Darksiders 3: Lust Boss Guide (Apocalyptic)

Darksiders 3: Lust Boss Guide (Apocalyptic)

Last updated on January 16th, 2019

In this Darksiders III Lust Boss Guide, we take a look at the fourth of the 7 Deadly Sins: Lust. We’ll go over the exact mechanics and give you some helpful tips to beat him without much of a fuss. This Boss can be quite challenging on Apocalyptic Difficulty, but our advice should help you take him down!

Darksiders 3: Lust Boss Guide (Apocalyptic)

Lust will be the fourth Deadly Sin that must be defeated. Lust is found in the Bonelands nearby the Cargo Ship Serpent Hole. He is moderately aggressive but very susceptible to counters so get your dodges ready.


Lust Phases

Phase 1

Lust will generally start the match with a dash towards you, spinning into a sword swipe. The sword swipe will start on your left to right and its very simple to counter by dodging left. Follow up your dodge with the flame counter to deal damage to Lust over time. At times she will swipe at you from left to right then either follow up with another swipe from the same direction or from the opposite direction. Be on alert to dodge left, counter and leave some distance from Lust. Attempt to avoid being close to Lust as he will quickly thrust the sword forward.


Learn to Dodge Counter his attacks, because he blocks most of them.

Lust’s other attacks include a somersault/backflip sword swipe, as he creates distance from the player. Usually the dash swipe follows afterwards. Lust may throw off your timing by charging before the sword swipe is release and this can occur twice in succession.

Phase 2 (50% Life)

This is where it gets “fun” as Usiel interrupts your fight and gets swayed by Lust. Now it becomes a 1 vs 2 fight with several choices residing in the hands of the player. If players avoid killing Usiel in this fight they will obtain the Fafnir enhancement as well as the For Whom the Bells Toll trophy.

Usiel’s main attack is charging at the player to swing his massive bell mace at them while following up with a horizontal swing. This combo usually deals heavy damage if it connects so do your best to avoid. The best way to counter is wait for him to approach you and dodge through it while unlocked.


During this phase you’ll have to wait for Usiel to attack, dodge it, then attack Lust. Rinse and repeat

The fight will play out similarly to phase 1 just with the other nuisance in the way. Continue using the flame counter and start using the storm wrath attack to deal damage over time to Lust. This will also hit Usiel but unless you are also dealing heavy damage to Usiel, it will be extremely difficult to kill him solely with storm wrath.

Final Tips

Lust can easily block attacks, so the best way to deal damage will be arcane counters and wrath attacks. The default hollow that must be used is the Flame Hollow for counters, and Storm Hollow for the wrath attack. After the cutscene of Usiel interrupting dodge back a few times and re-equip your hollow power.

Saving Havoc mode for the last 10% of life will be helpful. Ensure you are using all your enhancements. Arcane builds will have an easier time with this boss than melee builds.

To see this boss fight in action see:

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  1. ckmishn says:

    There’s something kind of ridiculous about this made up Horseman of the Apocalypse named "Wrath" fighting the personification of the 7 deadly sins: isn’t "wrath" one of said sins? Does she commit sepuku to finish the game?

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    Her name is Fury

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