Darksiders 3 Patch Notes for 1.05 Contents

Darksiders 3 Patch Notes for 1.05 Contents

Last updated on January 16th, 2019

The third installment of the Darksiders series, Darksiders III  features Fury, one of the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse. This hack and slash action-adventure game will pit Fury against the 7 Deadly Sins. Recently patch 1.05 has been released for all platforms to lessen stuttering and overall changes for Darksiders 3 that continues to make the game easier.

Darksiders 3: Patch 1.05 Contents

Additions & Quality of Life Affecting Difficulty

  • Added new option for Combat.
    • Upon loading a save or starting a new game, players will be prompted to choose between “Default” and “Classic” combat.
    • “Classic” mode should feel more like previous Darksiders titles allowing Fury to dodge interrupt her attacks as well use items instantly.
    • “Default” mode is the original combat mode for Darksiders III. The option can be changed at any point in gameplay options while playing.
    • This has no other effects on difficulty or achievements*.
      • *despite the above, classic mode will be generally easier as one can evade mid combo making the game closer to its classic hack n slash as well as, having no cool-downs on items.
  • Improved ledge grab detection on Fury so she can more consistently grab ledges.
  • Additional optimizations to help stuttering while streaming.
  • Added “Health Lurcher” item to Vulgrim that allows player to purchase refills for Nephilim’s Respite.
  • Added “Echo Mark” item to Vulgrim that allows player to refund their spent attribute points.
  • Added a few new checkpoints.
  • Raised the level cap to 200.
    • Re-balanced leveling curve post level 80 as well as stat rewards.

Bug Fixes

  • Random crashes
  • General performance improvements.
  • Force Coral where it wouldn’t break correctly.
    • This will also fix previous saves with this issue.
  • Checkpoints that weren’t registering.
  • Cycling difficulty options while in game will not affect actual difficulty unless it is changed.
  • Abraxis Health bar showing up but he is missing.

Gameplay & Items Balance Changes

  • Fury will no longer take damage while performing an Arcane Counters.
  • Havoc Form does more Damage.
  • Increased Havoc Generation on Obscurus Enhancement.
  • Increased Health and Damage amounts on the Fortifier Enhancement*.
    • couldn’t find any changes as this looks like the same adjustment from Patch 1.04
  • Increased Health Regeneration and Lurcher Reward from destroying breakables on the Leviathan Enhancement.
  • Increased Chance to Spawn Wrath when killing an Enemy on Rage Enhancement.

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