Dark Souls Remaster coming to Switch, PC, PS4 and XBOX One on May 25th 2018

Dark Souls Remaster coming to Switch, PC, PS4 and XBOX One on May 25th 2018

Last updated on March 26th, 2018

We can finally announce that a Dark Souls remaster is coming to Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Steam and Xbox One this year!

Dark Souls Remaster Releasing May 2018

The acclaimed original Dark Souls, set in the land of Lordran and originally released in 2011, will be seeing a release to next generation consoles – coming to Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, PCand Xbox One on May 25th 2018

Bandai Namco has released a trailer for “Dark Souls Remastered”, providing some details on box art. There will be further details on this edition coming soon, but for now you should know that FromSoftware has been working on fixing known issues, bugs and exploits since 2016, with a little help from Fextralife 😉

Clarifying since people get ahead of themselves: We are not confirming different mechanics (besides 6 players) or specifics on the game itself. Bandai Namco says The Dark Souls remaster will not use new assets from dks3.

Original communications on the project cited Dark Souls 3 graphics style revamps, but we have removed their mention to avoid user confusion regarding mechanics. For everyone’s peace of mind, The Official website reads: “We are keeping the game design with its overwhelming sense of accomplishment and maintaining game balance, whilst making adjustments for current generation machines such as graphic optimization and online multiplayer expansion”

  • The remake runs at 1080p on the PS4 and Xbox One with 60 FPS.
  • Native 4k resolution on PC
  • Remaster renders upscaled 4K on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One.
  • The remaster will feature up to 6 player online, like Dark Souls 3.
  • The multiplayer now has dedicated game servers rather than p2p
  • The remaster includes the DLC Artorias of the Abyss 

Developed by FromSoftware Inc., DARK SOULS: REMASTERED allows players to explore the twisted ancient land of Lordran in the first title of the critically acclaimed action role-playing series like never before. Experience the rich world of DARK SOULS in upscaled 4K resolution with 60FPS when playing on a PlayStation 4 Pro system, Xbox One X, and PC.  Also, 1080p resolution with 30FPS is available when playing the game on Nintendo Switch with its TV mode. From their first timid steps to absolute mastery, players will build their characters by strategically adapting to daunting foes, exploring haunting locations, and amassing a large collection of weapons, armour and magic spells to utilise for a truly unique playstyle.

Dark Souls Remaster Trailer & Gallery


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92 comments on “Dark Souls Remaster coming to Switch, PC, PS4 and XBOX One on May 25th 2018”

  1. Melaniipon says:

    OHHHHH. I wish there was cross-platform multi-player. For example, we have a PS4 and PC already, and another friend has a PS4. We’d have to buy a second PS4 for us all to play.

    (For DS1/2 we already had 2 PS3’s, plus my friend’s, so the three of us played together…)

  2. Avatar qeter says:

    i dub thee Khloros bringer of disease and cancer.

    on a side note dks1’s lag stab problem is mainly due to the ludicrous window in which one can activate a back-stab which is compounded by overly large player pool geographic distribution.

  3. Avatar announakis says:

    so stupid question but I am not sure I got this right:

    will the remastered DkS1 be available by itself or do you have to buy the whole package?

  4. Avatar Argetlam350 says:

    By package you mean that Trilogy Edition? In any case, it will be available on its own. Currently that Trilogy Edition is only something for PS4 and exclusive in Japan.

  5. Avatar Lich180 says:

    And also about 500$.

  6. Avatar announakis says:

    damn! This has just seriously awaken trophy hunting vindictiveness!
    I had platinumed DkS back in the days. I have platinumed Bloodborne but I never bothered platinuming DkS3 nor DkS2…
    time to shine on all accounts! (I cannot find any game remotely interesting to play anyways…)

    Am I sick? I have played this game to the limit and I find myself still excited at the prospect of entering Lordran again…
    cannot wait to try punching the Asylum demon to death ^_^

  7. Avatar carlucio says:

    I was super hyped this morning but now I’m worried about poise and invasion mechanics. I just wish From+ Namco would stop fixing things that are not broken.

  8. Avatar lordnoah says:

    same for me i will not preorder this one and wont buy it until i have had enough footage proving ti wasn’t ruined

  9. Nunkuruji says:

    It isn’t likely to satisfy everyone on every single point.

    Regardless of how it is handled, look forward to the revitalization of online activity, and creativity & cunning of fellow players.

  10. Avatar carlucio says:

    Then they should make it as close as possible to the version everyone likes. If Dark Souls 3 poise and matchmaking are introduced into this remaster i will be hugely disappointed.

  11. Avatar Castielle says:

    I think people are getting ahead of themselves. I don’t think there is anyone out there that thinks Scholar of the First Sin is a worse version of Dark Souls 2. They didn’t change the essence of the game, they simply enhanced subtle things that made the game much better in that version. I fully expect Dark Souls Remaster to be the same Dark Souls game it was, just better looking and hopefully subtle things like omni directional rolling.


  12. MiseryPrincess says:

    I reeeally hope they do something other than a graphics boost. Dark Souls 1, as lovely as it was, has some really dated feeling mechanics in it. Some nice fixes would be

    Remove humanities boosting defense. Just give luck and chaos damage. No Sl1 players with SL100 defense.
    Improve the weapon/armor upgrade system to reduce the grind!
    Redo some weapon/armor balance.
    Make it so certain upgrade paths weren’t basically pointless (Raw) or overpowered (Lightning).
    Improve the movesets of the bosses/enemies.
    Make the bosses less exploitable in general (Artorias/Stray Demon/Capra Demon/Manus/every boss/etc/etc/etc/)
    Make it so you can give covenant items in multiples (Godamnit).
    Remove all the instant full heal items (make humanites just give humanities).
    Become human wherever like in DS2 onwards.
    The ability to Respec stats (DS1 is the only series game without that).
    Add more variance to NG+ and NG++.
    Switch up enemy and item positions so it’s not the same game we’ve played a billion tiiimes.

    Then of course

    Make having the pendant and 99 resistance unlock Jar Eel.
    Add the Bear armor finally! (probably the Cleric and other one but pfft, who cares about the non bear armors)
    Incur Sin without people using indictments so people actually get Sin to give the Darkmoons more to do.
    Matchmake on weapon upgrade levels as well as SL. Or at least do something so PvP isn’t 90% people invading SL1 players at the start and then empty other than 3 zones.
    Add the Forbidden Sun pyromancy so you can kill a certain guy with it.

    Then maybe

    No hiding as an offline hollow. :P

  13. Avatar lordnoah says:

    the only thing i dont disagree on this post was giving covenant items in multiples

  14. Avatar qeter says:

    omni directional rolling makes more difference that you seem to think it does. it would be interesting to see the effect that it would have on the original dark souls pvp though.

  15. Avatar KraftyMattKraft says:

    Praise the Sun!

    Hopefully they enhance the textures without changing the geography. The layout of Dark Souls 1 is truly what made it a special game. Yes, Blighttown was a ruiner of fps and the Demon Ruins/Lost Izalith was ugly as sin, but it’s that imperfection that made Dark Souls "perfect."

  16. Avatar qeter says:

    lost izalith is always what comes to mind when i feel nostalgic about dks1.

  17. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I can only imagine my eyes will burn when I walk into Izalith with HDR lighting lol.

  18. Avatar TSMP says:

    Part of Blighttown’s problem was because the textures were too detailed. Fun fact: you can’t actually see most of the details on the textures at console resolutions, which is funny because the game originally came out on consoles and wasn’t ported to PC until a year later. The end result was the game slowing down when trying to load large areas, but with no visible improvement in graphics to make up for it. On the other hand, when people got to play it on PC and figured out how to up the resolution, being able to see all the tiny details made it look like the graphics had magically improved for no explicable reason.

  19. MiseryPrincess says:

    You don’t want the bear armor?!? :P

  20. Avatar BWO_RazrSrorm says:

    Just when I thought I was done they pulled me back in.
    Since they’re adding in more players to the world imo it’s not going to be a remaster.
    Though I wonder what other big changes they’re willing to make.
    Having full fledged weapons would be amazing.

  21. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Actually this is partly why everyone was so confused about my dks3 engine comments. FromSoftware is licensing polygon software to optimize rendering, allowing for much better performance and detailed 3d grahics for backgrounds and areas. They have been using it since Bloodborne, and I think it makes a huge difference to gameplay as it impacts performance.

  22. Shuma_Ryuzen says:

    HELL YEAH! Hope there isn’t a weapon durability issiue like in SOTFS bc of the 60fps

  23. Avatar Sidney_Losstarot says:

    My God….this is absolutely a wonderful news :00011:
    I was hoping to see Demon’s Souls remastered but Dark Souls is good too….
    Can’t wait to play it again on PS4…..
    Now let’s see……Falchion + Sunlight Blade + Elite Knight Set = OP :00012:

  24. Avatar GenericUsername says:

    Yeah. Dark souls was clunky and awkward and that’s how I liked it dammit

    It made it feel… Weighted? It felt ( to me anyway ) like you really had to watch what you were doing. Like you couldn’t just " oh fuck " and cancel out of something without punishment.

    But eh maybe I’m just a rambling old man now.

    I’m fine with shiny new hitboxes and framerates and whatnot but I hope that’s the major brunt of the changes.

  25. Avatar TSMP says:

    Ah, that might make a difference. Pretty cool if they’re outsourcing to fix known problems.

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