Dark Souls III Leaked: Screenshots! (Rumor)

Dark Souls III Leaked: Screenshots! (Rumor)

Last updated on August 5th, 2015

There were many hints that another Dark Souls game may be happening soon. But Souls fans may not have been prepared for how soon that was! With the game’s approach starting to become a subgenre in its own right, and freshly out of Bloodborne, which is still due an expansion… 2016 will bring you Dark Souls III on Xbox One and PS4. *PC is TBD

Allegedly, a leak revealed to  The Know several screenshots and mechanics of the game as follows:

The new setting looks really interesting! What do you all think?


  • 10 classes
  • 45 new enemies
  • 15 new bosses (hmmm, kinda low)
  • 100 new weapons
  • 40 armor sets
  • 60 minutes of cutscenes (ohboy)
  • Enemy and Boss numbers don’t include those from the previous games.
  • Weapon and Armor sets also don’t include those from the previous games.
  • (No idea if that means they won’t be included at all)
  • 200 items, this includes spells, rings and consumables
  • Cutscenes will be mostly inengine.
  • There will be 12 areas, in total it will be a similar amount to Dark Souls 1
  • With the “Sacrifices” you can supposedly use them to help you, two examples were spawning a bonfire and an NPC. They can also effect light sources, enemy layouts and boss battles.
  • Boss battles will now have a “Heat Up” factor. An apparent example given was that a boss could completely change to something else. There is a knightlooking enemy that could turn into a grotesque beast. It’s speculated that this is similar to Demon Soul’s World Tendency mechanic.
  • Dark Souls 3 will introduce “Sword Fighting Arts” They sound like equip able special moves that can give you abilities. Two examples are given: “Rush In” (Dive towards an enemy, taking damage but also delivering massive damage) and “Circle” (Most likely a type of dodge move, it’s described as something to use to when vulnerable and want to get away from the enemy).
  • First boss appears to be some kind of demon water creature, spoopy








Says: “Invade Other World”, Spell: Soul Arrow, Miracle: Ceremonial Flamesword





Share your theories in the comments!


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162 comments on “Dark Souls III Leaked: Screenshots! (Rumor)”

  1. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:


    Gotta agree with AlbaMeria, it does feel like Dark Souls and Bloodborne had a kid together. Which should be cool.

  2. Plouto777 says:

    It seems to me like a character from demon souls ended up in yharnam.
    Anyway it’s a huge relief for me that there will be 100 weapons, now I’m only worried for pvp.
    My guess is that because in dks2 you could choose a different path, not light nor dark, dks3 will be based on that alternate path.

  3. Avatar ManatuBear says:

    wiki nightmare right there….
    BB was so much more wiki friendly :(

    Edit: I noticed Bloodborne statues in 2 screenshots. Any BB asset belongs to Sony and i don’t think Sony would allow FROM to use them in a multiplat game.

    Edit 2: This Image
    is NOT Bloodborne DLC.
    Its a sheathed sword on his back, and in the middle lower right you can see part of dragon wings. There are no dragons in BB, and they don’t fit BB theme at all for DLC.

  4. chronixskm says:

    I find it odd the UI looks the same as Dks1. Every souls game has a different UI from DeS to Bloodborne. I hope to god this isn’t fake.

  5. Avatar HirokiSugihara says:

    It’s just a placeholder for now, they have done it before

  6. Avatar Iridiumraven says:

    Why is the sun bleeding?
    In the same screen, huge creature looks like musclespiky spider boss…
    Will the primordial serpents appear again?
    Will it be the end of a trilogy and completely close the story?
    Is it set in the very far future, as architecture seems to point out?
    Could those blue transparent swords be the equivalent of blood stains?

    Why is my internet so **** that it took me half hour to post this?

  7. Avatar ElCazador says:

    I think they will release it on PC too… Otherwise, why would they bother to update Dark Souls II to dx11 (SotFS)??

    Dammit, it looks even darker than Dark Souls II… I love it :biggrin:

    Edit: And you can see your character’s backup weapons!!! I was asking for a feature like this…

  8. Avatar HazamaOuroborous says:

    Hmm, looks very much like a cross between Bloodborne’s aesthetics and Dark Souls variety. I am very okay with this.
    I hope this isn’t fake, and I cannot wait to see what creepy goodness FromSoftware cook up :3

  9. Van says:


    Wtf is this? :raised brow:

  10. Avatar FatTiger says:

    This game looks great… I agree with Hiroki, I hope this is not fake. By the way, the picture that ManatuBear posted, the weapon on the Character’s back has a huge resemblance to the Ivory king Ultra greatsword. Unless I have gone mad and I can’t see the weapon correctly… (Lol)

    What ever the case is, the game is probably going to be a hit. Lets hope that the arenas are very cool, probably a step further than Dark souls 2. Oh wait… How about making it very similar to the one from Dark souls 1 whereas it can be King of the Hill or 2 on 2 battles. I kind of got bored of the 1 on 1 battle arenas in Dark souls 2. Which is why I resorted to Iron keep Fight club pvp. :)

    One more thing… I wonder what armor sets they might bring back? The elite knight is a must, Its a classic set!

  11. Plouto777 says:

    Symbol of avarice and desert sorceress top.

  12. Avatar Aim_v_Here says:

    This is not a leak. It’s a coldly calculated step onto the hype train. It’s the same formula they used in Bloodborne, waaaaay back when it was project beast.

  13. goober0331 says:

    What a joke, so now its yearly installments? Have fun when the "Dark Souls Season Pass" comes out. The game is being over-saturated because they know the Soulsborne community will buy whatever has "Souls" in the title, or has Miyazaki at the helm.

  14. Avatar Exalus says:

    giants set


  15. Avatar Aim_v_Here says:

    Yep, and I’ll keep giving them my money. Nothing compares to the games FROM creates. Everything else, quite frankly, just bores me.
    The faster they can churn them out the better.

  16. goober0331 says:

    Have fun being romanticized with the games then, its clear FROM is just interested in milking the consumer as much as possible now.

    BB hasn’t even been out 3 months and we got another game to look forward to lol…..

  17. Avatar Aim_v_Here says:

    ….and this is a bad thing???
    Money is the name of the game man.
    More money = more developers = more content

  18. goober0331 says:

    Lol, why do I even try. Hurray for Call of Duty Souls!

    They might as well announce Bloodborne 2 as well.

  19. Avatar Back_Lot_Basher says:

    At least they’re bringing classes back. If FS had dropped another game as one-dimensional as Bloodborne, I’m afraid I would have passed, or at least waited for a sale. BB left me a little disappointed, and right now I’m more excited about Fallout 4 than this.

  20. Avatar Castielle says:

    Gamers man…Gamers. They are never happy. If they don’t put out games fast enough, not happy. If they are too fast, not happy. If there is DLC, not happy. If there isn’t DLC, not happy. It’s always the same.

    From is hands down the best developer out there when it comes to Action RPGs. I don’t understand why having less time between games is a bad thing? Are you assuming they have the same amount of staff they had 2 years ago and so quality will suffer? Why would you assume that? Dark Souls II was a financial success many times over (as was Bloodborne). Companies expand when they are successful, that’s what they do.

    If I had a new From title to play as soon as I was burnt out on the last one I would be ecstatic.


  21. Avatar Alkaiser says:

    Truth ^^^

  22. Avatar XuitusTheGreat says:

    I hope it has bloodborne atmosphere but same old dark souls mechanics.

    Fast is great but sometimes slow and heavy is equally nice :/ playstyle options and all that fun jazz

  23. Avatar ManatuBear says:

    Have you even stopped to try and think from the developers/publisher perspective before you made that comment?

    FROM makes games, if they made games and fast food, they could make fast food now instead of a new game…
    The company has grown enough to have 2 developing teams and, it seems, a support team for projects made together with other studios (Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village, made with Capcom).
    They released Dks2 HD and BB, they are not like Team ICO that can sit down for 7 years on SotC money, they need to make something else to keep alive and since they don’t self publish in the west, the only thing they can do is what they now best, "souls" games.
    Armored Core is not the current hype, and im sure Namco prefers them working on Souls than AC (from their pool of IPs) they can’t make a new IP because they need either a deal like Sony offered for BB or Namco approval and money.
    They also have a contract with Namco, so even if they do BB and Monster Hunters, they will have eventually to go back to making games for Namco.
    Basically you are complaining that the company is growing.
    The good thing is that they might eventually grow big enough to go independent (or to a bigger publisher), but it is not likely (Since FROM was bought by Kadokawa, and Namco is a big shareholder of Kadokawa).
    Namco obviously wants to milk "souls", what other publisher could they go to? EA, UBI, Activision or Square would milk the franchise even more and i don’t see them going to Sony because they would become exclusive.
    So you either have souls, now on a yearly basis, or Bloodbornes or you have FROM making indies.

  24. Avatar Aim_v_Here says:

    FROM games published by Activision? I shudder to think… :-S:

  25. ApolloReed says:

    I don’t even know what you’re complaining about. More Souls games is a bad thing now?

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