Dark Souls 3 New Update Incoming this Friday!

Dark Souls 3 New Update Incoming this Friday!

An upcoming update for Dark Souls 3 is scheduled to be released this Friday, August 25, 2017 via the Japanese Dark Souls website. The exact times for the update will be revealed at a later time. Read on for more details below, or visit the Dark Souls 3 Patches page on the wiki to find historical changes.

Dark Souls 3 Version 1.15 Update

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of From Software.
In DARK SOULS III (PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Windows) We plan to distribute a new update file to update the program.

Date and time:
Scheduled: Friday, August 25, 2017

Target platform:
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

Major modifications and items to be adjusted:

  • Fixed a problem that allowed invading hosts mid-boss battle by performing specific operations
  • Change of name and description of magic “Pestilent mercury

Temporary server maintenance will be carried out following the application of this update file.

After applying this latest update file, each version notation at the upper left of the title screen is as follows:
App Ver 1.15
Regulation Ver 1.35

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15 comments on “Dark Souls 3 New Update Incoming this Friday!”

  1. Avatar TSMP says:

    Wow, they’re still at this? I’m surprised.

    Changing the name and description of Pestilent Mercury…? How incredibly odd. That’s, like, changing its entire lore and place in the story. I don’t see why they would do that, unless they were also trying to change its effect to something new and wanted a name/description that was more suitable…

    Putting my money on "Dark Fog" making a surprise comeback.

  2. Avatar Fexelea says:

    The Japanese name is "Lethal or Deadly". I’m not sure if they are changing both language versions. Interesting either way…

  3. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    My money’s on it being renamed to "Midir’s Bane"

  4. Avatar TSMP says:

    Is that like "Silent but Deadly"? The current description does emphasize its, shall we say… stealthy nature.

  5. Avatar Rizen says:

    i wish they’d add a targeting feature for free aiming spells.

  6. Jet1337 says:

    Lmao, what a sh***y patch. I’m thankful they aren’t fixing the buffing glitch.

  7. buzmavisi says:

    We don’t know that for sure yet. But I hope so too.

  8. Avatar Grehym_Blak says:

    Finally something worth comment/discussion but for real. in ref to PM name change, I sense white birch bow funny business. totes needs to be "Midir’s Bane" :00009: How the hell is force buffing not being patched?

    Side note: shame on me for ever voting anything other than Dark Souls as favorite install. I’ve been rediscovering Lordran recently, and :big hug: DS3 :rip:

  9. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    I’m actually mostly serious. They started poking fun at fan behaviors with descriptions in DS2, including what I’m convinced was a veiled insult directed at a prominent Dark Souls community member with one item.

    DS3 continued this trend, and actually took the insulting item’s description up a notch.

    A few examples for anyone interested:
    Dark 2 –
    Bone of Order: "You will be punished for fleeing from other worlds by disconnecting unjustly." Not really picking on players, but an item created to address a problem exhibited by players, and letting the reader know in no uncertain terms with the full description what From thinks of people whining about their online system.

    Elizabeth Mushroom: "It's thought her great virtue was matched only by her sublime beauty." Best guess is a reference to all the smart*** orange signs dropped in front of her

    Green Blossom: "At one point, this herb was avoided due to its uniquely bitter taste, but once its effects became known, it was harvested to near extinction by merchants." Reference to the fact that basically no PvP match was without green leaf dependence

    Dark 3 –
    Green Blossom: "The Undead Legion of Farron are remembered for using this annual plant, normally found near clear water, to swing their mighty swords with abandon." Now the reference is even more specific to tie the historical use to Darkroot where the gank squads and forest hunters were definitely some of the worst offenders of leaf dependence

    Dung Pie: "Perhaps some Undead have fond memories of waste." Possible reference to the short term popularity of **** tossing

    There's a few more that stood out if I recall correctly, and I didn't include the item that comes across to me as a direct insult at a community member. It definitely feels like they have no issue responding to how things are used by the player base and turning it into "lore."

  10. Nunkuruji says:

    I read this as:

    Tongues of crapbag blueberries who prefer to invade downwards in level, or with a guaranteed gang-up, while claiming righteousness in fighting evil meanie reds.

  11. Jet1337 says:

    I don’t see how those descriptions are poking fun. If From was, they should work on their comedy skills.

  12. ckmishn says:

    Got bored about 2/3 of the way through DS3. At least with a new HTPC coming and 4K TV inbound as well the graphics might look a little better. Maybe I’ll pick up all the DLC at the next Steam sale if the price is right.

  13. Avatar Rizen says:

    the dlc’s worth it, especially if you buy them bundled. tbh i got bored with ds3 a while ago and moved on to other games.

  14. Avatar announakis says:

    what is seriously worrying (even for someone who does not play the game anymore) is that they actually do not plan to fix the force buff glitch abused by everyone but they want to kill the boss invasion instead of making a feature out of it under certain conditions (like a covenant dedicated to it for example).
    FROM develops my favourite games by they never fail to shit the bed when it comes to multiplayer features of their games sadly.

  15. Jet1337 says:

    They fixed the buff glitch without mentioning it in the patch notes.

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