Dark Souls Comedy Memes Part 2

Dark Souls Comedy Memes Part 2

Last updated on July 25th, 2017

Dark Souls is a serious game, but Dark Souls Memes and Comedy Funny images have taken the internet by storm. For anyone who has missed the wonderfully inspired Comedy Page on the wiki! Here are some of my favorites. Part 1 Here

Dark Souls Memes & Comedy Part 2

All images are copyright of their respective authors, some of them unknown. If you know who made each picture, please let us know! 😀

Why are there dragon butts in Izalith?


This explains everything.

Tomb of Giants


Not a Brilliant Idea



The Crossdressing


You know you did it too

The Mimics


I bet the mimics wrote those messages themselves

Those Mushrooms


Extra points if you got pwned by one on a LiveStream!

Puppy Sif


I felt bad every kill.

And last but not least: Patches was here.




If you enjoyed these hilarious images as much as I did, you’ll likely love to Read Part 1 Here. Also may want to check out A Rumored Dark Souls 2 DLC or one of Skare’s trademark humor entries: Perhaps you want to make a Soulslike?


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9 comments on “Dark Souls Comedy Memes Part 2”

  1. WaffleGuy says:


    But seriously, nice find on some of these pictures. Haven’t seen them before! 😛

  2. Cas says:

    Fucking mimics…

  3. Hachouma says:

    Lol’d at the first one
    Nice finds

  4. Emergence says:

    If you speed run ToG that skele dog will stand up and smack your ass as you run by it to the right. I like to look at it as it motivating me to reach new heights of speed.

    1. Riockmert says:

      You don’t even want to know how many times a speedrun failed because of that dog and his skele friends. The necro’s sucks too.

  5. Ahhotep1 says:

    Ok, I am laughing my butt off…well done!! Keep’m coming!

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