Dark Souls 2 DLC: A Sitdown with From Software

Dark Souls 2 DLC: A Sitdown with From Software

Last updated on August 22nd, 2015

Much fan controversy surrounds the upcoming Dark Souls II DLC, and Fextralife was at E3 2014 to play test and experience it, so the community can get first hand impressions.  Our first step was to sit down with From Software, who had kindly arranged for a translator present, to ask them some of the more pressing community questions. (Thanks to Brian for setting this up!)

  • FL: From had announced no DLC and then stated there would be.  What happened with the DLC? 


FROM: Although Dark Souls 2 is a complete experience for the player,  we wanted to give players more ways to play Dark Souls 2 and have new experiences.  The DLC is separate from the rest of the game and has its own way of playing and it’s own challenges and discoveries, as well as objectives.


  • Why 3 DLCs instead of 1 DLC?


FROM: Each DLC is unique and shares its own story.  They all have different environments to explore and secrets to unlock.  We felt that since they were so drastically different we needed 3 DLCs instead of 1.


  • Why DLC so soon after launch?


FROM: We felt that the timing was right for the DLC and we wanted to give our fans more Dark Souls 2 to play and more world to get lost in and discover.


  • Will there be new armor, weapons and spells in the DLC similar to what we saw with AotA?


FROM: Yes there will.  Players will find all new armor, brand new weapons and some new spells to play around with.  Because of the large number of items and spells added to the game,  the DLC will be launching with a large patch to rebalance the game, incorporating these new variables into the equation.


  • How will players access the DLC?  Will it be similar to how AotA was done?


FROM: It will be similar to Artorias of the Abyss in that players will have to find hidden areas around the world in order to gain access.  There will be 3 distinct locations for each episode, however players will be able to summon others who do not have the DLC into their game inside their world’s DLC.


  • How long will it take for a player to complete each DLC?


FROM: If a player just goes through the area to clear it as quickly as possible, each DLC will take about 3 hours.  If the player decides to explore everything inside the new zone it will take about 7 hours.

  • Will there be more Dark Souls II DLC besides the Lost Crowns Trilogy?


FROM: No, there won’t.

117Following the interview, I spent good quality time actually playing the Crown of the Sunken King DLC. I started from a bonfire in cavernous area that reminded of the Mines of Moria. I was promptly greeted by some black armored enemies, which had to be dispatched before I could traverse narrow paths with lots of “gravity traps” (gravity OP needs nerf) and find myself surrounded by a typical Dark Souls ambush. Moving along, there were rooms infested with bugs contrasting the dark blue effects that illuminate the caves, and treacherous jumps to reach items.

Without spoiling much further, I can say that the DLC features brand new weapons, armor and spells as well as new enemies and settings for each player to discover and get lost in.  The gameplay is the same Dark Soul 2, placed in completely new areas and spiced by entirely new enemies.  I literally didn’t see one enemy I’d seen before, many of which were very unique,  whilst traversing the new underground landscape.  I do not know how the lore and progression of the DLC will be after all of them are out, but if you loved Dark Souls 2, you’ll like the DLC.


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30 comments on “Dark Souls 2 DLC: A Sitdown with From Software”

  1. Avatar Myztyrio says:

    This is great info, and possibly even more relieving for the community than the DLC itself is the announcement of a big balancing patch headed our way. Umbasa.

  2. Avatar Wolfenstein says:

    Thanks, man. Good info here.

  3. Avatar Mohammad1433Ksa says:

    i am happy there is going to be a patch to rebalance the game .. i just hope they don’t destroy the game with that balance
    great info i am more excited for the DLC now :D
    thanks alot

  4. blueberryvibe says:

    Crappy answers from From in the first questions. Good article though! Love’d that all enemies were new, maybe some of them will drop new armors? ^^


  5. Avatar Castielle says:

    I cannot, unfortunately, control what they tell me. I was just happy to have the opportunity to speak with them lol. Tried to ask the questions the Community was dying to know.


  6. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    Not sure why I’m the first person to bring this up but here goes…

    How can you summon someone who doesn’t own the DLC into the DLC area since summon signs are attached to location?

    -Best guess I have is that you can summon outside the area and then walk into the DLC area. This is less than ideal as the summon timers (if they apply) mean you’d have to keep exiting the DLC area to get those players again. It could also mean the DLC might not be geographically that big. Example: I’ve run out of time before helping someone in No Man’s Wharf. That’s not 3-7 hours of content.

    -Some sort of method to call people in. Best case scenario is some sort of queuing area where you can become eligible to enter the DLC without owning it. There’s an issue of where the signs appear in the DLC zone but they could easily randomly assign them inside kind of like spawn points for invasion.

    -A method to call specific players in. This would hopefully only be a DLC thing as, while adding this would help co-op a good deal, it would lead to gankocalypse and represent a fundamental shift in DS online

    Edit: They might have a brilliant solution I’m not thinking of. I’m just very curious

  7. Avatar Forum_Pirate says:

    And people say FROM doesn’t actually pay attention to us. Didn’t fex mention how FROM recognised us lik, 2 years ago? Actual proof, suck it disbileavers.

  8. Avatar Wigriff says:

    Now… I don’t want to say "I told you so," but… well… ;)

    I am so ridiculously excited for more Dark Souls II. Thanks Cas.

  9. Avatar Back_Lot_Basher says:

    This actually isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this. For you folks who have always been Playstation exclusive, one of the Microsoft Studios games called Crackdown, did something very similar. They released some DLC which added new activities and items, and as the co-op host, I was able to invite people without said DLC, and they could use items and participate in events.

    I’m not sure what the reasoning is. I suppose, if nothing else, it provides a showcase for the content, and might possibly motivate someone to buy it.

  10. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    There’s certainly precedent for the concept. If you’ve read my wonderful E3 Experience article ;) you’ll see Far Cry is doing this for the entire game it seems.

    However, from a Dark Souls game mechanics perspective, the "how" is a major question mark.

    As you pointed out, you invited people. That isn’t a thing in this series. The closest is summon signs but those have depended on players being in the same geographical area. How does that work if one person doesn’t even have access to that area.

    The reason they allow non buyers to join like this is simple drug dealer economics. Here’s your free sample. Now that you’re addicted…

    It’s full price

  11. blueberryvibe says:

    I know you can’t : ) Thats why I wanted to underline that I liked the article over all ^_^


  12. Avatar JohnnyHarpoon says:

    Great stuff.

    Still, surprised I haven’t heard of anybody asking them about Soul Memory. With E3, it seems like a rare (possibly the only) opportunity to directly ask some long-burning questions, DLC related or not.

    Regardless, I never doubted the DLC, and all this info sounds good to me.

    Thanks, Cas.

  13. Avatar BWO_RazrSrorm says:

    Rather interesting players can be summoned to help with content they don’t have.

  14. Avatar Shakie666 says:

    The content will be included in a preceding patch. When you buy the dlc, you pay for something that will cause the dlc to activate (like with AotA, the golem in the duke’s archives would only drop the broken pendant if you bought the dlc. Also since people without the dlc could still use AotA equipment if they had the MM).

  15. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    ^That. What you’ll buy will be the unlock file. One of the benefits was that the file (DLC and patch) was available before release and you had to wait all of ten seconds (not even) to download the unlock and start playing on release day.

    But I’m still curious on the in game mechanics of how this will work :D

  16. FordreddofForossa says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am personally very interested in finding out if there are going to be any new NPCs’ in the new content.

  17. Avatar Castielle says:

    Supposedly there are some things you must do in the DLC before you can summon others in, so my guess is after these are done, you must be able to summon from a common area outside the DLC.


  18. Avatar omgoff says:

    Perhaps they’ll come up with something clever via the patch that will accompany the release of the DLC. I, too, am curious to see how this pans out regarding co-op with people who do not own the DLC.

  19. Avatar AEMIII says:

    At the very least they need to make it so sentinels can be summoned there to assist WoTB, imo.

  20. Necromancer says:

    Wow thanks for this, really appreciated the link and great questions so happy about the new amours and spells.

    Also good to know that these can take up to 3-7 hours, man that is SUCH good value for money.

    Ps. No to speculate on the hidden entrances?

  21. Avatar Doelker says:

    That’s like AotA x 3!!!
    That’s awesome, thank you Cas!
    My take on the summons is that perhaps you will be able to summon players without the DLC at the beginning of the stage until the first boss fight or the timer runs out.
    This will give the other players a sneak peek into the new content and then help them decide to buy it or not in order to get the full experience.

  22. Avatar Static_Mikey says:

    :waiting: DLC cannot come fast enough! :00020: Awesome article, but one thing wrong. There is no more DLC after that…I’m already feeling bummed about it ending. ;)

  23. Avatar Claymorelinx says:

    Yeah I mean there has always been something on the horizon for Souls, but with the definitive answer of "no" by From we might not see any more souls related content for a while.

    I am really happy about the game balancing patch, it was probably the best news of DLC article. I remember ninja flipping Havel moms and dads in DkS, it was just as imbalanced as the myriad of things in DkS II. From is really trying their best to both please their fans and comply with their corporate agenda. As unhappy as I am about the "agenda" part, I don’t think that they could be handling it better.

    This probably has changed my mind, where previously I was seriously considering not buying the DLC. Thanks Cas :00020:

  24. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I would take the "no more DLC" with a pinch of salt. They may change their minds again right? :p

  25. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    In six months I expect this interview:

    Cas: "Many of our users have pointed out you’d said that there would be no more DLC following the crown triple pack. What gives?"
    From rep: "This isn’t DLC it’s an expansion pack. And it’s the only one we’re doing…"

    Six months after that
    From rep: "I know what’s on your mind Cas, we didn’t do any more DLC or expansions as promised. But you’re gonna go wild for this add-on"

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