Darksiders Genesis Trailer “Introducing War”

Darksiders Genesis Trailer “Introducing War”

Publisher THQ Nordic and developer Airship Syndicate releases a new trailer for the action-RPG title Darksiders Genesis, this time introducing War.

Darksiders Genesis Trailer “Introducing War”

The latest trailer features the character War, the Rider of the Red Horse and member of the Four Horseman. He is also a playable character in Darksiders Genesis, it will be up to you to play as War or his brother Strife in co-op mode. He uses melee combat, swinging a sword in one hand and a gauntlet in the other.

War while the the youngest of the horseman, makes up for age, with his experience on the battleground. Encountering numerous foes using his weapon Chaoseater. He will ride into battle with his faithful steed Ruin. But War’s tale is not a happy one as he was framed by Abaddon for starting the Apocalypse too soon, and as punishment must be imprisoned for over a hundred years by The Charred Council.

You can check out the latest Darksiders Genesis trailer below:

Darksiders Genesis will be launching on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Stadia releasing this year 2019. Both editions are available to pre-order on the THQ Nordic website.

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