Dark Souls 3: Alpha Ocelotte & Oceiros

Dark Souls 3: Alpha Ocelotte & Oceiros

In this article, I will take a look at one of the most fascinating characters from the Dark Souls series – Oceiros, from Dark Souls 3. I’ll also look at Ocelotte, his son. In particular, I’ll show a cut scene from the alpha version of Dark Souls 3.

Oceiros an Ocelotte: Cut scene analysis

Since the introduction of Dark Souls 3, players have been fascinated by Oceiros. His appearance reminds players of Ebrietas from Bloodborne with the tube sponge-like appendages growing running down his back. Players are reminded of Seathe the Scaleless and Big Hat Logan from the pale skin and crystal magic respectively.

However, the most puzzling thing about him is what’s he is holding or not holding. Oceiros cradles something that should have been there. If you combine his dialogue with the crying baby sound effects, its seems to be his son, Ocelotte.

“Where have you gone? Are you hiding from me?
You were born a child of dragons, what could you possibly fear?
My dear, little Ocelotte.”

There has been other players who have dug into the files of the game and found a model of a baby that was suppose to be in his arms during the fight. Recently, Lance McDonald was able to recreate Oceiros‘ and Ocelotte’s alpha models. Ocelotte’s model was edited to make him invisible before the final version of Dark Souls 3 was released.

Oceiros‘ introduction cutscene has some different camera angles but for the most part his fight is the same as the final version. Oceiros still crushes Ocelotte when he enters his second stage during the fight with a loud squish sound effect.

Ocelotte’s body appears to be a small infant with a scar near the chest. There is a flower like dragon scale shell covering his lower half. This could be a censorship aesthetic choice or merely to drive home the point that he was born of dragon. It is unsure if this would have been the final version of Ocelotte before the development team decided to make him invisible.

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