Dark Souls 2 Japanese Pre-Order Bonuses

Dark Souls 2 Japanese Pre-Order Bonuses

Spotted here it seems that Dark Souls 2 will have store specific pre-order in-game weapon bonuses.  As of yet only announced in Japan, no word on Western release yet.  They appear to be modified starter gear with slight alterations to the weapons’ base properties.

According to our forum user δelta the weapons translate as the following:

Dark Souls 2 Preorder WeaponsBlack Flame Stone Dagger and Round Shield

A dagger with black crystals attached.
Found in the black valley deep in the trash heap. (blight town-ish?)
Heavier than a normal dagger but these crystals are sharper than a normal blade.
Among those thrown down into the trash heap are ones who search for a way back to the surface. But nobody has ever returned and they are all said to have died in regret.
(shield description is same but says that it’s better at slash defense)

Dark Souls 2 Preorder WeaponsYellow Crystal Long Sword and Shield

Long sword with yellow crystals attached.
Found in the depths of the melted iron fortress. Though corroded and easy to break, it is light with no loss in power.
In order to show his authority, the old king built an iron castle and collected many weapons. But that glory sank into the melted earth due to his arrogance.
(shield description is the same)

Dark Souls 2 Preorder WeaponsBound Hand Axe and Wood Shield

An axe with a weird appearance.
This was found in the Undead Purgatory. The chain and thorns increase bleeding but decrease slash damage.
This alteration which hides the personality of the weapon wasn’t done to merely defeat an enemy. The goal was likely to simply cause more pain.
Special ability: Bleed
(shield is degraded but also causes bleed)

Dark Souls 2 Preorder WeaponsPygmy’s Mace and Wood Shield

A staff with round objects attached. Found in a mansion in An Diel.
It is much heavier than normal but the hard spheres increase blunt damage.
To the east of Drangleig is a mysterious mansion forgotten by time. Something that should be forgotten still lurks there.
(shield is heavier but stronger)

Dark Souls 2 Preoder WeaponsCriminal Staff and Leather Shield

A staff with a dull black something attached.
Found in an old dark hole. Used for magic and dark magic.
In places around Dranglieg are dark holes. There is yet nobody who knows what lies beyond these holes.
Special Ability: Darkness
(shield is same, just takes out part about it being used as a catalyst)

Check out the items and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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5 comments on “Dark Souls 2 Japanese Pre-Order Bonuses”

  1. AnAsalBeag says:

    Bah i hate DLC because i know i’ll end up buying some of it. As long as they don’t go the EA route and the items give an unfair advantage against others, i’m ok with it.

  2. Emergence says:

    There is a way to do it right and keep the core of the game intact. Paying to win is never a good way to foster community but cosmetic stuff is nominal. If anything the Artorias dlc was way more unbalancing as it gave the purchasers access to bead, pursuers and black flame all of which shot right into the pvp meta arsenal.

  3. Ahhotep1 says:

    Nice find and heads up! Thanks 😀

    Hope they come to Eu and NA. But I agree with above that being able to pay to get the “edge” is never good over all. Only if it just looks more cool…then I’m cool with it!

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