Dark Souls Reveals Classy New Official Accessories & Merchandise

Dark Souls Reveals Classy New Official Accessories & Merchandise

Today on From Software’s Twitter account they revealed a new series of official merchandise from Dark Souls that will be sure to make you the talk of a ball.

Dark Souls New Official Accessories

TORCHTORCH is the manufacturer of the accessories and if you head over to their website you can see the new line of merch available for pre-order now (prices are estimated conversions from Japanese yen):

dark souls merch silver serpent

From all of the “DARK SOULS” series, “Covetous Silver Serpent Ring” is an equipment item that increases the number of souls acquired upon defeating enemies. Dimensionally close detailed and designed to the game play, this high-class ring is now useable for daily lives. The specific details of swell formed feature, the difference of eye levels and every small nuance are completely well imitated. Just as the presentation of “The Silver Serpent” this ring uses a real silver-925 and applied a smoky oxidized color to produce a vintage taste.

dark souls merch catarina helm

“Catarina Helm” is a shaped like an onion head armor worn by the Knights of Catarina, Siegmeyer, Sieglinde and Siegward. This pendant has a lovely and a simple style and will compliment any look. By adding a creamy antique coating to the pewter creates a distinctive unique texture and completely matches to the brass chain.

They will be available to ship between November and January. Additionally you can also check out some of the other accessories already available (some of which are already sold out!):

For once you can equip a ring from Dark Souls and not catch a pile of salt, unless you drop the shaker during your fancy dinner plans. Thoughts on the slick new merch? Planning to pick any of it up? If you do, be sure to snap a pic when you get it and share it with us!

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4 comments on “Dark Souls Reveals Classy New Official Accessories & Merchandise”

  1. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    I need to make more money I think

  2. Avatar announakis says:

    When there is really nothing to say…
    Goddammit FROM, give us something about the next game already!

  3. Avatar TSMP says:

    That is indeed very classy. I hope they eventually go through all of the rings, because I’ve got a few I’m looking forward to…

  4. Jet1337 says:

    I really hope they didn’t lose my pre-order for Havel’s Ring. It says it ships between August and September, but I haven’t been charged yet. These things are selling FAST. Was going to pre-order the Ring of Steel Protection, but they’re sold out. Doesn’t surprise me because you won’t see these rings at this level of detail anywhere else in the world. The only thing I don’t like about them is that they come in small sizes. You gotta have pretty thin fingers to wear them. The largest size for men is 61.7mm, which is between a 9 3/4 and 10 in U.S. size.

    Me too, but I know that they won’t be making some of them because they’re either impractical to wear (Delicate String) or hard to create on a large scale (Clutch and Knuckle Rings). They talked about the difficulty of making the Chloranthy Ring on one of their social media posts.

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