Darksiders 3: Abraxis Boss Guide (Apocalyptic)

Darksiders 3: Abraxis Boss Guide (Apocalyptic)

Last updated on January 16th, 2019

In this Darksiders III Abraxis Boss Guide, we take a look at one of the optional bosses of the game. We’ll go over the exact mechanics and give you some helpful tips to beat him without much of a fuss. This boss can be quite challenging on Apocalyptic Difficulty and with my tips you can come out on top.

Darksiders 3: Abraxis Boss Guide (Apocalyptic)

Abraxis is an optional boss in Darksiders 3 and can be found in the Scar area at the top of an elevator ride. He will entertain Fury with a dialogue and presents her with a choice. Depending on which one the player chooses, they may end up fighting Abraxis.

Either choose to kill Abraxis or agree to kill the Lord of Hollows, the choice is yours.


Phase 1 (100% – 51% Health)

Abraxis will start the match tossing his swords at Fury which can be easily dodged and arcane countered. If players miss the perfect dodge they can simply follow up with about 3 slashes of Fury’s whip. Be ready to dodge as Abraxis normally follows up with two slashes, one from each side at different intervals.

Dodge to the side when Abraxis’ swords start to glow red, as he will quickly lunge towards Fury in an attempt to stab her. If his attack connects, he will fling the player into the air where Abraxis then proceed to slash Fury several times, then slam her down to the ground.

Phase 2 (under 51% Health)

After a short cutscene involving Abraxis powering up, he will charge up his swords and do a twirling sword attack. This can be dodged by dashing to the left or backwards. When Abraxis hovers in the sky, he will power up then unleash an energy beam from his sword directly at Fury. Players can dodge it to the side or trigger Havoc mode right when his arms fall downwards.

Abraxis will crouch for a moment and raise his left arm in the air to call upon a flame pillar. This attack comes to fruition pretty quickly so be ready to dodge.

Final Tips

Abraxis is a master swordman with a natural affinity with flame attacks. The best way to deal damage will be arcane counters or basic combos of the Barbs of Scorn. The default hollow that must be used is the Flame Hollow for counters, and Stasis or Storm Hollow for the wrath attack. If players want to play cautiously they can use Stasis Hollow to provide themselves a shield during the second phase when Abraxis becomes more aggressive. For more aggressive players, they can use either the Flame or Storm Hollow to deal lasting damage to Abraxis.

Havoc mode should be used in Phase 2 unless players have invested in Havoc building items and enhancements. Remember to use Stasis Hollow’s Wrath attack to activate a protective barrier or the Storm Hollow to deal damage over time to Abraxis.

To see this boss fight in action see the video below:

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