Dark Souls 2: Setup Parry Guide

Dark Souls 2: Setup Parry Guide

I have already made 2 video guides for parrying, but since so many people requested me about tips on how to setup parry, I decided to do a separate guide on how to setup parry various attack chains from blocking.

Not all weapons in the game are featured here, but since many weapons share the same move-sets, you should be able to use these timings against similar weapons.

In this guide I explain which attack chains can be parried after first or second hits and which attack chains are hard/impossible to parry.

I have slow motions and a controller visual for all the parries so the timings are easier to study.


Hopefully some of you find this guide useful, since I’m not seeing too many people using setup parries yet.


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13 comments on “Dark Souls 2: Setup Parry Guide”

  1. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Hey Juutas

    I would like to convert your videos into text for a wiki page about parrying. I have created the page, could you please assist me in filling up the info? Then please feel free to embed your video at the bottom so you get the due credit!


  2. Avatar Juutas says:

    Thanks all of you guys for the positive feedback! :)
    Hopefully this was useful little guide for some of you~

  3. bazilthestoner says:

    Thanks juutas!!
    First time I tried this, I expected to fail so I parried and rolled on instinct. My enemy just sat there looking at me like I was stupid xD

  4. Avatar Mental_Gear says:

    Well executed, concise, easy to understand and covering different aspects of the topic. +1

  5. btown says:

    Another amazing video Juutas. :cheers:

  6. dreamforger says:

    Great videos, thanks you. I’ve ‘mastered’ PvE parrying, but I suck at PvP, so this is really useful :thumbs up: .

  7. Sardonius says:

    This one is actually useful because it has the controller overlay so we can see the timing. Good job!

  8. Avatar BWO_RazrSrorm says:

    Hmmm. What would you call a parry that you bait someone into and parry on the first hit?

    Example: I roll to dodge a hit and they come running to land an attack on me. So i stand up and parry. I perposely make myself look vulnerable so they try to come in for an attack and then i parry.

  9. Avatar NightX says:

    Damn your videos… too many people trying to parry me now. Lol Seriously, I appreciate the work you do. I still punish the attempts though ;)

  10. Avatar olavrell says:

    Thanks for making this guide, informative and extremely helpful as always.

  11. Avatar DarkGerald says:

    Great guide, awesome. Might try it myself now that I see how easy it is ;)

  12. Avatar Taux says:

    Wow thanks! I really appreciate this! I’ve been trying to learn how to parry in DS2 a lot recently, but been having alot of trouble.
    It always looks like i should have parried, but lag makes it not so. Just like finding the right window and how to setup for it.

  13. Avatar announakis says:

    I have seen both and they are really useful
    I still suck at parrying though but that’s just me ^^
    Cheers juutas

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