Dark Souls 3 Trophy Guide

Dark Souls 3 Trophy Guide

Now that Dark Souls 3 is upon us, intrepid explorers will be blazing through the world, exploring every nook and cranny of Lothric. For those trophy and achievement hounds, the Soulsborne series has traditionally been a challenging game to complete 100%. As a companion guide to those seeking for perfection, here is a trophy by trophy guide on attaining them all. There will be heavy spoilers ahead so be advised.

Dark Souls 3 Trophy Guide & Roadmap


the_dark_soulThe Dark Soul

Complete all achievements.


to_link_the_first_flameTo Link the First Flame

Reach “To Link the First Flame” ending.

This is the default ending of the game, where after you beat the final boss, Soul of Cinder, the ending can be triggered by activating the final bonfire. Since there is no trophy for the final boss, the boss fight will be detailed here.

Gold Trophy

the_end_of_fireThe End of Fire

Reach “The End of Fire” ending.

This ending is missed if you do not give the fire keeper eyes to the Fire keeper in Firelink Shrine. The eyes are found behind an illusory wall in the Untended Graves area. Refer to the Untended Graves trophy on how to reach this place. The eyes are located where Irina of Carim would be sitting in the real Firelink Shrine. Once you obtain the eyes, give it to the fire keeper. She will hesitate at first but you can compel her to use them. This will open a path for you to either earn this ending or the Linking of Fire ending. After beating the final boss, Soul of Cinder, there will be a summon sign beside the final bonfire. To earn this trophy and ending, summon the fire keeper by interacting the summon sign. You will trigger the Linking of fire ending if you interact with the bonfire instead.

Gold Trophy

the_usurpation_of_fireThe Usurpation of Fire

Reach “The Usurpation of Fire” ending.

This ending is related to multiple npc quest lines such as Anri of Astora, Yoel of Londor, and Yuria of Londor. In order for you to reach this ending Anri has to be kidnapped by the pilgrim hiding as a stone statue using the chameleon spell in Yorshka’s Church bonfire in the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. You can fail to get this ending, if you heal the dark sigil via the fire keeper, kill the pilgrim using chameleon, or get Anri killed when you summon her for boss fights. When npcs die during a boss fight, they are gone forever. After Anri is kidnapped, eventually Yuria will say that the time is right to go meet Anri in the Darkmoon chamber below Anor Londo. You can get here by using the spiral staircase to head down. Talking to the pilgrim will get you the Sword of Avowal key item. Head down the hallway and initiate the cutscene where you stab Anri with the sword and drawing out her dark sigil into you. At this point you are married to Anri, and can initiate the ending by beating the final boss, Soul of Cinder. After the boss fight, interacting with the bonfire will initiate the Usurpation of Fire ending and unlocking the trophy.

Gold Trophy

lords_of_cinder_abyss_watchersLords of Cinder: Abyss Watchers

Defeat the Abyss Watchers, Lords of Cinder.

This boss is part of the story path and is located at the end of the Road of Sacrifices area, beyond the Farron Keep. This is the first Lord of Cinder you will fight, and will probably be the first true challenge in terms of boss fight. Although the boss may seem tough, there are multiple factors in the fight that comes to your aid, and this boss is perfectly fair. He can be backstabbed, and stun locked in both phases, and can be parried and riposted in the first phase. In his second phase he goes ember mode, and all his attacks have fire splash damage added to it. Defeating the boss nets you this trophy, the soul of the Abyss Watchers, and the remains of a Lord of Cinder. You also get access to the Catacombs of Carthus after this fight.

Silver Trophy

lord_of_cinder_yhorm_the_giantLord of Cinder: Yhorm the Giant

Defeat Yhorm the Giant, Lord of Cinder.

This boss is part of the story path and is located at the end of the Profaned Capital area, beyond the Irithyll Dungeon. Yhorm is more of a gimmick boss fight than a real fight, and is a homage to a boss from Demon’s Souls. You will not be doing any kind of significant damage to this boss, and the only way to truly do damage is by using the Stormruler Sword located at Yhorm’s throne. Holding the weapon art button charges the blade with wind, and holding it even longer will charge it a second time. To beat Yhorm you have to charge the sword to its second phase, and while holding the weapon art stance, use the heavy attack to hit Yhorm with a giant gust of wind. This does massive damage to him. Rinse and repeat to beat the boss. In his second phase he goes ember mode and all his attacks have fire splash damage. You can bring Siegward of Catarina into this fight as it is part of his quest line to aid you in your fight. To find out how to get Siegward here, check his quest line here.. Defeating the boss nets you this trophy, the soul of Yhorm the Giant, and the remains of a Lord of Cinder.

Silver Trophy

lord_of_cinder_aldritch_devourer_of_godsLord of Cinder: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

Defeat Aldrich, Devourer of Gods, Lord of Cinder.

This boss is part of the story path and is located at the end of the Anor Londo area in a very memorable location, beyond the spiral bridge in the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. This is probably the 2nd hardest Lord of Cinder you will face, with Lothric Prince being the hardest. The boss has two phases but only one life bar. Aldrich is lethal both when you are close and far away, and is also able to close space by charging at you with his spear. He can teleport to one of the four corners of the room, and if you are anywhere near him while he is teleporting you will take a ton of residual damage. In his second phase he will go ember mode and every time he appears after teleporting, there will be fire surrounding his sides. Also his spear is on fire dealing more damage with his charge attacks. The most lethal move that Aldritch uses is the myriad of arrows that he shoots into the air, which starts raining on you and also tracks you. During his second phase (ember mode), the arrows track you faster and the attack lasts longer. There is a cool event with the boss fight where you can battle Aldrich with Anri of Astora by being summoned to his/her world. You can check his/her quest line here. Defeating the boss nets you this trophy, the soul of Aldritch, and the remains of a Lord of Cinder.

Silver Trophy

lord_of_cinder_lothric_younger_princeLord of Cinder: Lothric, Younger Prince

Defeat Lothric, Younger Prince, Lord of Cinder.

This boss is part of the story path and is located at the end of the Lothric Castle area in a very memorable location, beyond the Grand Archives. This is probably the most difficult Lord of Cinder you will face, as the second phase just becomes a big nuisance. The boss has two phases, two life bars, close range melee attacks, teleporting attacks, and long range homing spell attacks. The first phase of the fight is simple enough, with Lothric teleporting in an out to mix up his melee and long range stream of magic from his sword. Once you take him down, he gets help in the second phase and goes into ember mode. Now when you try to gain any kind of space between you and the boss, you will be hit by homing magic attacks. You will have to take down both life bars of the boss in order for the fight to finish. Defeating the boss nets you this trophy, the soul of Lothric, and the remains of a Lord of Cinder.

Silver Trophy

supreme_weapon_reinforcementSupreme Weapon Reinforcement

Reinforce any weapon to the highest level.

This trophy is missed if you are not actively searching everywhere for upgrade materials. To reinforce a weapon to its max level, you either have to ascend a normal weapon or pyromancy flame to +10. Normal weapons use a combination of titanite shards, large shards, chunks, and one slab. For information on where to find these upgrade materials, you can refer here.

Silver Trophy

master_of_infusionMaster of Infusion

Perform all forms of infusion.

This trophy is missed if you do not give Andre the Blacksmith all the coals that are used to infuse your weapons. Only normal weapons can be used for infusion, whereas rare weapons with special abilities and boss weapons cannot be infused. For more information of how to get all the different coals and infusion stones, you can refer here.

Silver Trophy

master_of_sorceriesMaster of Sorceries

Acquire all sorceries.

This trophy requires you to collect a total of 34 unique sorceries. Spells can be purchased from different npcs, found in the world, transposed from boss souls and some are even tied to npc quest lines. You also have to give Orbeck of Vinheim in Firelink different scrolls to unlock more spells. For information on Orbeck’s questline you can refer here.. For a list of all the scroll and spell locations, you can refer here.

Silver Trophy

master_of_pyromanciesMaster of Pyromancies

Acquire all pyromancies.

This trophy requires you to collect a total of 27 unique pyromancies. They can be purchased from different npcs, found in the world, and transposed from boss souls. You also have to give Cornyx of the Great Swamp and Karla in Firelink different pyromancy tomes to unlock more pyromancies. For information on Conryx’s questline you can refer here.. For information on Karla’s questline you can refer here.. For a list of all the pyromancy tome and pyromancy locations, you can refer here.

Silver Trophy

master_of_miraclesMaster of Miracles

Acquire all miracles.

This is an easily missed trophy, where you need to collect a total of 35 unique miracles. Miracles can be purchased from different npcs, found in the world, transposed from boss souls and some are even tied to npc quest lines. You also have to give Irina of Carim in Firelink different Braille divine tomes to unlock more miracles. For information on Irina’s questline you can refer here.. For a list of all the braille divine tome and miracle locations, you can refer here.

Silver Trophy

master_of_ringsMaster of Rings

Acquire all rings.

There are a total of 107 rings in the game, and they can be found in different game cycles. There are 70 rings in NG, 21 in NG+ and 16 in NG++. Many rings are tied to npc quest lines, bought from npc vendors, and transposed from boss souls (same boss souls needed for spells, miracles, and pyromancies). Lastly some rings can only be obtained as covenant rewards. The rest of the rings are found in the world along with enemies dropping them once you beat them. For a list of all ring locations, you can refer here.

Silver Trophy

master_of_expressionMaster of Expression

Learn all gestures.

This trophy requires you to obtain a total of 33 gestures. Many gestures are tied to npc quest lines, given to you by npc summons, found in the world, and also given to you by certain npc enemies in the world. Some are even linked to certain covenants. For a list of all gesture locations, you can refer here.

Silver Trophy

ultimate_bonfireUltimate Bonfire

Reinforce a bonfire to the highest level.

In order to obtain this trophy you need Undead Bone shards which are found spread around in the world of Dark Souls 3. There are a total of 10 shards, and you have to burn them in the bonfire at Firelink shrine to increase the fire intensity to 10+. The locations of all 10 shards are found here.

Silver Trophy

ultimate_estusUltimate Estus

Reinforce the Estus Flask to the highest level.

To obtain this trophy you have to find a total of 11 estus shards scattered In the world, and bring them to Andre the Blacksmith at Firelink Shrine. He will upgrade your total allotment of Estus flasks. You start with 4 and end with 15. The locations of all 11 shards are found here.

Silver Trophy

covenant_warrior_of_sunlightCovenant: Warrior of Sunlight

Discover Warrior of Sunlight covenant.

You get this trophy by just picking up the covenant medallion which is located in the Undead Settlement. The medallion is located beside some estus soup past the location of Loretta’s bone. Right after the bone there is a huge mob of enemies staring at a large bonfire. You can find an estus shard located here. Past the bonfire to the left is a dark room with a hole, you can drop down to the room with the covenant medallion. This will earn you the trophy.

Bronze Trophy

covenant_way_of_blueCovenant: Way of Blue

Discover Way of Blue covenant.

This trophy can technically be missed even though it might seem like it shouldn’t be. When you first reach the church past all the Lothric Knights in the High Wall of Lothric, you will find Emma High Priestess of Lothric Castle. When you talk to her the first time, she will give you the Small Lothric Banner and instruct you to head down towards the collapsed bridge. Now at this point the conversation ends, and some people might leave. Initiating a conversation for the second time with Emma will yield you the Way of the Blue covenant item. This will unlock the trophy.

Bronze Trophy

covenant_blue_sentinelsCovenant: Blue Sentinels

Discover Blue Sentinels covenant.

This trophy could be missed if you do not interact with Horace the Hushed when you first get to the Road of Sacrifices. At the second bonfire in this area, you will notice both Anri of Astora and Horace standing at the corner. Talking with Anri will progress his/her storyline, and speaking with Horace will get you the Blue Sentinels covenant banner, unlocking this trophy. If you did not speak to Horace here, you can get it from him at Firelink Shrine immediately after you beat the Deacons of the deep if you talked to Anri only at the Halfway Fortress.

Bronze Trophy

covenant_blade_of_the_darkmoonCovenant: Blade of the Darkmoon

Discover Blade of the Darkmoon covenant.

This trophy can be easily missed and is also tied to the quest line of Sirris of the Sunless Realms. You have to first obtain the Darkmoon loyalty gesture from Sirris by going through her quest line. You can find her quest line here. After obtaining the gesture and reaching Anor Londo, head back down the spiral staircase. At the bottom of the staircase there is a hidden invisible path leading to the church tower of Yorshka. With the gesture, you can join the covenant and obtain the trophy.

Bronze Trophy

covenant_rosarias_fingerCovenant: Rosaria’s Fingers

Discover Rosaria’s Fingers covenant.

You can join Rosaria’s covenant by talking to her at the top most section of the Cathedral of the Deep. You can easily miss this trophy by not heading up to the rafters of the Cathedral. To access the rafters, you have to take the elevator to the outside railing section. Once you get on top of the rafters, run past the giant knights with the greatsword and mace, and jump down to a ledge. From the ledge you can drop down to some brown stairs, and head toward a giant door leading to Rosaria. You can also obtain the Red sign soapstone by defeating a staff wielding slug enemy. This trophy is unlocked once you join Rosaria’s covenant.

Bronze Trophy

covenant_mound_makersCovenant: Mound-makers

Discover Mound-makers covenant.

Out of all the covenants, this is the most easily missed covenant in the entire game. You get two chances to join the covenant. The first chance is after you reach the Undead Settlement. After reaching the Dilapidated bridge bonfire, you will be invaded by a purple phantom, Hodrick, if you are in ember form. Beating him will reward you a vertebrae shackle which is a covenant offering item for the Mound Makers. In order to join the covenant, you need to meet and talk to Hodrick below the area where you fight the Curse-rotted Greatwood boss. This must be done before you beat this boss otherwise you will lose this opportunity. To get access to this area below the boss you have to get inside the cage that the giant worker enemies with serrated machetes. This is somewhat difficult as you have to go behind them without making any noise. One of these enemies with a cage is located right beside the body with the Flame stoneplate ring, you can slowly walk behind the enemy and interact with the cage. A cutscene occurs where you will get transported to the location where Hodrick is standing beside the covenant offering area. Talk to him to join the covenant and obtain this trophy. If you were not able to join the covenant with the first chance, you can assist Sirris in her questline to assist her in her fight against Hodrick. You can follow her questline by checking here. Once you help her beat Hodrick, you will obtain the Mound Maker’s Covenant item and you will obtain this trophy.

Bronze Trophy

covenant_watchdogs_of_farromCovenant: Watchdogs of Farron

Discover Watchdogs of Farron covenant.

To obtain this trophy, you have to interact with the Old Wolf of Farron in the Farron Keep. To get to the Old Wolf you have climb a ladder and ascend to top of the bridge located in the middle of the Farron keep area. This ladder is by a bonfire that is located directly in front of the large door with the three unlit lanterns. Once you join the covenant, you will unlock the trophy.

Bronze Trophy

covenant_aldritch_faithfulCovenant: Aldritch Faithful

Discover Aldritch Faithful covenant.

This is another easily missable trophy in the game. This covenant is located in the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, behind an illusory wall past the giants that are laying down on the courtyard. Past the giants are two npc who will fight you. One of them is wielding twin Drang hammers, and the other one is welding twin spears. They both will use human resin to apply dark on their weapons, which significantly increases their damage output and stun lock capabilities. Once you beat them, you’d think it’s over and you can access the covenant. Sadly that was the easy part. Past the npc enemies, inside the building to the left is the illusory wall. Past the illusory wall down the ladder, is a flooded area with two crocodile/dragon enemies. This is a very difficult battle, as fighting just one is tough enough. With two of these monsters, it’s almost impossible to take them on at the same time. You have two possibilities. You can either run to Archdeacon McDonnell, interact with him quickly and gain access to the covenant before you get murdered by these enemies, or you can spend hours fighting them together. If you are just looking to get this trophy, then you can run to the Archdeacon. But if you’re looking to get the platinum trophy for the game, you have to kill both these enemies to get the ring of favor and protection. The best strategy is to apply the Carthus Rouge consumable to your weapon (applies bleed), and use a bow to draw only one enemy at a time. Bleed works really well against these enemies. Either way, once you join the covenant you will obtain the trophy.

Bronze Trophy

untended_gravesUntended Graves

Reach the Untended Graves.

This area is located behind an illusory wall right after the optional boss fight with Oceiros the Consumed King at the end of the Consumed King’s garden. After beating Oceiros you will gain access to an area with a corpse with path of the dragon gesture. Behind the corpse is an unlit lordvessel and a chest. Beyond the chest is the illusory wall leading to the untended graves area. Stepping into this dark area will earn you the trophy.

Bronze Trophy

archdragon_peakArchdragon Peak

Reach Archdragon Peak.

To reach the Archdragon Peak, you need to first obtain the path of the dragon gesture which is located on a corpse, directly after the boss fight with Oceiros the Consumed King at the end of the Consumed King’s garden. With the gesture in your possession, head to the Irithyll dungeon. In the room where Karla is locked in a cell, are multiple witch type enemies that wield a weapon that looks like a branding tool. There is a door that leads to an outside path, with an elevator that acts as a shortcut to the dungeon, and a dragon statue that is performing the path of the dragon gesture. Perform the path of the dragon gesture to the left of the statue and wait for a cutscene that teleports you to Archdragon Peak. This will earn you the trophy.

Bronze Trophy

iudex_gundry_trophyIudex Gundyr

Defeat “Heir of Fire” Iudex Gundyr

Iudex Gundyr is the tutorial boss of the game and can be found at the end of the Cemetery of Ash area. Upon arrival you will notice that a bonfire coil is plunged into the boss keeping him immobile. You have to remove the coil to initiate the fight. There is no other way to progress the story. This boss is fairly simple, and yet more complex than many bosses in souls history. He has one life bar and two phases. He can be parried in both phases, although I would not recommend you try in the second phase. In the first phase he uses is halberd for multiple close up melee attacks, and when you try to move away from him, he will try to perform a jump smash attack. When his life is about half way, he will transform into a grotesque twisted being. This phase is hard because his movements become almost snake like, and his animations become more organic making him unpredictable. Hence I urge you not to try and parry him the second phase. His second phase is extremely weak to fire, so using firebombs picked up in the tutorial area can help tremendously. Beating the boss earns you this trophy and you also receive the Coiled Sword, which is needed to progress the story.

Bronze Trophy

vordt_of_the_boreal_valley_trophyVordt of the Boreal Valley

Defeat Vordt of the Boreal Valley.

Beyond the tutorial area, this is the true first boss of the game. Vordt can be found at the end of the High Wall of Lothric area. He is a fairly simple boss, but a bit more difficult that Iudex Gundyr. The boss arena is a giant area, so there is ample space for you to bait his attacks. Dodge rolling into his center of mass is a good way to confuse him, and deal multiple strike before getting out of that spot. Being a giant enemy, you’d think his attacks are slow. But they are incredibly fast, just like every other enemy in this game. He has a standard vertical smash, a horizontal swipe, and also running variations of these attacks in the first phase. All his attacks cause frostbite and if the frostbite bar fills up, your stamina recovery becomes really slow. At half health he will go into his second phase, signified by an increase in his speed and also the blue glow in his eyes. He will start to charge from one end of the room towards you. This can be easily dodged diagonally to the left. He will also try to breathe a stream of ice to cover the entire room. Hitting him will interrupt his attack. If he succeeds in covering the room with ice, you will build up residual frost condition. Defeating him will earn you this trophy, along with his soul.

Bronze Trophy

curse-rotted_greatwood_trophyCurse-rotted Greatwood

Defeat the Curse-rotted Greatwood.

The Curse-rotted Greatwood is an optional boss located in the Undead Settlement. You don’t necessarily have to kill this boss to progress through the game, but it does drop a very useful item. It has two phases during the fight, and both the arena and dynamic of the fight changes between phases. During the first phase, the boss will be accompanied by multiple hollows. You don’t have to engage with the hollows, and it’s a good idea to ignore their presence as they spawn infinitely. The boss has one weak point during the first phase and it’s the sac of eggs that is located at the bottom of the stalk. Hitting it multiple times should break the sacs, and deal massive damage to the boss. At this point the boss will move into phase two breaking the ground and collapsing the whole arena. Both you and the boss will fall into a pit, and all the hollows will die and stop spawning. During phase two the boss will have sacs in multiple areas (front, back, and two legs), and he will also have a giant creature’s hand protruding out from its body. You will have to break all the sacs, and hit the hand a couple times to kill the boss. Be very careful as the boss can also excrete an orange liquid substance surrounding it, which significantly slows you down. The boss can also jump up and down, roll into you, fall backwards, drop seeds on you, do a 360 degree spin, and it’s hand can try to grab and smash you. Defeating it will earn you this trophy, along with the Greatwood’s soul, and a Transposition kiln. The transposition kiln is given to Ludleth of Courland in Firelink Shrine to transpose boss souls into weapons, spells, miracles, pyromancies, rings, and shields.

Bronze Trophy

crystal_sage_trophyCrystal Sage

Defeat Crystal Sage.

The Crystal Sage is a story related boss that you encounter in the Road of Sacrifices. This boss is directly beside Orbeck of Vinheim, a spell teaching npc. The Crystal Sage is a moderate level boss that has one life bar and two phases. In phase one the boss will spawn at the end of the boss arena, and start casting crystal spells. His attacks include crystal home mass, souls spear, soul barrage (from air), soul stream (tracks on ground), and soul arrow. Once you have dealt some damage, the boss will teleport and you will notice crystals appearing on the field. These crystals indicate where the boss will not appear, so look away from the crystals. As mentioned before the boss will spawn at a corner of the room. Keep hitting the boss till his life is around 50%, moving into phase two. In this phase, whenever the boss teleports, he spawns with 3-4 clones on the field. The clones shoot blue magic, whereas the boss shoots purple crystal magic. All clones die in one hit, so it’s beneficial to destroy them. They do a ton of damage and if you take a barrage of attacks from all angles, you’ll be dead in no time. Keep hitting the boss till he teleports again. Rinse and repeat to beat the boss. Lightning pine resin seemed to be really effective against the boss, so use it to bring him down faster. Defeating him earns you this trophy, The soul of the Crystal Sage, and access to the Cathedral of the Deep.

Bronze Trophy

deacons_of_the_deep_trophyDeacons of the Deep

Defeat the Deacons of the Deep.

Deacons of the Deep are encountered at the end of the Cathedral of the Deep area. This boss is fairly simple if you are aggressive, and becomes increasingly difficult the more passive you are. This is the first true gank boss fight in Dark Soul 3, as there are more than a dozen enemies in the room. The trick to this boss is to always hit the deacon who is glowing red, as he seems to possess the soul of the main deacon. Hitting and killing the others would seem beneficial, but they spawn infinitely. Just be really offensive, and go after the ones that glow red. After killing about 4-5 deacons that are glowing red the main deacon spawns, and the fight shifts to phase two. In this phase, whenever the main deacon is not being attacked he will be holding his staff in the air to build up dark magic in the sky. The others will also try to help speed the attack time. This is the most lethal attack they have, as if it builds up all the way, you will be bombarded with dark magic. You get instantly cursed if you get hit and perish. Hence, always try to hit the main deacon to stop him from doing this attack. A giant weapon that can hit in a horizontal sweep motion is very effective for this fight and is recommended. Beating this boss nets you this trophy, the soul of the Deacons, and the small doll which is needed to progress the story.

Bronze Trophy

high_lord_wolnir_trophyHigh Lord Wolnir

Defeat High Lord Wolnir.

High Lord Wolnir is encountered at the end of the Catacombs of Carthus past the bridge that collapses and acts as a ladder towards the Smouldering Lake. Just like Yhorm, Wolnir is another gimmick boss fight, but he is more lethal than Yhorm. To initiate the boss fight you have to interact with the skull in the middle of the room. This initiates a cutscene and you will end up in dark room with an item in the middle of the room. Picking this item up initiates the boss fight, and Wolnir will be revealed. Hitting his skeletal body does not do much damage, and the only weak points are the glowing golden bangles on both his arms. You don’t want to get too close to his center of mass, as he is constantly surrounded by a dark blue fog that will drain your life quickly if you are caught in it. He can also spray more fog in front of him from his mouth. You should run away to safety and let it clear up before attacking him again. He also has a standard horizontal arm sweep, and vertical ground smashes. After about 8-10 hits on the bangle, it will break dealing massive damage to Wolnir. At this point he will a couple new moves including summoning skeletons to fight alongside him, summoning a sword to hit you with, and an AOE that will break the sword. In between all this you should be trying to hit his bangles to break them and dodge away while he attacks. Rinse and repeat to break all 3 bangles to defeat the boss. Beating him earns you the trophy, the soul of Wolnir, Dark pyromancy tome at the corner of the room (if you didn’t pick it up during the boss fight), and access to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

Bronze Trophy

pontiff_sulyvahn_trophyPontiff Sulyvahn

Defeat Pontiff Sulyvahn.

Pontiff Sulyvahn is located in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, and is going to be the hardest challenge yet. This is the first boss that will make you rage at the game, make you feel like you don’t have enough health or stamina, and also remind you of bosses similar to Bloodborne. The reason I make a comparison to Bloodborne, is because this boss attacks in a continuous barrage of attacks and rarely gives you a break. He is incredibly fast, and has combos that can lead to 6-7 hits. If you don’t have enough stamina, you will get guard broken and decimated by this boss. Sulyvahn has one life bar, two phases, and can be setup parried (with extreme timing). During phase one he is extremely aggressive and will always initiate attacks. He has multiple combos close up, leading to a poke with his sword. The poke is a signal that he is not done, as his pokes can always combo into more hit strings or lead into a sword smash ending the combo. The hard part is you cannot really predict when he will sword smash, so always stay on guard and dodge away from him. This boss is really difficult because he doesn’t leave you too much window for you to attack him, as generally if you hit him once he will start attacking. The best strategy I had was to stay close to him with my shield up, and try to setup parry his second sword swipe. This is extremely dangerous and hard to time, as if you miss the parry you will generally be caught in his combo. The best part about his boss fight is that he has fair health, complementing the fact that he is extremely difficult. Once you reduce his health to about 50%, he will do a small AOE and grow ethereal wings on his back. During the second phase he is a bit more passive, and I would suggest not to try and parry him, as he does more jumping attacks. He will also produce a purple clone that will fight alongside him. Both Sulyvahn and his clone will try to jump and smash you with their swords. This can be dodged and leaves you with a giant window to attack and deal some damage. Lastly he has a jump attack that produces a giant fiery AOE explosion, along with his clone leading to two explosions that are slightly delayed. If you take his clone out, he will move away from you to try and make another one. This gives you more time to attack him. Bleed works extremely well here in the second phase as he is a bit more passive.

Bronze Trophy

dancer_of_the_boreal_valley_trophyDancer of the Boreal Valley

Defeat Dancer of the Boreal Valley.

The Dancer is located in the High Wall of Lothric, and you will fight her immediately after you have killed the Lords of Cinders Abysswatchers, Aldritch the Devourer of Gods, and Yhorm the Giant. You will teleport after you kill the 3rd Lord of Cinder, to the location of Emma, High priestess of Lothric Castle. She will give you the Basin of Vows and perish. At this point I would suggest homeward boning to Firelink and spending all your souls. If you don’t leave and instead walk forward towards the statue, you will immediately be greeted by the Dancer of the Boreal Valley. She has a lot more health than all the bosses you’ve encountered so far, and it seems to be a theme for the rest of the game. The Dancer is a tough boss to describe, as her movements are jarring and unpredictable. She moves in a snake like motion and her attacks are also purposefully delayed, leading to moments where you roll into her attacks rather than away from them. During phase one she will use her fire sword, and do standard sword attacks. She has a vertical sword smash that also is a small fiery explosion, and variations to her horizontal sweeps. She can also jump smash you if you move away from her, and can grab you if you are too close to her. Her grabs do the most damage, so it’s best to avoid them. When her life is around 50%, she will do a ethereal AOE and bring out her second sword that does magic damage. At this point all her standard moves will be followed up by her second sword. She also does an uppercut with both her swords, and she will do a 360 degree sword scrape on the ground around her with both her swords. Lastly her most deadly move in this phase is the spinning sword slashes that can last around 8-10 spins. If you get caught in it, you are certainly going to die. As with most humanoid enemies, bleed is really effective against this boss. Beating her earns you this trophy, along with the Dancer’s soul, and access into Lothric Castle.

Bronze Trophy

dragonslayer_armour_trophyDragonslayer Armour

Defeat Dragonslayer Armour.

This boss is located in Lothric Castle, and guards the entrance to the Grand Archives. When you first walk into the boss arena, multiple giant deprived looking butterflies fly into the air. Do not get distracted by these enemies, as the real boss comes charging towards you. The Dragonslayer Armour is a combination of Ornstein and Havel. This boss has a lightning axe and a giant spiral shield. Unlike Ornstein he will guard a lot, and unlike Havel this boss is really fast. This boss is a fun and challenging boss, and is moderately fair. He does have the capability to instantly kill you with his axe uppercut, and can push you off the bridge and kill you with gravity, your worst enemy in this game. This boss has can charge at you and do a jumping smash, and can follow that up with shield bashes. When you get his health to around 30% he will drop to his knees. You can hit him a couple times, but I suggest moving away as he will send a shockwave and del some massive damage. During certain parts in the fight, he will charge his axe with lightning and smash the axe into the ground. If you are in front of the smash you will instantly get killed or be close to death. The shockwave can also knock you off the bridge. At half health he will get faster, the frequency of his attacks increase. The butterfly enemies will also shoot red orbs at you doing a lot of damage. Lastly they can shoot a laser beam onto the bridge, which will trigger pillars of flames along the path of the beam. Always pay attention to background sounds as you can tell when they are about to attack. Bleed is moderately effective against this boss, though I would suggest buffing you weapon with magic.

Bronze Trophy

old_demon_king_trophyOld Demon King

Defeat Old Demon King.

The Old Demon King is an optional boss located in the Smouldering Lake past the giant worm enemy. To get access to the Smouldering Lake, you have to collapse the bridge leading to High Lord Wolnir in the Catacombs of Carthus. The collapsed bridge will act as a ladder leading down to the Smouldering Lake. The Old Demon King is just a buffed up version of the Fire Demons you encounter in the game. He doesn’t necessarily have phases to his fight, as he is able to perform all his attacks from the start. He has standard club attacks, such as vertical smashes, ground pound, and horizontal swipes. The Old Demon King can also spit fire below him covering a radius of 4-5 metres, and at you directly as a stream. He can also perform the pyromancy combustion when you are close and directly in front of him, summon flaming meteors, and surround himself with a ring of fire that goes in and out from him. Lastly when is health is around 20-25%, he will do a giant AOE explosion as a final resort. If you are caught in it you will most likely die, or be close to death. He will be kneeling down on the ground exhausted. Use this chance to finish him before he regains his strength. Bleed and Poison are pretty effective in this fight. Beating the boss earns you this trophy, along with The Old Demon King’s soul.

Bronze Trophy

oceiros_the_consumed_king_trophyOceiros, the Consumed King

Defeat Oceiros, the Consumed King.

Oceiros is an optional boss located in the Consumed King’s garden to the left of the ladder you climb right after the boss fight with the Dancer of the Frigid Valley. This is another Bloodborne type boss that can attack really fast, has one life bar, and two phases. This is also the only boss in the game that continuously talks to you and gives exposition while you fight him. Oceiros is a dragon type enemy who uses a staff during his first phase, and then ditches the staff in the second phase and starts to crawl. During his first phase he will shoot spells at you using his staff, jump smash you with his staff causing ice to form around him, and do vertical and horizontal sweeps. When ice surrounds him, you will take residual damage so you should move away from him till the ice disappears. Once you get his health to 50% he will shift into phase two where he starts crawling. He becomes really fast, aggressive, and starts charging at you when you are too far. Oceiros starts to spam the charge move a lot, and does a 360 degree tail spin move when you get too close. He also can jump and fly in the air breathing ice all over, and breathe ice when he is on the ground. The ground ice breath can be interrupted by hitting him. What make this fight difficult it the terrain in which you fight him. It’s too small to contain a large enemy like Ocerios, with his immense speed. Beating him earns you this trophy, along with the Soul of Oceiros, and access to the Illusory wall that is hiding the path to the Untended Graves.

Bronze Trophy

champion_gundyr_trophyChampion Gundyr

Defeat Champion Gundyr.

This boss is located at the end of the Untended Graves area, beyond the Consumed King’s garden. This is an optional area that houses the secret to obtaining the End of Fire ending. Refer to the Untended Graves trophy for information on how to get here. Champion Gundyr is a considerably harder fight compared to the tutorial boss, Iudex Gundyr. Most of his moves are similar to Iudex Gundyr’s first phase, but Champion Gundyr has added combos to his attacks. Most notable one is the kick he does at the end of combos or the uppercut combo into a mid-air kick. You can still parry him in both phases of the fight, though there are less chances to parry him in the second phase due to his increased speed and aggression. During phase two his eyes start to glow red, and aggressively seeks you out during the rest of the fight. He usually tries to shoulder barge into you to start a combo, or pokes you with his halberd leading to a different combo. His combos become longer, leading to instances where you can’t tell when he is about to finish so you could safely heal. If you stay too close to him for a long time, he will kick you out of nowhere. The boss is really challenging if you are very aggressive yourself, as he will punish you many times during the fight. Bleed does work on him if you are being aggressive, but it’s hard to pull it off safely due to his increased aggressiveness in phase two.
Beating him nets you this trophy, along with the Soul of Champion Gundyr.

Bronze Trophy

ancient_wyvern_trophyAncient Wyvern

Defeat Ancient Wyvern.

This boss fight is located in the optional area, Archdragon Peak. Refer to the Archdragon Peak trophy for information on how to get there.
The Ancient Wyvern is another gimmick boss fight akin to Yhorm the Giant, where your damage output on the boss is very negligible. The only way to kill the boss is to run past it, traverse the area, climb the ladder to the railings, and drop down to a location made of stone right above his head. At this point when his head is not moving you have to drop down and perform a plunging attack on his head, instantly killing him in the process. If you miss you will instantly die, even if you have the silver cat ring equipped or the spook spell active. Killing the wyvern earns you this trophy, and gives you access to the next area in the Archdragon Peak.

Bronze Trophy

the_nameless_king_trophyThe Nameless King

Defeat Nameless King.

The Nameless King is an optional boss fight located in the Archdragon Peak. Refer to the Archdragon Peak trophy for information on how to reach this place. This boss is probably the hardest and coolest looking boss in the game, having two phases, and two life bars. This fight reminds you of Ornstein and Smough in many ways. During the first phase the Nameless King is riding the King of Storms, a giant dragon, and the fight is taking place in mid-air on some clouds (you cannot die to gravity). In this phase the dragon will occasionally fly around, while the Nameless King hurls lightning at you. The dragon will try to land beside you, which is followed by a smash from the Nameless King’s Lightning spear. When on ground the dragon breathe fire from left to right, or breathe it on you vertically just like the Ancient Dragon in Dark Souls 2. The dragon can also whip up a gust of wind at you, and lastly the Nameless King can swipe his spear horizontally and smash you vertically causing a lightning shockwave. Once you bring the kill the King of Storms (dragon), a cutscene occurs where the Nameless King pierces the dragon with his spear. This leads into phase two with the fight between you and the Nameless King directly. This is the phase that makes him the hardest boss in the game. His arsenal includes, standard melee attacks such as horizontal and vertical swipes, dashing pokes, jumping smash, lightning smash, hurling lighting and gusts of wind at you, and also has a deadly grab with his spear that can instantly kill you. The most difficult part about this fight is that you get maybe one or two hits in between his combos before he starts the combos again. When his health reaches around 50% he will drop to his knees. You can either visceral him or keep attacking him. He will release a shockwave and become ever faster for the last half of the fight. I don’t think he can be parried and its highly recommended that you don’t try to unless you have high Vigor or lightning defense. Beating him earns you this trophy, and the Soul of the Nameless King.

Bronze Trophy


Light a bonfire flame for the first time.

After you get through the initial tutorial area with all the hollows and Maneater Crystal lizard, there is a bonfire located before the tutorial boss, Iudex Gundyr. Lighting the bonfire nets you this trophy, and sitting at your first bonfire will also get you the rest gesture needed for the Master of Expression trophy.

Bronze Trophy

embrace_the_flameEmbrace the Flame

Become a Host of Embers for the first time.

This is a story related trophy and is obtained by beating any boss in the game. Each boss in the game is referred to as a Host of Ember. Claiming a victory over any boss will restore you to ember form, which works like restoring your humanity in Dark Souls 1. You will shortly unlock this after beating the tutorial boss, Iudex Gundyr, in the Cemetery of Ash along with the Iudex Gundyr trophy.

Bronze Trophy

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12 comments on “Dark Souls 3 Trophy Guide”

  1. Anonymous says:

    For Ring, sorceries, pyromancies and miracle trophies… the items to earn the trophy should be keept by the same character?
    For example, to earn master of miracles, all miracles should be in the same character account or they can be split into several characters?

  2. Avatar Brandon_Miller says:

    I ended up having to beat the game a fourth time to get the platinum because I killed the Fire Keeper in the ending where you summon her. It made it so that I didn’t get the second ending trophy.

  3. Achtpuntzes says:

    for some reason i dont care about the 100% trophy. i only want things i actually use. if i ever reach it, it by accident, and not by purpose.

  4. Avatar ElvesRule says:

    Absolutely you do. While you can get some trophies, like viewing a particular ending, or finding a covenant, over any number of characters, all “Master of.,,” trophies only count requisite items on a single character. This has been true in all Souls games.

    You must take it to NG+ to get Master of Expressions, due to conflicting quest lines. You must make it all the way to the Archives in NG2 to get Master of Rings and find out the hard way like I did that no, you can’t skip Lord fights and just pick up rings in the area. Or you could be in NG and have someone drop them all to you ;)

    I buckled down and got my plat a couple weeks ago and some of the trophies were an unforgiveble grind. It was much easier to plat DS2 and SotFS.

  5. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Yes I believe so.

  6. Anonymous says:

    When it comes to the collection of rings, spells, etc.; do I need to get all of these items on a character for it to count?

  7. Avatar Emergence says:

    Ok I’ve edited in all the corrections mentioned in this thread. Thanks for everyone’s collaboration on this!

  8. Viverra says:

    There is a slight typo in the Master of Rings trophy it says that there are 71 rings in ng its actually only 70 and there are 21 rings in ng+, I was sitting here with a buddy wracking our brains as to why we were missing one ring for ng, but then i finally sat down and counted the rings on the rings page and there was just that slight typo.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m only seeing 70 rings in NG for the trophy, does anyone know what the 71st ring is?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to point out that you can still join Blue Sentinels if you miss Horace the first time. You can get it from him at Fire Link immediately after you beat the Deacons of the deep if you talked to Anri it the Halfway Fortrees.

  11. rubhen925 says:

    Hmm, I will edit that out quickly. My mistake… Sorry about that

  12. Anonymous says:

    “Supreme Weapon Reinforcement” Must be +10, only a weapon at +10 (weapon or pyromancy flame), the special weapons at +5 wont trigger the trophy.

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