Darksiders 3: Prologue and Envy Guide

Darksiders 3: Prologue and Envy Guide

Last updated on December 5th, 2018

The third installment of the Darksiders series, Darksiders III  features Fury, one of the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse. This hack and slash action-adventure game will pit Fury against the 7 Deadly Sins. The first one players will encounter is Envy shortly after the prologue.

Darksiders 3: Prologue and Envy Guide

Fury will come across 9 enemies in the prologue area as the game instructs the players on basic mechanics comprising of the following:

  • Souls Lurchers are dropped from enemies once they are defeated and come in 3 varieties:
    • Blue – currency
    • Green – refills HP of Fury
    • Yellow – refills Wrath gauge
  • Square is your attack button use it to string simple combos together.
    • For those that like to target a single enemy, players can use L2 for that.
  • Nimble players can dodge by hitting R1 and are able to follow up with an Arcane Counter attack with square after a perfect dodge.
  • Jumping is bound to the X button and even double jump will be available since the start of the game.
  • To get across large gaps, press and hold Square to use your whip to swing.
  • Once player’s Wrath gauge is full, tapping L1 and R1 allows Fury to use a Wrath attack.
  • Nephilm’s Respite is a consumable item that heals Fury.
    • Heals for 150 Health and 2 can be carry at default.
    • Players can make it their active consumable which then they can use it quickly by tapping up on the directional pad.
    • Tapping down on the directional pad will make it their active consumable if not already.
  • Lurcher Crystal are consumables that must be broken to consume the stated souls. Think fading soul from Dark Souls 2.

Barbs of Scorn is Fury’s Default Whip. Her beginning stats are all at level one:

  • Arcane
  • Health: 200
  • Strength


Envy’s physical form is a shamanic-esque crow feverishly wanting to possess everything. The fight will start with Envy summoning a blue circular AOE at Fury’s location. Hit R1 to dodge it and follow up with an Arcane counter attack. Envy will follow up with twin staff sweeps that can be dodge again. Some time will past and Envy will be wrapped in blue aura, she will teleport in the air near a corner then come crashing down creating a blue shock wave. Simply jump over this shock wave and continue counter-punching Envy.

Envy’s Attacks

  • Staff sweep
  • Rising blue AOE at players feet
  • Teleporting Shockwave 

Second Phase

After Envy loses 25% of her health she will destroy the ground under Fury and fly in the air. This forces the player to climb the surrounding environment until they are at equal height. Proceed to jump towards Envy and triple tap Square to knock her towards the ground. While Envy is on the ground, this is a great opportunity to use Fury’s Wrath attack by simultaneously hitting L1 and R1.

Third Phase

Once Envy is down to 50% she will once more destroy the ground forcing the player to ascend the environment once more to ground her. This phase will play out like the others except Envy will chain attacks quicker than before. Her teleport crash attack can be chained up to 3 times before she becomes stationary for a bit. Continue dodging her staff sweep attacks and victory will be yours.

After defeating Envy players will receive the Talisman of Sin which will act as a radar to find the other Deadly Sins. An skull icon symbolizes the nearest sin while a white dot just indicates sins.

Darksiders III a hack and slash action-adventure game will be released on November 27, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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