Darksiders 3: Sloth Boss Guide (Apocalyptic)

Last updated on January 16th, 2019

In this Darksiders III Sloth Boss Guide, we take a look at the second of the 7 Deadly Sins: Sloth. We’ll go over the exact mechanics and give you some helpful tips to beat him without much of a fuss. This Boss can be quite challenging on Apocalyptic Difficulty, but our advice should help you take him down!

Darksiders 3: Sloth Boss Guide

After defeating Envy (and sometimes Avarice), players will progress through the world until they find Sloth. Sloth is a large green insectoid-monster, towering over Fury, being carried by crab-like enemies. Sloth can be found in the Nether, close to the Tangled Grotto Serpent Hole. He hits extremely hard, but doesn’t move very quickly.

Sloth Phases

Sloth has 3 Phases where his moveset will change, to include more and more attacks. These will become harder and harder to Dodge and he will start leaping into the air, trying to land upon you, much like the Asylum Demon from Dark Souls.

Phase 1

In Phase 1 Sloth be sitting on a throne, carried by his crabs and you cannot damage him. He will immediately fling a poisonous blob at you, so be sure to Dodge and he usually tries at least 1 melee attack immediately if you get close to the front 180 degrees of him. You can avoid melee attacks by going be hind him, or you can just learn to Dodge his attacks.

The objective here is to kill roughly 5 crabs so that he falls off his throne and Phase 2 begins. You need to do this as quickly as possible because more and more crabs spawn, and you will eventually be overwhelmed. So once you enter the arena, sprint right to him and get to work on those crabs holding him up. Ignore the others, and just sprint around them if you need to.


Killing the crabs quickly is key in Phase 1.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will begin once you’ve broken his throne, and a short cutscene will play. Once the cutscene is over you need to sprint backwards immediately, and Dodge at the last second to avoid his impending attack. This can be difficult to do because of the camera angle, and sometimes a crab will spawn right behind you, preventing you from being able to. Even if you get hit, it should not kill you.

During his Phase there will be 2 crabs you must deal with before moving in to attack Sloth. It is recommended that you kite Sloth until you can kill them, or bait him into attacking, which will damage the crabs and then finish them. This can be harder than it seems.

Once the crabs are down you will need to move into Sloth and Dodge an attack to get in close. Ideally you will hug his side/back, attacking away from where he swings, Dodging when you see him swipe. When he lifts into the air, Dodge backwards and then sprint in and get repositioned. Continue this until you reach Phase 3.


You’ll have to Dodge through an attack to get in close, so watch for the green glow on the weapon to know when to Dodge.

Phase 3 (~66% Health)

Once you get his Health low enough he will enter Phase 3, and his jump into the air will change to track and land on you. This usually kills you in one hit if he lands on you directly and still deals substantial damage if you “partially” Dodge it. This is really the only difference between Phase 2 and Phase 3, but it is often fatal.

Sloth will usually do 2 swipe attacks before jumping, so make sure that you are not mid combo when the jump comes and be ready for it. Even if he manages to hit you, as long as it’s not completely on top of you, you will be ok. After the jump, position yourself back in his side/back area and continue attacking. Rinse and Repeat.


Even partially dodging this attack reduces the damage it deals by over half.

Final Tips

Phase 3 can be a huge pain in the ass because you can’t reliably avoid his jump attack, forcing you to heal, but you have few heals. Stock up on Healing Shards before the fight and don’t be afraid of popping 1 or 2 in the last Phase if you are close to beating him. You will more than likely need to, and remember to use Havoc Mode to prevent damage when you are close to defeating him.

Healing Shard

You can buy Healing Shards from Vulgrim for Souls, but the cost increases by 250 each time you purchase one.

In Phase 2 sometimes it can be hard to hit the crabs because your character will swing towards Sloth even when facing the crabs. The best way I have found is to line up the crabs with him and then attack so that you are attacking in the proper direction. If you are having difficulty, try that out.

The Whip works exceptionally well at taking out the crab enemies in Phase 1 as i has a wide sweeping attack that can hit many at once. Try holding down Square (Playstation), as you will do mostly horizontal swings that hit 3 or 4 crabs at once, speeding up the time it takes to complete this phase.

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