Darksiders 3: Avarice Boss Guide (Apocalyptic)

Last updated on January 16th, 2019

In this Darksiders III Avarice Boss Guide, we take a look at the third of the 7 Deadly Sins: Avarice. We’ll go over the exact mechanics and give you some helpful tips to beat him without much of a fuss. This Boss can be quite challenging on Apocalyptic Difficulty, but our advice should help you take him down!

Darksiders 3 Avarice Boss Guide (Apocalyptic)

After defeating Envy and Sloth, players will progress through the world until they find Avarice, a stout horned male monster greedily hoarding possessions. Avarice is found in the Nether nearby the Atrium of Greed Serpent Hole. He is extremely aggressive, particularly in the later stages of the fight, so perfecting your Dodges is key.


Treasure used as a deadly weapon…who would have thought?

Avarice Phases

Avarice has 3 Phases where his moveset will change slightly, to include more and more attacks. These will become harder and harder to Dodge and he will become more aggressive once you hit certain health thresholds.

Phase 1

The fight will always begin with him leaping at you and the best thing you can do is Dodge forward, towards him. Once finished turn around and smack him 2 or 3 times and then Dodge to avoid his Claw Swipes. He will do 1-3 of these at random, so you will have to watch to see how many he does before you attack again. It’s always safest to assume 2 attacks.

Next he will hop onto the closest pillar and become chucking objects at you, usually 3 before doing a leaping Jump Attack to land on top of you. This can sometimes be 2, and in later Phases it can even be 1, so be ready to Dodge just in case. The best way to avoid this Jump Attack is by running sideways horizontally to Avarice when he is just about to leap, and then Dodge the opposite direction you are moving. This is because he Jumps where he thinks you will be, so you cannot “out run” him, and must fake him out.


Always run sideways to him, not away or towards him, that way you can fake him out.

Phase 2 (~66% Health)

Once you hit roughly two-thirds of his Health left, he will add additional attacks, and you can tell this by him grabbing a rather large object when he is standing on a pillar. When you see him grab one of these he will either try to throw it at you, or more likely, move to get to a closer pillar and then Jump Attack you. You have to pay attention and watch him closely to see which he will do, and always keep moving and DO NOT stand still.

Once he’s on the ground he will then try to bash in you in the face with whatever thing he grabbed from the pile until it breaks. He can charge you, do swiping attacks, do a vertical slam or even do a sort of whirlwind through you. No matter which he does, timing your Dodge is key to surviving this Phase, and you want to bait his attacks and then counter after you Dodge. This is extremely difficult to do, so don’t get discouraged if you die repeatedly. Once the object breaks he will leap onto the nearest pillar and repeat the process.


This combo is particularly deadly because even if you Dodge the first attacks, you can still get smashed by the last one as seen here.

Phase 3 (~33% Health)

Once you hit this Phase Avarice will grab a refrigerator from on top of one of the pillars, and after he leaps down this will NEVER break. This means he will not return to the top of any pillars, and he will be extremely aggressive. There is no reprieve during this Phase and you will have to Dodge a lot in order to survive. The attacks are the same as Phase 2, they just keep coming. If you need to heal during this Phase the best way is to get behind a pillar and do so quickly, but be careful as some attacks can still clip through it.


When you see this Fridge you know you are in Phase 3 and he will not return to the pillars.

Final Tips

When trying to learn to time your Dodges in Phase 2 and Phase 3 look for the yellow “flash” that occurs on the object he is attacking you with. This will tip you off that you need to Dodge, and while it doesn’t make it easy, it does make it a bit easier. This can be extremely useful, particularly when the camera is really zoomed in and you can’t see is attacks well.


As soon as you see the yellow flash hit Dodge, and then counter attack.

A long-reaching Weapon is strongly recommended for this fight, such as the Whip, because you don’t want to be near Avarice’s attacks. They reach quite far, and this will give you spacing to Dodge them when needed. It also allows you to get in a few extra hits when he retreats to a pillar.

If you are having trouble Dodging, I highly advise playing unlocked on Avarice, as it seems to give a Dodge that moves further away. It should allow you to dodge his Jump Attack more easily, as well as get you out of the way when he Swipe Attacks you.

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