Darksiders 3: Starter Guide & Tips

Darksiders 3: Starter Guide & Tips

Last updated on January 16th, 2019

This Darksiders III Getting Started Guide features Fury, one of the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse. This hack and slash action-adventure game will pit Fury against the 7 Deadly Sins. This game ranges from very simple, to extremely challenging gameplay, depending on player’s difficulty choice. These overall tips and guide should assist new players while streamlining important information for anyone playing the game.

Darksiders 3: Starter Guide & Tips

In this guide we will give you information about Stats, Weapon Upgrades, Consumables and just all around good advice for new players. Below is a table of contents that covers all the subjects covered in this Guide. You can use the links to navigate to a specific area, or just read on, as you may find there are things you didn’t know.

Difficulty Modes

There are 4 difficulty settings in this game: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Apocalyptic. New players should start on Balanced, those who like to suffer a little should go with Challenging, and if you’re truly a masochist choose Apocalyptic. We’re not kidding, it’s really that difficult!

Mastering the perfect dodge and following up with the Arcane counter attack will prove invaluable on harder difficulties, while lower ones allow for more errors during gameplay. As the difficulty heightens, enemies are harder to kill, they deal more damage, and their attacks becomes more challenging to dodge due to the removal of more and more iframes. The good news is that you can change difficulties mid game if it’s too hard (or easy).

Apocalyptic is not for the faint of heart…

Death & Fall Damage

Upon death Fury will respawn at the closest Serpent Hole ready to try again. Players will only lose the Souls they were carrying, which takes the shape of a Demon Lurcher. Players must get back to the location of their death and attack the Demon Lurcher to re-consume the Souls. Be aware that nearby Lurchers will gravitate towards and be absorbed into the Demon Lurcher until its destroyed. Many Demon Lurchers may exist in the world so this is not as punishing as the Dark Souls series, because you have several chances to get to them. All enemies will respawn when the player dies.

Fall Damage occurs when players fall down a bottomless pit. They aren’t killed instantly, but sent back to a spot before the fall, usually on a nearby ledge with a percentage of their life drained. This means that gravity is less forgiving than some other games (cough, Souls, cough), and this is also handy because the swinging controls are spotty at best.


At the beginning players will only have the square button to input combos. They can unlock triangle as they progress through the story which will be usually an hour in basic difficulty if you’re taking your time.

Slash: Square

Cross Slash: Square, Square

Flurry: Square, Square, Square

Judge, Jury: Square, Square, Square, Square

Executioner: Square, Square, Square, Square, Square

Rude Awakening: L3 Neutral | R1, Square

Chain Cycle: Press & hold Square

Killer Queen: Press & hold Square, Square

Ripcord: Square, delay, Square

Ripcord Plus: Square delay, Press & hold Square

Air Initiation: Square delay, Square, Square

Unholy Exorcism: Square delay, Square, Square, Square

Flip Saw: (Up left stick + R1) + Square

Aerial Slash: (while in air) Square

Aerial Cross Slash: (while in air) Square, Square

Aerial Flurry: (while in air) Square, Square, Square

Gravel Grinder: (while in air) R1

Razor Onslaught: (while in air) R1|Square

Thorn Flip: Square after perfect dodge

Sin and Punishment: Square after perfect forward dodge

Scarlet Strike: L1 + R1 (Wrath attack)

Drops From Enemies & Damage

Souls Lurchers are dropped from enemies once they are defeated and come in 3 varieties:

  • Blue – currency
  • Green – refills Nephilm’s Respite of Fury
  • Yellow – refills Wrath gauge

Lesser (small) enemies can be juggled but larger enemies cannot and require your full attention. Larger enemies are also harder to stagger so master the art of counter-punching.

Players are quick to see Fury’s damage numbers dealt to enemies. Those wishing to turn them off can but they these are helpful as they show the different types of damage done as well as the amount of inflicted: Physical damage is white while arcane damage is purple.

Consumables, Healing, & Other Items

Consumables are scattered throughout the world. Lurcher Clumps and Clusters are crystallized souls that must be manually broken to be consumd, think fading soul from Dark Souls 2. Below are some examples of the clumps and clusters you can come across:

Large Lurcher Cache – 10,000 souls

Medium Lurcher Cache – 5,000 souls

Small Luster Cache – 2,000 souls

Large Lurcher Cluster – 1,200 souls

Medium Lurcher Cluster – 800 souls

Small Lucher Cluster – 400 souls

Grand Lurcher Crystal – 1,000 souls

Grand Lurcher Clump – 1,000 souls

Large Lurcher Clump – 150 souls

Medium Lurcher Clump – 75 souls

Small Lurcher Clump – 25 souls

To heal efficiently, players should use the Nephilim’s Respite. This is similar to the Estus Flask of Dark Souls. It can be recharged by defeating enemies but isn’t guaranteed. There are also small and normal healing shards scattered around; if you’re familiar with Dark Souls 2, think of them similar to a Lifegem, but rather giving a static heal, not heals over time. They also have a cooldown after one is used to avoid spamming.

Lurcher Crystal are consumables that must be broken to consume the enclosed souls.

Wrath & Havoc Forms

Wrath Form

Players will deal a devastating attack after triggering Wrath Form. If players have obtained a Hollow by progressing through the game, they can extend the time Fury spends in the form, while getting certain additional perks.

Havoc Form

Temporarily evoke Fury’s havoc form to vanish enemies dealing arcane damage. Use L1+R2 to enter Havoc Form. In this form Fury regains health and is invincible throughout its duration. Players can cancel this form early to save some bar energy for the next Havoc Form if they so wish.

Use L1+R2 to enter Havoc Form


The Darksiders 3 world is split into different sections, each have various Serpent Holes that you can travel to if you visit the Vulgrim Plinth.


  • Skyscraper
  • Crossroads
  • Maker’s Forge
  • West End


  • Atrium of Greed
  • Splintered Station
  • Hatchling Cesspool
  • Accessway


  • The Lord of Hollows’ Bed Chamber
  • Blistering Bridge

Vulgrim Plinth

Feed souls to Vulgrim to earn attribute points aka stats. Using the Serpent Holes will grant fast travel between Plinths. Vulgrim offers a variety of wares/specials, each time players buy wares, the prices will increase so keep that in mind! Talking to Vulgrim also acts as a checkpoint for players even if nothing is bought.


Small Healing Shard – 250 souls, 375 souls

Healing Shard – 500 souls, 750 souls

Wrath Shard – 500 souls

Havoc Shard – 1000 souls

Strength Shard – 500 souls

Fortification Shard – 500 souls


Unfocused Leviathan – 5000 souls

  • +3 Lurchers when breaking objects
  • +15 Health Regen per minute

Unfocused Rage – 5000 souls

  • +5% chance wrath item spawn after an enemy is slain
  • +10% wrath reward when slaying wrath lurchers

Rejuventation Core – 5000 souls

  • +75 more health restored from using Nephilim’s respite

Stats Interaction

Players will feed souls to Vulgrim in order to level up. It is better to level up by feeding souls and save those Luminous Visages for later in the game. Below are the gains given per level range. There is no respec so be sure to choose which stat to level wisely. All stats suffer from diminishing rates of return after certain thresholds. For a more indepth guide check out our Stat Breakdown & Diminishing Returns Guide.

Weapons & Enhancements

It’s possible to upgrade weapons in Darksiders 3 with a choice of Barbs of Scorn or Chains of Scorn. There is also an array of enhancements that can be crafted.


Players can obtain their first enhancement once they beat the boss Envy. Progress through the level until you reach a compact area with several cars, look to the corner where a large sitting monster is located. He is a 4 Armed Buff Monster that blocks the Fortifier Enhancement upgrade, take him down to gain the enhancement.

4 Armed Buff Monster


  • Jump slam
  • Single arm slam
  • Quad arm slam – can be chained 3 times or just a single time
  • Quad arm uppercut

Best times to attack is after the long chain of him slamming since he will recover from the attack slowly. A good Wrath attack or even a long combo with Fury’s whip will suffice.

Unfocused Fortifier

“I seek strength of heart, and in arms”

  • +3% Physical and Arcane Damage
  • +5% Health

Craft Enhancements

Enhancements can be equipped on a weapon which will provide an active benefit to the weapon while providing a passive benefit to Fury.

Angelic Fortifier +1

  • +3% more physical and arcane damage
  • + 7% more health
    • Requires 2 Angelic Artifact and 1 Unfocused Fortifier

Angelic Fortifier +2

  • +3% more physical and arcane damage
  • + 10% more health
    • Requires 4 Angelic Artifact and 1 Angelic Fortifier +1

Angelic Fortifier +3

  • +3% more physical and arcane damage
  • + 13% more health
    • Requires 6 Angelic Artifact and 1 Angelic Fortifier +2

Demonic Fortifier +1

  • +6% more physical and arcane damage
  • + 5% more health
    • Requires 2 Demonic Artifact and 1 Unfocused Fortifier

Demonic Fortifier +2

  • +9% more physical and arcane damage
  • + 5% more health
    • Requires 4 Demonic Artifact and 1 Demonic Fortifier+1

Demonic Fortifier +3

  • +12% more physical and arcane damage
  • + 5% more health
    • Requires 6 Demonic Artifact and 1 Demonic Fortifier+2

Balanced Fortifier

  • +15% more physical and arcane damage
  • + 18% more health
    • Requires 12 Angelic Artifact, 1 Angelic Fortifier +3, and 1 Essence of a Chosen OR
    • Requires 12 Demonic Artifact, 1 Demonic Fortifier +3, and 1 Essence of a Chosen

Saving Humans

Ulthane Blackhammer will give players the The Bridge Stone:

An enchanted stone etched with ancient maker magic allows the instantaneous transportation of any human directly to haven. Saving humans are tied with the trophies.

If you want more Darksiders content be sure to check out the Darksiders 3 Trophy Guide & Roadmap. You can also check out more of guides in Darksiders 3 Stat Breakdown And Diminishing Returns Guide and Darksiders 3 All Luminous Visage Locations Guide. For all your whipping needs find it here in our Darksiders III wiki.


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