Dark Souls 3 Releases Today in Japan

Dark Souls 3 Releases Today in Japan

Ohayou! In case you have managed to miss the hype train, Dark Souls 3 is out today in the Land of the Rising Sun! We were there on launch with a livestream on our YouTube Channel and will continue to stream every night at 6 PM PST. Check out the opening stream below, spoilers beware:

For those braving the land of Lothric in Japanese, the Dark Souls 3 Wiki is filling up by the minute with a lot of content so give it a visit and share what you’ve discovered with the community! There is already a lot of info related to Weapons, Armor, Items, Upgrades, NPCs, Bosses, Covenants and so much more! If you’re playing in Japanese and are confused check out our Japanese Version Help page. If you’re able to read Japanese, the Dark Souls 3 Japanese Wiki is another great resource for players out there!

For players holding out for the western release on April 12th, there are still 5 days left to enter our Dark Souls 3 Giveaway, which can be entered via the wiki’s homepage. There are consoles and games to be won so don’t delay or you’ll miss the bus!

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Keep checking back with us here and on the Dark Souls 3 Wiki for all the latest and greatest on Dark Souls 3!


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One comment on “Dark Souls 3 Releases Today in Japan”

  1. ChocoboRRR says:

    Hopefully Gladiator become viable in pvp, seeing one of the boss using proper way of 2 handed poleaxe. Unlike previous version where they just slapped typical moveset.

    It’s my kind favorite as I like mopping players aoe very fast in Aion.

    Though 2 handed wearing while near the and forward overhead/low forward strike it could use irregular parry on metal poll that works against light attack aside cancelling to quick poke.

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