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Dark Souls Remastered Game Progress Guide

In this Dark Souls Remastered Guide we’re going to show you the easiest root through the game, as well as things you don’t want to miss when you are in each location. We won’t be listing Weapons and Armor, unless notable, but we will be highlighting Key Items, NPCs and other actions that have consequences if they are ignored. In short, these are the “should dos” and “must dos” while you run through the game. Keep this Guide open while you play, even just to jog your memory, as it’s probably been a long while for many of you.

Character Creation and Gifts

When making your character you’ll want to decide what Gift you would like to start the game with. Of all the Gifts the Master Key is the most useful as it gives access to areas that would otherwise require you to find Keys, however you won’t miss out on anything no matter which Gift you select. Take the Firebombs if you want to defeat the Asylum Demon quickly the first time you encounter him. Keep in mind the Thief begins the game with the Master Key, so no need to take it if you chose this for your starting Class.


Northern Undead Asylum

  1. Light Bonfire
  2. Speak with Oscar of Astora and gain Estus Flask
  3. Defeat Asylum Demon
  4. Loot Big Pilgrim’s Key

Light the bonfire, head up the stairs and speak with Oscar of Astora and gain the Estus Flask. Head into the big doors and either kill the Asylum Demon if you took Firebombs as your Gift or run left and then face him after you’ve acquired a real weapon. Then open the other door with the Big Pilgrim’s Key and head up to the peak where you will be transported to Firelink Shrine.

Firelink Shrine

  1. Light Bonfire
  2. Speak to Crestfallen Warrior
  3. Speak with Petrus of Thorolund and join Way of White if you wish or buy Miracles
  4. Grab Humanities on corpse for co op play

Speak to the Crestfallen Warrior and then speak with Petrus to join Way of the White and buy some Miracles if you’d like. There are also some Humanities here on a corpse that will help with summoning should you wish to co op, so be sure to grab them. Then head up the stairs along the cliff here and make your way to the Undead Burg.

Undead Burg

  1. Make it to first Bonfire
  2. Speak with Undead Merchant and purchase Orange Guidance Soapstone, Residence Key and Dried Finger
  3. Defeat Taurus Demon
  4. Speak with Solaire and acquire the White Sign Soapstone
  5. Run past Wyvern and kick down ladder for shortcut
  6. Kill Wyvern with Bow (optional)

Make your way forward in the Undead Burg until you reach the first Bonfire, just past where you see the dragon do a fly by. Once the Bonfire is lit, double back and fight the two spear hollows and break the boxes and head down the stairs to the Undead Merchant. Here you can purchase the Orange Guidance Soapstone, Residence Key and the Dried Finger. Once finished make your way forward and take on the Taurus Demon on the ramparts. Don’t forget the Crystal Lizard in the barrels on the way!

After the Taurus Demon is dead, progress further and speak with Solaire and receive the White Sign Soapstone. Then sprint across the bridge and down the steps on your right as fast as you can to avoid being burned alive by the Wyvern. Kick down the ladder to the Bonfire below to unlock the shortcut. If you want to snipe the Wyvern with a Bow you can get the Drake Sword, which does really good damage early on in the game.

Undead Parish

  1. Light Sunlight Alter Bonfire
  2. Join Warriors of Sunlight (optional)
  3. Loot the Mystery Key from corpse
  4. Open gate to the church with lever
  5. Loot the Basement Key near the gate.
  6. Light the Undead Parish bonfire
  7. Upgrade weapon to +5 at Blacksmith Andre
  8. Unlock shortcut to Firelink Shrine with the elevator
  9. Loot Fire Keeper Soul and upgrade Estus Flask
  10. Defeat Channeler
  11. Free Lautrec
  12. Defeat Bell Gargoyle
  13. Ring Bell of Awakening
  14. Speak to Oswald of Carim

Head up the stairs by the shortcut and sprint under the Wyvern avoiding his flames if you didn’t kill him. Light the Bonfire here and open the shortcut with the lever. You can join the Warriors of Sunlight at the alter if you have enough Faith (25), just note that for each Boss you help co op successfully, the Faith requirement will be reduced by 5. Then forward up the ramp, past the boor and down the stair where there are many weak hollows. Loot the Mystery Key from a corpse here and progress further.

After a few Balder Knights you’ll be able to head to the Undead Parish Bonfire (on the right inside the old church), or you can choose to open the large gate outside the church first using the lever (on the left), which is simply a shortcut. Regardless you’ll want to do both, but you will need to get the Basement Key near the big gate.. There is an elevator inside the church that opens up a shortcut to Firelink Shrine, so be sure to get it, and pick up the Fire Keeper Soul which you can use to upgrade your Estus Flask below the Firelink Shrine Bonfire.

Below the Undead Parish Bonfire is Andre the Blacksmith. He can upgrade your equipment using Titanite Shards if you have any. If you don’t you can farm the hollows just outside the church or the Baldur Knights inside for Souls and then buy some. It is recommended you upgrade to +5 before you head upstairs in the church.

Head upstairs and kill the Channeler and hollows, the Channeler will not respawn, so hooray for that. Head left and up the stairs at the end of the hall and free Lautrec using the Mystery Key, then speak with him. Now backtrack and head up the ladder, defeat the Bell Gargoyle, climb the tower at the opposite end of the roof and then ring the Bell of Awakening. Oswald will now be at the bottom of the tower and you can speak with him to purchase some spells and items.

Lower Undead Burg

  1. Open shortcut to Upper Undead Burg
  2. Free Griggs of Vinheim using the Residence Key
  3. Speak with the Undead Merchant (Female)
  4. Open shortcut to Firelink Shrine
  5. Defeat Capra Demon
  6. Loot Key to the Depths

In order to access the Lower Undead Burg you will need to head to the locked door near Solaire, which is just at the opposite end of the bridge from the Sunlight Alter Bonfire (where the Wyverm was). Head down the ladder and up the stairs on the right to unlock the shortcut to Upper Undead Burg. Then head back down and forward and free Griggs of Vinheim from a locked house on the right using the Residence Key. Press onward until you come to a fog gate.

The fog gate is the Capra Demon boss fight, but we want to unlock the shortcut to Firelink Shrine first, so head right and down the stairs and then up the stairs and through the door on the left-hand side. As the top of the stairs is an aqueduct where you can speak to the Undead Merchant (Female) and purchase a few things. Then head down the aqueduct and unlock the door here, which is a shortcut to Firelink Shrine. You can hit the bonfire and then head back to the fog gate and take on Capra. Once defeated loot the Key to the Depths.


  1. Loot the Large Ember
  2. Free Laurentius from the barrels
  3. Light Bonfire (if you have Master Key)
  4. Loot Sewer Chamber Key (if you don’t have Master Key)
  5. Kill Channeler
  6. Defeat Knight Kirk (invasion)
  7. Open shortcut to Bonfire
  8. Speak with Domhnall of Zena
  9. Defeat the Gaping Dragon
  10. Receive Blighttown Key

The Depth entrance is just near the Firelink shortcut you used to face the Capra Demon, and is across from the steps leading to it. Once inside head down the stairs through the hollows and defeat the Butcher here to loot the Large Ember from a chest. Head down through the water and up the broken wall to find Laurentius of the Great Swamp trapped on your left. Free and speak with him.

The backtrack, defeat a second Butcher and open the door not far from here. Head down into the Depths and watch the ceiling for slimes so they don’t land on you. If you have the Master Key you can open the locked door at the end of the long corridor with tons of slimes and torch wielding hollow, and light the Bonfire there. If not, you’ll have to press onward to the left.

Head forward until you reach a T and then head left. Continue on wards until you find the Sewer Chamber Key, which you can use to gain access to the Bonfire behind you if you don’t have the Master Key. Head under the stairs now behind you, and head straight until you come to a fog gate. Head through the gate and defeat the rats and the Channeler here.

Press onward until you come to some tunnels with rats, just before the basilisks that attempt to curse you. If you’re human you will be invaded by Knight Kirk and you can get some of his gear if you defeat him. Just past this area you’ll find a room with some rats and slime, head up the stairs and open the door in order to open the shortcut back to the Bonfire. Then head back down, and at the far ends is Domhnall of Zena, which you can speak to and buy things from. Then, just to the right of Domhnall by about 20 feet is the stairs leading up to the Gaping Dragon area where you will take him on. Defeat him and receive the Blighttown Key.


  1. Light first Bonfire
  2. Light second Bonfire (swamp)
  3. Obtain Fire Keeper Soul
  4. Defeat Maneater Mildred (invasion)
  5. Farm Leeches for Large Titanite and upgrade to +10
  6. Visit The Great Hollow and Ash Lake (optional)
  7. Join Path of the Dragon Covenant (optional)

After defeating the Gaping Dragon, backtrack to Domhnall and open the giant doors next to him to access Blighttown. Climb down the ladders and make your way to the first Bonfire, which is through a bunch of enemies, although it’s pretty much straight ahead. Then make your way down carefully to the swamp area and the second Bonfire inside a drainage area. If you Reverse Hollowing at this Bonfire and walk a few feet out into the swamp on the right you will be invaded by Maneater Mildred. There is a Fire Keeper Soul up the rotating lift just out into the swamp on the right. You’ll have to make your way past several enemies that spit Toxic darts at you and face some Fire Dogs to acquire it though.

The Leeches in the swamp to the left of the Bonfire have a decent chance to drop Large Titanite and is a great place to farm them so you can upgrade before the next boss fight. Spend some time killing them over and over until you have enough to reach +10 on your preferred weapon. You can also visit The Great Hollow, and subsequently Ash Lake if you would like, buy breaking through two Illusory Walls inside the tree near the Leeches. Keep in mind though it’s one hell of a trek there and back, and would probably be best to clear Anor Londo first and gain the Lordvessel so you can warp out once finished. However, if you’d like to join the Path of the Dragon Covenant quickly, then this is a good time to do it.

Quelaag’s Domain

  1. Defeat Chaos Witch Quelaag
  2. Ring the Bell of Awakening
  3. Speak to Eingyi
  4. Join Chaos Servants (optional)

Once finished farming, defeat Chaos Witch Quelaag, who is located directly across the swamp (and a bit to the right) from where the Bonfire is. Once defeated, ring the Bell of Awakening to gain access to Sen’s Fortress, and then speak with Eingyi down the stairs from the lever (the egghead guy). He’ll let you pass and then you can join the Chaos Servant covenant by speaking to the Daughter of Chaos. Note that you won’t actually be able to have dialogue unless you have the Old Witch’s Ring, but you can still join the Covenant.

Return to Northern Undead Asylum

  1. Loot the Black Eye Orb
  2. Loot Undead Asylum F2 West Key from roof in Firelink Shrine
  3. Trade with Snuggly (optional)
  4. Rest at Bonfire.
  5. Loot Peculiar Doll
  6. Defeat Oscar of Astora
  7. Loot Rusted Iron Ring from behind locked door
  8. Defeat Stray Demon
  9. Loot Titanite Slab

In order to reach the Northern Undead Asylum from Quelaag’s Domain, you will need to backtrack to the swamp Bonfire. From that Bonfire, head out into the swamp and turn right and head up the ramp here and take the rotating lift upwards, being careful not to fall. Climb ladders until you cannot climb any higher and then loot the Key to New Londo Ruins from the chest here and make your way to the Valley of the Drakes. Immediately head across the planks and open up the shortcut that will lead you to New Londo Ruins. Once there, take the lift in the adjacent tower up to Firelink Shrine.

You will notice the Bonfire has gone out at Firelink, and if you head down to the Fire Keeper you will find her dead. Loot the Black Eye Orb from her corpse, as you will need it later. Then take the elevator to the church, but jump off onto a ledge just above where you lift off from the ground. From here you’ll have to roll or jump onto a pillar across from you and head onto the roof of the building to loot the Undead Asylum F2 West Key. Repeat this process, only don’t jump onto the roof and continue upwards to the nest. Crouch in the nest for about 15 seconds and you will be taken to the Northern Undead Asylum.

Once there you can trade with Snuggly who will be a few paces forwards and on your left in a small nest overhanging the cliff. Then proceed forward, being careful not to walk into the center of the room where you fought the Asylum Demon, as it will cause the floor to collapse and you to fight the Stray Demon prematurely. Rest at the Bonfire and head back to the cell you began the game in to loo the Peculiar Doll, which will allow you access to the Painted World of Ariamis later in the game. Then make your way up to the second floor and defeat Oscar and loot the Crest Shield from him. Then head up to the third floor and open the locked door there with the Undead Asylum F2 West Key, and loot the Rusted Iron Ring.

Next head into the boss room and break the floor to trigger the fight with the Stray Demon. Defeat him and receive a Titanite Slab. Then head to the cliff and be transported back to Firelink Shrine.

Sen’s Fortress

  1. Loot Key to New Londo Ruins
  2. Open shortcut to New Londo Ruins
  3. Speak with Siegmeyer of Catarina (2x)
  4. Light Bonfire
  5. Defeat Ricard
  6. Defeat Boulder Giant
  7. Speak with the Crestfallen Merchant
  8. Loot the Cage Key
  9. Open shortcut from top of Fortress to 1st floor
  10. Rescue Big Hat Logan
  11. Defeat the Iron Golem

Make your way to the Undead Parish bonfire by way of the church elevator, and you can see Sen’s Fortress from this Bonfire. Siegmeyer is sitting on the steps as you approach, so be sure to speak with him before entering. Make your way through the fortress until you come to a part where there is a boulder rolling towards you and you have to sprint to avoid it. Just over the edge on the right side of this boulder track is Siegmeyer sitting on a platform. Drop down and speak with him again.

Make your way up to the room that controls which direction the boulders will roll, and be sure to fire at least one in each direction. You can then make your way down to the near the beginning of Sen’s Fortress where you walked past a sleeping Snake Warrior leaning against a wall. There should be a hole here, where you can rescue Big Hat Logan if you have the Master Key, or come back after acquiring the Cage Key.

Make your way up to the roof and there is a hidden Bonfire here. You will need to drop over a broken wall to find it, and then backtrack back up to the roof afterwards. Up there you’ll find another large knight, just like the one in the church in Undead Parish. Past him you can fight Ricard for his Rapier and some loot in chests behind him. If you make your way all the way to the top where the boss fog is, there is one staircase leading up further where you can kill the Giant flinging boulders at you in order to make them stop. Then head back outside and down, and you’ll have to make a leap in the gap on the walkway in this area in order to reach the Crestfallen Merchant and the Cage key.

Once finished with them, backtrack to the jump, and after jumping head straight and then right. There is a cage here you can open to create a shortcut to the first floor of Sen’s Fortress, which is opened only with the Cage Key. If you haven’t saved Big Hat Logan yet, now is a good time to do it. Once finished, head up to the boss fog and defeat the Iron Golem to gain access to Anor Londo.

Anor Londo

  1. Use rotary lever to turn the spinning bridge
  2. Head into the Painted World of Ariamis (optional)
  3. Light 2nd Bonfire
  4. Speak with Solaire
  5. Help Siegmeyer of Catarina
  6. Open shortcut to second Bonfire
  7. Speak with the Giant Blacksmith
  8. Upgrade to Lightning Weapon (optional)
  9. Open up the door near Blacksmith
  10. Open main doors to Anor Londo with rotary lever
  11. Invade Lautrec with Black Eye Orb
  12. Defeat Ornstein and Smough
  13. Light 3rd Bonfire
  14. Speak with Gwynevere and obtain the Lordvessel
  15. Join the Princess Guard Covenant (optional)
  16. Kill Gwynevere and face Gwyndolin (optional)

Interact with the circle on the ground in the Iron Golem boss room to be taken to Anor Londo. Once there activate the Bonfire and speak with Darkmoon Knightess leaning against the wall nearby. Then head down the lift and defeat the Gargoyle. You cannot access the bridge yet, so hop over the left side near the lift and run up the buttress here and drop down to enter the chapel through a broken window. Make your way across the rafters and then rotate the bridge with the lever. Then defeat a 2nd Gargoyle.

Next head down the spiral staircase here and make for the HUGE painting in the back of the chapel of the Painted World. Interact with it to be ported there and explore that location. I will add a description in the next section, but for now let’s assume you did that and are continuing on with Anor Londo.

Head back up the spiral staircase and towards Anor Londo’s main gate. Make your way to the right, past the archers and drop down onto the ground and walk inside. Light the Bonfire through the left door and speak with Solaire. Continue on through this area until you come to the roof. Head through the door directly across from you on the left and head down the stairs and aid Siegmeyer in defeating the Silver Knights, then speak to him once again. Then backtrack up to the roof and head through the other door and down those stairs.

Head into one of the doors here that contains 2 Silver Knights and 2 chests and open the door near the chests to give yourself a shortcut to the 2nd Bonfire, then backtrack. Head up into the main area of Anor Londo and head across the way, around the large Knights and Silver Knight archer. Head down the stairs there and speak with the Giant Blacksmith. This is a great time to upgrade to a Lightning Weapon if you wish, as they can be quite powerful. Be sure to open the door outside just near him so you have another shortcut. Then backtrack into the main hall once again.

Defeat the enemies here and open the door using the rotary lever in the corner furthest from the fog gate. Then use the Black Eye Orb to invade Lautrec and gain the Fire Keeper Soul and the Ring of Favor and Protection (FAP). Next enter the fog gate and defeat Ornstein and Smough. Head up the lift, light the Bonfire and speak with Gwynevere to receive the Lordvessel and join the Princess Guard if you wish. You can also kill her, gaining access to the Darkmoon Tomb, but do not have to do so as there is another way in and are ramifications for killing her.

Painted World of Ariamis

  1. Light the Bonfire
  2. Loot the Red Sign Soapstone
  3. Defeat  Xanthous King Jeremiah (invasion)
  4. Loot the Annex Key
  5. Loot the Dark Ember
  6. Defeat Priscilla (optional)

After entering the Painted World light the Bonfire and make your way forward through the courtyard and you will find the Red Sign Soapstone at the top of a nearby tower. When you get to the part where there are many people impaled on wooden spears near a wooden door you can be invaded by Xanthous King Jeremiah if you are not hollow. Then head down the well and locate the Annex Key which will allow you to enter the locked door in the church. Loot the Dark Ember in the Annex and then make your way through the level and either defeat Priscilla or simply jump off the plank.

Darkroot Garden

  1. Purchase the Crest of Artorias
  2. Light Bonfire
  3. Open shortcut
  4. Defeat the Moonlight Butterfly
  5. Loot Watchtower Basement Key
  6. Loot Divine Ember
  7. Speak with Alvina
  8. Join the Forest Hunter Covenant (optional)
  9. Loot Enchanted Ember
  10. Defeat Sif
  11. Loot the Covenant of Artorias (ring)

Assuming you have now completed Anor Londo and have the Lordvessel you can port to certain bonfires within the game. At this point you’ll want to port to the Undead Parish Bonfire and head down the stairs and buy the Crest of Artorias. Then head down the stairs and past the Titanite Demon. Make your way forward until you see a glowing circle in a door. You can use the Crest of Artorias to open this area, but we won’t head in there just yet. Break the Illusory Wall to the left of it and light the Bonfire.

Next head to the right of this door you just opened and follow the path and head through the woods. Up some stairs you’ll face the Moonlight Butterfly boss. Once it is defeated, head up the stairs past it to loot the Divine Ember and Watchtower Basement Key. Then double back to the Bonfire.

At this point you are ready to head through the door you opened with the Crest of Artorias. Be mindful of the NPCs that attack you, as they can hit hard, and this is a hot spot for invasions, so if you summon help prepare to be invaded. Make your way forward and left and speak with Alvina and join the Forest Hunters if you wish. Past Alvina you will find the Enchanted Ember guarded by some Giant Mushrooms, so be sure to pick it up. Then head forward to the big glowing doors and defeat Sif and loot the Covenant of Artorias.

Dark Root Basin

  1. Defeat the Hydra
  2. Unlock shortcut to Undead Burg
  3. Defeat Havel (optional)
  4. Light Bonfire
  5. Unlock shortcut to Valley of the Drakes
  6. Rescue Dusk of Oolicile

From Sif head down the large ladder over on the left-hand side of the woods from where you come out of his boss room. At the bottom is the Hydra which you must defeat in order to rescue Dusk of Oolicile. Be sure to equip the Rusted Iron Ring to make this fight easier!

Once the Hydra is defeated, clear out the Golems and open the watchtower door with the Watchtower Basement Key and defeat Havel if you wish. Then head forward and defeat the Black Knight and Crystal Lizard and light the Bonfire in the cave. Then call the elevator in order to unlock the shortcut to the Valley of the Drakes.

After resting at the Bonfire return to where you fought the Hydra and head to the left in the watery “cave-like” area to find a Golem. Defeat the Golem and then head back to the shore where you fought the Hydra and you should see the summoning sign of Dusk of Oolacile. Summon her and speak with her to gain some loot, as well as make it possible to access the DLC area later in the game.

New Londo Ruins

  1. Acquire Transient Curse or Cursed Weapon
  2. Speak with Blacksmith Rickert of Vinheim
  3. Defeat Crestfallen Warrior
  4. Acquire Fire Keeper Soul
  5. Speak with Ingward and obtain the Key to the Seal
  6. Lower water level using rotary lever
  7. Loot the Very Large Ember
  8. Defeat the Four Kings
  9. Light the Bonfire
  10. Speak with Kaathe (game state dependent)
  11. Join the Darkwraiths (optional and game state dependent)

Once finished in Darkroot Basin port to Firelink Shrine and head down the lift beneath it to New Londo Ruins. You can speak to Rickert here if you wish and by some spells, if you haven’t already. Then defeat the Crestfallen Warrior and make your way across the planks. You will need to use the Transient Curse (or have a Cursed Weapon) item to damage the ghosts here so make sure you have some. You can find some on a corpse in a pot just before the planks or you can purchase some from the Undead Merchant (Female) in the aqueduct above Firelink.

Head right and right again immediately after stepping off the planks to find a Fire Keeper Soul guarded by several Ghosts. Then double back and head up the stairs here and make your way forward to the roof where Ingward is. Speak to him and learn some spells and get the Key to the Seal in order to open the door to the lever that lowers the water. Then make your way through the Ghosts and flip the rotary lever.

Once the water is lowered head back to the very beginning of this area and head right. You will see the water is now much lower in some spots and you can traverse them. Drop down and head into a nearby structure and make your way to the top floor to find the Very Large Ember. Then head to the boss fog and drop down and defeat the Four Kings. Be sure you have the Covenant of Artorias ring equipped or you will die the moment you land!

Once they are defeated, light the Bonfire here and speak with Kaathe if you have not yet placed the Lordvessel beneath Firelink and if you answer YES you can join the Darkwraiths. However, doing so will cause Frampt to disappear forever.

The Duke’s Archives

  1. Light Bonfire
  2. Defeat Crystal Golem and loot Broken Pendant
  3. Get killed by Seath
  4. Light 2nd Bonfire
  5. Loot Archive Tower Cell Key
  6. Deactivate alarm
  7. Loot Archive Prison Extra Key
  8. Loot Archive Tower Giant Door Key
  9. Loot Crystal Ember
  10. Loot the Archive Tower Giant Cell Key
  11. Rescue Big Hat Logan
  12. Defeat Big Hat Logan
  13. Loot Large Magic Ember
  14. Light 3rd Bonfire
  15. Defeat golden Crystal Golem and speak with Sieglinde of Catarina (quest line dependent)

Warp from the Abyss Bonfire to Anor Londo and head left past the 2 large Boars to come to The Duke’s Archives. Head up the lift and light the Bonfire on your left, then defeat the Crystal Golem and loot the Broken Pendant so you have access to the Sanctuary Garden. Then progress until you come to a fog gate in a crystally area where you will be killed by Seath upon entering. You can use a Ring of Sacrifice to prevent the loss of Souls if you wish.

You will reappear after this in a cell, light the Bonfire here, and you will need to kill the guard to your cell through the bars in order to loot the Archive Prison Extra Key.  Use it to open your cell and fight your way down the ramp looting all the cells to find the Archive Prison Extra Key. At the bottom of the ramp you should see Big Hat Logan here behind some bars, but you can’t free him yet. Then head up the ladder, deactivate the alarm and loot the Archive Tower Giant Door Key from the chest. Now head back up the ramp and up the ladder and out of this area.

Make your way through the rest of the Archives before flipping a lever at the bottom of ladder, revealing a shortcut and a 3rd Bonfire. Light it and then head into a library room with a few chests, including a Mimic. Here you will find the Crystal Ember and the Archive Tower Giant Cell Key, which you can use to rescue Big Hat Logan from his cell. After defeating Seath you’ll want to head back and do this and then make your way to the room where Seath killed you to find a hollow Logan and defeat him. Loot the Large Magic Ember from this room.

Last you want to head back the library area, hit the lever inside and make your way outside. Look for the golden Crystal Golem and defeat it to speak with Sigelinde of Catarina. She will only be here if you have progressed Siegward’s quest line as far as it can go, so if you didn’t then skip this part.

Crystal Cave

  1. Defeat several Crystal Lizards
  2. Loot Blue Titanite Slab
  3. Defeat Seath the Scaleless
  4. Cut Seath’s tail (optional)

Head down the hill in the outside area of The Duke’s Archives to come to the Crystal Cave. There are lots of Crystal Lizards here so be sure to kill them to get upgrade materials. Follow the invisible paths and eventually defeat Seath the Scaleless. You can cut his tail to receive the infamous Moonlight Greatsword if you wish.

Demon Ruins

  1. Defeat Ceasesless Discharge
  2. Loot the Chaos Flame Ember
  3. Defeat Knight Kirk
  4. Light Bonfire
  5. Loot Large Flame Ember
  6. Defeat Demon Firesage
  7. Unlock shortcut to Quelaag’s Domain
  8. Defeat Centipede Demon
  9. Cut his arm off to receive Orange Charred Ring (optional)

Port from the Crystal Cave to the Daughter of Chaos Bonfire in Quelaag’s Domain. Head down the path into the Demon Ruins and take on Ceaseless Discharge, who is just down and to the right across the lava. Once you defeat him the lava will recede, allowing you access to the later part of this area. Be sure to loot the Chaos Flame Ember here past all of the Taurus Demons, or come back later and get it once you have the Charred Orange Ring.

Head down the path past the Capra Demon to the first Bonfire, which you can just drop down to. You will be invaded by Knight Kirk on this path if you are in human form. Once the Bonfire is lit, proceed forward and right down the stairs. The large Flame Ember is to the left of the Taurus Demon here and you will have to face another one on the way to it. Make sure you get that, then head back to the boss fog and take on the Demon Firesage.

After you defeat the Demon Firesage, head up the stairs and unlock the shortcut to Quelaag’s Domain, then head all the way down. Here you will happen upon another fog gate which belongs to the Centipede Demon. Defeat him and press onward to the next bonfire to the left of this area. If you cut his arm off you will receive the Orange Charred Ring, making the lava in this area barely hurt you, so you should try to get it.

Lost Izalith

  1. Light the Bonfire
  2. Speak to Solaire
  3. Light hidden Bonfire
  4. Defeat Solaire or open the Chaos Servant shortcut to save him (optional)
  5. Loot the Sunlight Maggot
  6. Speak with Siegmeyer (quest-line dependent)
  7. Loot the Red Titanite Slab
  8. Defeat Knight Kirk
  9. Defeat Bed of Chaos

Light the Bonfire here and speak to Solaire. Make sure you have the Orange Charred Ring equipped and press onward into Lost Izalith. You will come to 2 builds, and the second one contains an Illusory Wall that you can break to reveal another Bonfire. Break the wall and light it. Then head to the hollow looking log nearby and past the stone demons in the area above.

Make your way forward, up some stairs and then right down, a log. Here you can head right past a Titanite Demon and you will find Solaire who you will either have to kill or, if you opened the secret passage by joining the Chaos Servant Covenant and reaching rank 2, he will not be hostile and you can speak with him. Regardless you will either get the Sunlight Maggot helm from him or the red-eyed maggot nearby. This item will make the next two sections of the game much easier, so be sure to get it.

Then double back and speak to Siegmeyer after you fall through the floor in the main area with all the stone demons. Then drop down and loot the Red Titanite Slab from a chest past all the monsters. Head back up and make for the fog gate above, where you will be invaded by Knight Kirk once more if you are in human form. Then defeat Bed of Chaos.


  1. Light Bonfire
  2. Push first lever
  3. Push second lever
  4. Push third lever
  5. Light second bonfire
  6. Join Gravelord Servants Covenant (optional)
  7. Loot the Darkmoon Seance Ring (optional)
  8. Speak with Undead Blacksmith
  9. Light third Bonfire
  10. Defeat Pinwheel and receive the Rite of Kindling.

Port from the Bonfire in Lost Izalith to Firelink Shrine and head down to the cemetery here. Make your way down the stairs along the cliff and past the enemies to the first Bonfire and lever. Light it and push the lever. Then carry onward further into the Catacombs where you will happen upon a second lever eventually so that you can cross a bridge. Inside the area here after the bridge you can find the Darkmoon Seance Ring which will allow you to join the Darkmoon Blades in Anor Londo, and face Dark Sun Gwyndolin if you wish to do so, but you don’t have to loot it.

Press onward until you reach a third lever and you will find a 2nd Bonfire nearby, so light it. You can head into a nearby area to find a Titanite Demon, and you can interact with the coffin near it to join the Gravelord Servants if you wish. Then find the spiral staircase and head down it then drop down to the Undead Blacksmith Vamos. Light the Bonfire here and speak with him, and upgrade any weapons you want to Fire or Chaos. Then head through the hole in the wall and right to face Pinwheel who will give you the Rite of Kindling once defeated, allowing you to Kindle Bonfires to 20 Estus instead of 10.

Tomb of Giants

  1. Light the first Bonfire
  2. Speak with Patches
  3. Inspect item near him
  4. Defeat hollow NPCs
  5. Speak Reah in the pit
  6. Loot the Large Divine Ember
  7. Light the second Bonfire
  8. Defeat Paladin Leeroy
  9. Loot White Titanite Slab
  10. Defeat Gravelord Nito

Climb up the ladder and make your way into the Tomb of  Giants. You will need a light source here so be sure to use the Sunlight Maggot if you haven’t been using it in The Catacombs. Make your way down to the first Bonfire and light it and then speak with Patches and inspect the item near him to get kicked into the pit. Defeat the hollow NPCs here and speak with Reah. Then press on and loot the Large Divine Ember from the room with tons of Skeletons.

Make your way back to Patches and speak to him again before heading to his right, being careful not to fall to your death. Make your way down past the Skeletons to the second Bonfire and then head down the long path out of the darkness. If you are human you will be invaded by Paladin Leroy just as you take a right from this path. Defeat him and then loot the White Titanite Slab from the area with all the Pinwheels and tiny Skeletons. Then defeat Nito.

Sanctuary Garden

  1. Light Bonfire
  2. Defeat Sanctuary Guardian
  3. Cut his tail (optional)

In order to get here from Nito’s room you’ll need to head to where you killed the golden Crystal Golem in Darkroot Basin, to the left of where the Hydra was. There will now be a portal there that will take you to Sanctuary Garden. Once there light the Bonfire and defeat the Sanctuary Guardian, cutting his tail if you wish.

Royal Wood

  1. Speak to Marvelous Chester
  2. Unlock shortcut
  3. Defeat Knight Artorias

You will briefly pass through Oolacile Sanctuary on your way to Royal Wood. Light the Bonfire there and speak with Elizabeth, then press onward. Make your way through the woods and speak to Marvelous Chester near the Artorias boss fog. Activate the elevator near him in order to create a shortcut back to the Oolacile Sanctuary. Then defeat Knight Artorias. You will need to defeat Black Dragon Kalameet here as well but you cannot fight him until you’ve acquired the Crest key in Oolacile Township and have spoken to Hawkeye Gough.

Oolacile Township

  1. Light the Bonfire
  2. Speak with Cirian
  3. Defeat Marvelous Chester
  4. Loot Silver Pendant
  5. Loot Crest Key
  6. Unlock shortcut
  7. Speak with Hawkeye Gough
  8. Defeat Black Dragon Kalameet
  9. Cut his tail (optional)
  10. Light second Bonfire

After defeating Artorias, head to the Bonfire and rest at it and then head back to the arena you fought him in to speak with Cirian. You can trade here Artorias’ Soul for here weapons or you can decline and kill her, or just decline. She will vanish after this so decide now. Then make your way down into Oolacile Township.

There is an Illusory Wall in the Township that is only revealed by using a light source like the Sunlight Maggot. Find it and loot the Silver Pendant which will be instrumental in the Manus boss fight later. You will be invaded by Marvelous Chester while looking for it while in human form. Defeat him, and then head down further to loot the Crest Key and unlock the shortcut back up to the area just after the Bonfire.

Now is a good time to speak to Hawkeye Gough in the tower near where you defeated Artorias, and if you’ve previously been to the canyon where Kalameet tries to burn you alive, Gough will shoot him down so that you can fight him. If not, head there and then speak with Gough. Then head to the canyon and defeat Kalameet. You can cut his tail off to receive the Obsidian Greatsword. Afterwards head back down the shortcut lift and make your way to the next Bonfire.

Chasm of the Abyss

  1. Speak with Alvina
  2. Unlock shortcut
  3. Save Sif (optional)
  4. Loot White Titanite Slab
  5. Defeat Manus

Once here head to the left to find a false floor where you will drop and speak with Alvina. Follow here and rescue Sif if you wish and unlock the shortcut back up to the Royal Wood. Loot the White Titanite Slab on the way to the boss and then defeat Manus. Be sure to equip and use the Silver Pendant against his spells!

Kiln of the First Flame

  1. Place Lordvessel (if you haven’t already)
  2. Farm upgrade materials from the Black Knights
  3. Defeat Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

Once Manus is dead port out and head to Firelink Shrine. If you speak to Frampt he will take you below Firelink where you can put the Souls into the Lordvessel and gain access to the Kiln of the First Flame. This is a great place to farm different Chunks for upgrades, and you should do so until you have everything you need. Then defeat Gwyn when you are ready. Note that defeating him will end the game and that you don’t have an option to not go to NG+, so only do so when you are ready to move to NG+!!!

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