Dark Souls Remastered Switch Date Revealed

Dark Souls Remastered Switch Date Revealed

The release date for Dark Souls Remastered on Switch has finally been revealed! It seems like forever ago that it was released on Steam and PS4, even though it was just in may.

Dark Souls Remastered Coming to Switch October 19th

Fromsoft heard your hollowing cries and have officially announced the official Nintendo Switch launch date on their twitter:

We have kept you waiting long enough, and now are pleased to announce that the Nintendo Switch version of DARK SOULS REMASTERED will be released on the 19th October, 2018. Finally we hope you can look forward to playing Dark Souls wherever, whenever you wish.

Nintendo switch will be starting a paid online subscription like the other consoles so buyers should be aware that it might affect online play capabilities. I can’t wait to play Dark Souls on the go for the first time! Bask with me as we praise it!


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