Dark Souls II coming to PS4, Xbox One – All DLC and New Features

Dark Souls II coming to PS4, Xbox One – All DLC and New Features

Namco Bandai has just announced that Dark Souls II will be coming to next-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One in April 2015

New features include 6 players in one session and updated graphics, effects and performance

Hype it!


The announcement

We’re very excited to announce Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin!

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin will be launching in the Americas on April 7, 2015 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC/Steam (DirectX 9/DirectX11)!

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin will include the three previously released DLC packs  – Crown of the Sunken King, Crown of the Old Iron King, and Crown of the ivory King – along with additional features.

All versions of the game will include the following features (Existing Dark Souls II owners will receive a patch to implement these elements):

  • Additional NPCs added for an enhanced story experience.
  • Parameter adjustments for improved game balance.
  • Augmented item descriptions.
  • Improved online matchmaking functionality.

Xbox One, PS4, and DirectX 11 versions of the game will include the following features (in addition to those listed above): 

  • Additional upgrades to graphics, sound, performance.

  • Increase in maximum online players in single session (6 total).


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91 comments on “Dark Souls II coming to PS4, Xbox One – All DLC and New Features”

  1. Tyrant_Belial says:

    As I said, may seem scummy for From

    But Namco. . . Oh man Namco has been becoming massive scumlords lately.

  2. StrikerShane says:

    Damn I wasn’t expected this! Though I am concerned over the whole DX11 upgrade malarkey, some are saying only people in Japan have to pay for the upgrade, everyone else doesn’t. But if that is the case for everyone, then why the hell would a new DX version have to be a separate game? Part of my hopes it’s a translate error, maybe people taking the Japanese press release and thinking its the exact same as America, EU etc. If not, it’s pretty scummy of FROM to charge us full price for the exact same game with only a couple improvements exclusive to the DX11 version. At least that’s how I see it, unless you want to have up to 5 others summoned at once, there’s no point in getting the new one.

    In other news, the moment at 0:58 is definitely new content and is relating to the king’s whom we acquired the crowns of. “One drowned in poison, another succumb to flame and still another slumbers in the realm of ice.” So the fourth one is probably Vendrick, maybe this is his real form? “But there is one man stood […] as you were.”

  3. Avatar ToLazy4Name says:

    Yeah, seems that the PC players are getting shafted. If you’re a PC player but you own a Xbone or PS4, i’d say switch to that instead of staying on PC.

  4. Avatar Serious_Much says:

    I think we all knew this was coming.

    I’m very, very tempted to repurchase on PS4 though just to make most of the upgrade

  5. Avatar Exalus says:

    I think the bigger issue is that there will now be 2 pc communities and you cant move save data from the prior to the newer.

  6. Tyrant_Belial says:

    Ok no I checked this up, PC people are getting thrown under the bus. For the DX11 upgrade and a few other things only in that, you have to rebuy the new version for full price do not pass go do not get entire update. I’m not buying Dark Souls 2 twice on the PC. Specially since I know it will be full price $60.

    Just look at Soul Calibur Lost Swords. it’s 60 bucks for 1 character, 90 for another. Yes, real money.

    Edit: Also DX9 and DX11 versions of the game on PC will use seperate servers.

  7. Avatar ToLazy4Name says:

    And here I thought i’d never pick up Dark Souls 2 again for any substantial amount of time.

  8. Avatar Argetlam350 says:

    What I want to know is does anyone here know what is at the 58 second mark. Someone on the youtube video pointed it out and I can’t think of anywhere in the game where I saw something like it. New DLC incoming or did I miss something in the game amazingly after all the exploring I’ve done in it?

  9. Avatar olavrell says:

    I’ve pretty much stopped playing DkS 2 , but I think I’ll pick this up for the PS4 and start the whole thing fresh again. Unless I get too swallowed up in Bloodborne to care.

  10. Avatar gruntboy116 says:

    I cant wait till this is released hopefully they make it to where you actually have to use your torch in other places besides the gutter.

  11. Tyrant_Belial says:

    Ok good, I read this originally somewhere else, and it DID NOT say it was coming to PC or prev gen. So I thought I was fucked over.

    Luckily the actual site does say it comes to to pc.

    Edit: Wait, First sin. . .Could this. . .first born. . . dlc?

  12. Satan says:

    Why is the release so close to Bloodborne??? And here I thought my new year’s resolution is to play less…

  13. Avatar Castielle says:

    Much jolly cooperation will be had! Praise Next Gen \0/


  14. Avatar gruntboy116 says:

    Dark Souls Re-hype :bounce:

  15. Avatar DarkNoobz says:

    super hype about a free upgrade patch for those who already own the game on 360 and ps3. not sure about 6 player coop, the ganks that will soon be upon us, lol :P

  16. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I’m so hyped! SOOOO HYPEDDD

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