Dark Souls 2: Parrying Guide #2 (Spell Parrying, Setup Parrying, and Advanced Techniques)

Dark Souls 2: Parrying Guide #2 (Spell Parrying, Setup Parrying, and Advanced Techniques)

Last updated on September 1st, 2017

In this video I cover; basic spell parrying, more setup parry, parrying lances and reapers, parrying with 2H shield and rapiers, and some more info about parrying in general.

Also, I share 2 advanced parrying techniques that I have found to be very useful.


*NOTE:  Even though the parrying player cannot see the spells getting deflected from the shield, it will show up on the casting player’s screen*

7 comments on “Dark Souls 2: Parrying Guide #2 (Spell Parrying, Setup Parrying, and Advanced Techniques)”

  1. btown says:

    Both video’s were great. A must watch for anyone trying to get better at the parry. Think you for the time and effort you and your sparring partner put in to make both video’s. :thumbs up:

  2. Avatar jimmyc0341 says:

    Glad to see your still visiting the forums Juutas. Can’t wait to see some more of your vids :thumbs up:

  3. Avatar A_Fat_Pack_Mule says:

    I watched your first video on this and it helped immensely. Just watched this one and I am excited to try these out as well. You sir, deserve a :thumbs up:

  4. aebranton says:

    I wathced these… for some reason i still cant land a parry no matter what i do… is there a stat to help this? I havent tried EXTENSIVELY but i just cant hit it pvp – and as a test i went to LOLG with the hollows with knives, and my parry dagger, and tried EVERY timing imaginable, didnt hit once.

  5. Avatar Juutas says:

    Thank you everyone for watching and for the nice feedback :)
    it’s awesome to hear so many people found these guides helpful~


    There is no stat that affects parrying as far as I know, some speculated that ADP would affect it, but after dropping my ADP to 4 I didn’t see any difference compared to the timing in 25 ADP.
    These timings I show on the videos have been pretty damn solid for me, so I think only thing that could affect it is that your timing is still a bit off, or there is lag that affects it.
    Parrying is kind of riding a bicycle: once you get it right you get more comfortable with it :)

  6. Avatar Emergence says:

    This has been a popular series. Good response on Twitter: Check out @DarkSoulsSpace’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/DarkSoulsSpace/status/460844723138486272

    It’s a bit less visibly used of a mechanic now but still had its merits. Nice series and thanks for sharing it on the blog.

  7. Avatar ShinnyMetal says:

    If you can get close and reposte really fast then you do the fairs break one. It does more damage too if I remember right. It’s tough to do reliably though a d if you mess up the timing you end up doing a normal attack

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