Darksiders 3: All Essence of a Chosen Locations

Darksiders 3: All Essence of a Chosen Locations

Last updated on December 19th, 2018

In this Darksiders III Essence of a Chosen Guide, players will learn the locations of all 6 Essence of a Chosen. Essence of a Chosen is used to upgrade an enhancement to max.

Darksiders 3: All Essence of a Chosen Locations

There are six locations where you can find Essence of a Chosen which can be taken to Ulthane to upgrade enhancements. Players will need to defeat these unforgiving enemies in order to claim the prize they seek.


  • Molten Cave
    • From Vulgrim, descend the stairs, make a left, cross the bridge, make a right and follow the bridge until it becomes rocky. Once there, enter the left path, and ascend the stairs. When players reach the end of the path, take a left, follow the path and make a left to the first room after the stairs. The Flame Warden, a fiery ethereal monster wielding a giant sword, will be located inside.


  • Forgotten Lake
    • From Vulgrim head straight towards the water and swim towards the left temple like building. Inside players must attack 2 crystals to unlock a door, then use the Force hollow to move under water. Enter the red hued passageway, make a right then deactivate your hollow to swim upwards. Continue swimming in that passageway, then make a right and swim to the surface. Activate Force hollow to climb the rocks to fight the Templar of the Damned, a large skeleton knight enemy wielding a shield and sword.


  • West End
    • Travel straight from Vulgrim then hang a left towards the building. Activate the Stasis hollow and use it to climb the empty shaft in the right of the building. At the top, players will have to activate the Force hollow to travel across the ceiling. Players will find an enclosed area where they must defeat Agony, a 4 armed buff enemy.


  • Drilling Annex
    • Players will have to ride 2 moving platforms/conveyor belts and on the bottom right corner they should see an icy wall. There will be 2 enemies to the left on a platform, jump towards them and take them out. Once on the platform follow the platform to the end and enter the left room to fight The Grock, a colossal enemy with a club.


  • Cargo Hold
    • Go back to the area where players defeated Lust and use the Force Hollow to climb the purple rocky wall. Follow this path until there is a green pool of water to the right. Use Storm Hollow to ride the whirlwind across. Find the squid-like monster that is used as a platform inside the warehouse. Take him outside and hit him towards the right (coming from the warehouse) Climb up using Flame Hollow and head inside the new warehouse. Head towards the left and climb the shipping container and use Flame Hollow to climb upwards. There players will encounter the Corrupted Tomekeeper, a fat floating angel sitting on a throne.


  • Purchase from Vulgrim after the 6th Sin has been defeated.

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