Dark Souls III Leaked: Screenshots! (Rumor)

Dark Souls III Leaked: Screenshots! (Rumor)

Last updated on August 5th, 2015

There were many hints that another Dark Souls game may be happening soon. But Souls fans may not have been prepared for how soon that was! With the game’s approach starting to become a subgenre in its own right, and freshly out of Bloodborne, which is still due an expansion… 2016 will bring you Dark Souls III on Xbox One and PS4. *PC is TBD

Allegedly, a leak revealed to  The Know several screenshots and mechanics of the game as follows:

The new setting looks really interesting! What do you all think?


  • 10 classes
  • 45 new enemies
  • 15 new bosses (hmmm, kinda low)
  • 100 new weapons
  • 40 armor sets
  • 60 minutes of cutscenes (ohboy)
  • Enemy and Boss numbers don’t include those from the previous games.
  • Weapon and Armor sets also don’t include those from the previous games.
  • (No idea if that means they won’t be included at all)
  • 200 items, this includes spells, rings and consumables
  • Cutscenes will be mostly inengine.
  • There will be 12 areas, in total it will be a similar amount to Dark Souls 1
  • With the “Sacrifices” you can supposedly use them to help you, two examples were spawning a bonfire and an NPC. They can also effect light sources, enemy layouts and boss battles.
  • Boss battles will now have a “Heat Up” factor. An apparent example given was that a boss could completely change to something else. There is a knightlooking enemy that could turn into a grotesque beast. It’s speculated that this is similar to Demon Soul’s World Tendency mechanic.
  • Dark Souls 3 will introduce “Sword Fighting Arts” They sound like equip able special moves that can give you abilities. Two examples are given: “Rush In” (Dive towards an enemy, taking damage but also delivering massive damage) and “Circle” (Most likely a type of dodge move, it’s described as something to use to when vulnerable and want to get away from the enemy).
  • First boss appears to be some kind of demon water creature, spoopy








Says: “Invade Other World”, Spell: Soul Arrow, Miracle: Ceremonial Flamesword





Share your theories in the comments!


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162 comments on “Dark Souls III Leaked: Screenshots! (Rumor)”

  1. Avatar Back_Lot_Basher says:

    No kidding…I saw some of those shots that looked like Yarnham and thought I had the wrong thread. I don’t really mind. At least it isn’t as bad as Bungie releasing House of Wolves for Destiny and having players run it in reverse. Although I have to admit, I didn’t really notice at first.

  2. Avatar Back_Lot_Basher says:

    I’m on board with this.

  3. ApolloReed says:

    Bump because they just showed a CG trailer for it and confirmed the Early 2016 release at E3. :bounce:

  4. StrikerShane says:

    Should be interesting if Sony has anything, plus anyone else notice the lack of Miyazaki being mentioned at the start?

  5. Avatar TSMP says:

    iirc Miyazaki is head honcho at From Software now, and he accepted the position on the condition that he can still direct and make games. If it says From Software in the credits, it’s probably at least implied to have his oversight.

  6. StrikerShane says:

    Yep scratch that, Miyazaki is directing it, @BandaiNamcoEU just tweeted about it, plus PC!

  7. Avatar HazamaOuroborous says:

    Miyazaki confirmed, and there’s a trailer form E3 up and about ^_^

  8. Avatar NPC_invader says:





  9. Avatar TSMP says:

    I really, really need to know why the player character is ON FIRE in those E3 pictures. Is that his cape burning? In all the pictures it looks like the cape is in mostly the same shape, just constantly on fire a little bit. That’s nifty, but you’d think the cape would eventually burn up entirely.

    The artwork raises several interesting questions. The fifth picture down looks like a hollow turning into something resembling the Four Kings, and it looks like he’s been eating people too judging by that head. I think this might imply that a hollow will eventually turn into this kind of creature if it sticks around long enough. Not to mention how there are a lot of hunched over figures in the trailer and artwork…

  10. Avatar Nefarioc says:

    The first picture in the ‘artwork’ with the fountain is from Demon’s Souls. Right before you free the witch.

  11. Avatar WTFDude says:

    Because he’s Bruce Springsteen :bounce:

  12. Avatar Tenzen says:

    Some world class whining in this thread.

    Ds2 is awesome.

    Ds2 was a much bigger financial success than the first one because it appealed to a broader audience.. It was One of the hardest games ever made.. It was the best game I’ve played in ages.

    FROM and Namco seems to be a good recipe for success..

    If they put out or work on more than one game at a time its because that’s what they do. Whining about it isn’t going to change anything. It takes a small city to create a game.. And they all need to make money or the City goes bankrupt.

    I don’t see how anyone has any legitimate reason to whine about FROM, they produce stellar games across the board without exception.. The best games to ever exist.. Its baseless whimpering, unfounded and unwarranted.

    And you try your best to Press your negativity and whining on everything else around here. DS2 has had no small amount of harm done by the ceaseless and malicious slandering and pissy negativity that oozes throughout these forums, for no other reason than to harm the company, its profits, reputation, hard work, and to make your little pathetic issues every one elses.

    And literally all I hear is pathetic whimpering and whining in these forums.. Give it a few months and you can hate BB as much as DS2, I’m sure of it.

    These forums are intended to be dedicated to these games yet all they’ve become is outlets for illegitimate quasi-grievances that do nothing but bring down the community, the game, and the welfare of the company you could apparently care less about.

    Misery loves company..

    DS2 is one of the best games on planet earth ever to have existed. And DS3 deserves every bit of cred the company has earned without being brought down into your own pit of despair and incessant complaining and crying..

    Its just been announced for ***** sake.. And already you can’t do anything but breed negativity and stew in more senseless pouting..

    Nobody gives a ****

    When DS3 comes out you’re still going to be whining and trying to ruin things for everyone and try to rally support against the game you have some pathetic problem with.. Talking **** so nobody wants to play because you think you’re some kind of supreme game critique who can never be satisfied with the hard work of people who dedicate their lives to creating these amazing games, from the ambiguity of your little sofa…

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