Dark Souls 2 Graphic Novel Announced!

Dark Souls 2 Graphic Novel Announced!

Dark Souls II: Into the Light


The Vitals

  • Brand new FREE online comic that will also be printed in physical form and included in certain special editions of the game!
  • Written by Rob Williams and Andi Ewington with Art by Simon Coleby.
  • Takes place in the world of Dark Souls 2 and will be a lore source.
  • No details on story or characters yet.


The Skinny

This is a very cool development for the Dark Souls franchise.  The creative team at the helm has some serious comic book experience so we can expect a quality release and a worthwhile collectible.  Dark Souls is getting the AAA treatment as promised, as companion comics and media typically accompany big games like Mass Effect.  Give a look below at a sneak peek from Namco at the inking of a page and check back with us for more Dark Souls 2 news and pre-order the game here!


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4 comments on “Dark Souls 2 Graphic Novel Announced!”

  1. More things to be unable to wait for…

  2. GrinTwist says:

    Looking forward to it, seeing as it is a tie in to Dark Souls 2 I think we might see a few characters that will later be found within the lore of the game.

    Or just see some random guy get killed.

  3. Juutas says:

    I NEED a physical copy of this.

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