Dark Souls Cafe: A Visual Tour of Awesome

Dark Souls Cafe: A Visual Tour of Awesome

Well they’ve gone and done it.  A Dark Souls cafe, and it’s reason one million why I’m furious I don’t have permanent residence in Japan (room for one more Fex?).  For those of us who have to live vicariously through images, what follows is a visual tour courtesy of Dengeki Online:


Don’t forget Dark Souls 2 comes out in March, get your preorders in here!

And check out more Dark Souls content here!



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5 comments on “Dark Souls Cafe: A Visual Tour of Awesome”

  1. Fexelea says:

    Lol great captions! Will take some more pictures when I visit 🙂

  2. I’m fairly confident I will be unable to convince my wife of this vacation destination

  3. AnCapaillMor says:

    I know it’s kinda rude but i can picture people throwing a lloyd’s talismans at the toilets to verify it isn’t it a mimic.

    1. Fexelea says:

      Lol it’s not in the pictures but they actually have “Dung Pies” made out of blackened shumais. lolol

  4. GrinTwist says:

    Really hoping to go here one day, I’ve already looked through some of the food there and I can’t wait to try some of it out.

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