s Pack.

Up to now, there was a closed tech alpha with strict NDA agreements so we couldn’t share much, but we did write a preview and enjoyed playing with the devs at E3. If you need some details, read on!

Dauntless Founder’s Alpha: Game Features

Hubs are the center of socialization, and is packed with other players giving it a very MMO like feel, that is a strong shared world. At this hub world you can also craft equipment and open the cores you obtain as loot from your hunts, which you can use the vtiharious materials for crafting your new stuff. The process of opening cores is very similar to visiting the cryptarch in Destiny.


Dauntless Founder Tier: 79.99 USD (Will Be 99.99 USD Eventually)

  • Includes all the Slayer and Founder Tier rewards plus the following:
  • Founder’s Alpha: Want to be among the first to walk the Shattered Isles? Play a full week before Closed Beta starts in this exclusive event. Join Phoenix Labs as we open the doors to Ramsgate, then keep playing in the Closed Beta when everyone else arrives. The Founder’s Alpha will come after the Closed/Technical Alpha and before Closed Beta.
  • Patron Status (90 Days): Similar to Champion status, Patron status increase the quantity of materials dropped by slain behemoths. What’s better is that everyone in your hunting party will also receive a similar bonus regardless of their status. Additionally, this bonus stacks with other Patrons. It’s the perfect perk for slayers who plan to roll with a group of friends.
  • Additionally, Patron Status imbues slayers with the Style Hunter perk. This perk gives vanity and customization items (which are usually found in Chroma Cores) a chance to drop from slain behemoths.
  • Founder’s Banner Make an impression with this exclusive emote. You’ll be able to customize your banner with new elements as your legend evolves and always be able to show it off in style.
  • Guild Charter: Start your own guild and establish your legacy.
  • Game Credits: Become a part of Dauntless history. Add your name to the Dauntless credits, where you’ll live as one of the founding members of the game.

Dauntless begins closed beta on September 1! Check out the Dauntless Wiki to learn about the game’s mechanics, or read more Dauntless Articles.


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25 comments on “Dauntless Founder’s Alpha now live! Join in and play!”

  1. SimonSignal says:

    Paying to play a free to play game.


  2. Avatar Fexelea says:

    You are paying for perks and patron status, which is the "VIP" equivalent of the game, so it’s not really something unheard of at all :P

  3. Avatar Abaddon says:

    Anyone here actually playing right now? i’d be interested to hear your thoughts. I saw some game play footage a week or so ago and the behemoths looks underwhelming i don’t want to pay to play now if it’s not too good.

  4. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I’ve been playing casually when I get the time. It’s clearly a work in progress that will get better with time, and if after watching streams you aren’t sure I advise against it.

    If you like what you see, though, you get a chance to play early, get some free cosmetics and cheaper goodies, and ultimately influence development for the final product. It really has to do with how much you like these kind of games and I certainly would watch streams to see if I would like it first

  5. Avatar Abaddon says:

    I like those style games. my main concern is the behemoths looked very easy… i enjoy a challenge and either the person was fighting some very low level and basic monsters or they just don’t seem very threatening. the person was 1v1ing them and i can’t imagine how easy they’d be if it was a group against them.

  6. Avatar Fexelea says:

    The low levels ones are pretty easy, and the game has much less of a leaning curve than monster hunter. What’s in the alpha is quite basic, but I’ve seen a party almost wipe at the third behemoth I encountered so it isn’t all an easy ride. I’m not high level enough to comment but so far it’s good for f2p.

    If you’re in doubt, you can always wait for beta, the price difference won’t be enormous if you don’t want cosmetic stuff.

  7. Avatar Abaddon says:

    Yeah i had kinda figured i’d wait on beta i may hit up the alpha tomorrow after watching some more video’s on it. thank you for the responses.

    Edit: if you or cas are streaming or can stream i’d love to watch…. the game i’m talking about the game. I just realized after typing that it sounded alittle creepy but honestly i laughed so i didn’t want to delete it.

  8. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Haha thumbs up was worth leaving in.

    We are a bit busy to stream (my hours all over the place, TY Gamescom!) – But we’re making an alpha video with some impressions.

    One thing if you get it: make sure you have a controller. I generally dislike playing mouse+keyboard but OMG the game is SO much better with a controller. I almost hated it at first as the camera movement is weird and the clicks for attack feel unnatural, but switching to a gamepad made it much smoother. (Minus bugs, there are controller bugs)

  9. Avatar Abaddon says:

    So I bit the bullet and got the 79.99$ pack….Glad I did the game is amazing. The behemoths are a better than I expected from watching videos and the fextralife life flares are awesome.

  10. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Awesome! We should hook up and do some slaying together! Unfortunately the match-making system is in dire need of help, as we have to get lucky to be in the same zone to add each other as friends. I’ve had a long day today, but I’ll def be up for it on the weekend or next week!

    *launches fextra flare*

  11. Avatar Abaddon says:

    Looking forward to it.

  12. Avatar Castielle says:

    I ran out of Flares lol. I had to ask the Dauntless guys for more (this is the second time I’ve asked for more lol). I’m playing and having a blast. It’s not a perfect game, but for an F2P it’s definitely worth checking out.


  13. Avatar Abaddon says:

    if you or cas wants to link up this weekend fex let me know I work overnights(est) but i have off sunday-weds this week. Technically i can play while i’m working but ill be afking every 20 or so minutes fow a minute at a time.

  14. Avatar Castielle says:

    Hit me up, and I’ll play. Playing right now :)


  15. Avatar Abaddon says:

    I pm’d you cas not sure why i didnt just respond here first. my names LordAbaddon on dauntless just add me.

  16. Avatar Castielle says:

    I don’t seem to see a way to invite people directly to my friends list. You can try and zone and find me in the zone players list. I’m editing wiki so I’ll just wait a few while you try?


  17. Avatar Abaddon says:

    you gotta /friend (their name) then you can whisper and invite if you’re castielle101 i added you and sent you a message not 100% sure if that’s you though.

  18. Avatar Castielle says:

    It worked but typing in party does nothing, nor does whisper.


  19. Avatar Abaddon says:

    yeah chat has been broken for days lol.

  20. Avatar Castielle says:

    lol. I need to farm Charrogg for my armor.

  21. Avatar Abaddon says:

    charogg is good for me fextralife for chat?

  22. Avatar Castielle says:


  23. Avatar Abaddon says:

    I’ve updated the wiki with the combat debuffs the behemoths apply and the ways I’ve found to counter them.

  24. Avatar Castielle says:

    Sweet! Thank you :)


  25. Avatar Abaddon says:

    no problem going to try to put up some guides to the more advanced behemoths later on this week. you may want to re-edit what i put im not 100% comfortable with wiki editting

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