Dark Souls 3 Data Miner Discovers Possible Cut PvP Mode

Dark Souls 3 Data Miner Discovers Possible Cut PvP Mode

Last updated on October 16th, 2018

A data miner has uncovered some secrets to the alpha build of Dark Souls 3 revealing that some sort of PvP event may have been a feature at one point. In a recent Youtube video data miner by the name of Lance McDonald, shares a few things that never made it to the released version of Dark Souls 3.

Dark Souls 3 Data Miner Discovers Possible Cut PvP Mode

One of the most interesting features is a special event where groups of players could be summoned at one time to create a brawl PvP event. This is the same data miner that uncovered that Bloodborne had a boss rush mode that was taken out before it’s official launch. McDonald has now started focusing on Dark Souls 3, in particular on the High Wall of Lothric. It is an area of the game where you can have a view of the city and is protected by a fire-breathing Lorthic Wyvern. However, once upon a time in an alpha build the wall was a playable part of the game.

Through data mining the High Wall of Lorthic can be accessed as a playable area

The alpha does not look too dissimilar to the final version of the game, but he does explore the “Moonlight Ceremony” an event he was able to materialise using a combination of unusual items that were buried deep in the code of the alpha build. These items included: the Ceremony Sword of Darkness, the Ceremony Sword of Flame and the Ceremony Sword Battle Royale Eclipse.

Sword of Darkness

While the items in-game could not perform the necessary ceremony to access the event, McDonald was able to alter some code in order to make it possible. It leads him to a game data file labelled “Moonlight Ceremony”. The Sword of Darkness would take the player to this area of the wall where a new playable part of the game would play out.

Sword of Flame

The Sword of Flame reads “When used, invade a world that has been enveloped in darkness.” So in theory using this sword would initiate a ceremony and other players could then invade that same instance and a PvP battle would ensue.

Sword of Flame item reads: “When used, invade a world that has been enveloped in darkness.”

Sword Battle Royal Eclipse

Battle Royale is term previously used in Japanese Dark Souls versions in the past as a way to describe multiplayer arean mode. This PvP mode would have been accessible by using the Sword Battle Royal Eclipse and would have been a larger scale battle.

While it’s not possible for McDonald to go online and test out the actual PvP mode, there is a lot unknown in terms how far FromSoftware got before scrapping this mode. But we do get to see a live walkthrough version of Lorthic which was only previously leaked through a few screenshots.

Check out the video below for the alpha gameplay:

How McDonald managed to discover the Moonlight Ceremony is not revealed in the video but he promised to share more of his findings in another video.

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  1. Jet1337 says:

    I don’t even think the mechanics of the game would allow for a BR mode. That means that there would be a limit to invading through that method and what does that mean if the last person standing is an invader? Do they get to keep playing in that instance or do they go back to their world? If it’s the latter, it’s pointless because that’s how fight clubs work anyway. The way a BR would work would be interesting because the game would have to transfer host repeatedly. I don’t think games can do that on the fly. Not any game I’m aware of anyway.

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