Dark Souls 2 Collector’s Edition

Dark Souls 2 Collector’s Edition

Fresh from Tokyo Game Show: Namco Bandai just released the newest trailer for Dark Souls 2, and listed out the European Collector’s Edition bonuses.

Update! North American Black Armor and Collector’s Edition Prorders get a Dark Souls 2 T-Shirt if you buy directly from Namco!

Dark souls II will be available on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 on March 14th. PC release date will follow closely.
This new trailer also unveils the DARK SOULS™ II Collector’s Edition and Black Armour Pre-Order Edition as well.

DARK SOULS II Collector’s Edition will feature:

  • A premium quality Warrior Knight figurine measuring in at 12 inches / 30 cm in height and weighing in at nearly 16 ounces / 450 grams.
  • An exclusive hardbound art-book filled with never-before-seen images created by the talented artists at game developer FromSoftware.
  • A sizable full-colour fabric map of the DARK SOULS II game world that can only be had within the Collector’s Edition.
  • A metal game case which will contain both the game disc and the official game soundtrack composed by famed Japanese composer Motoi Sakuraba.

DARK SOULS IIBlack Armour Pre-Order Edition, available as supplies last is a preorder upgrade including the metal metal case that contains both the game disc and the official game soundtrack.


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15 comments on “Dark Souls 2 Collector’s Edition”

  1. PierreSBK71 says:


    /hyped kid mode on

  2. Skarekrow13 says:

    Here’s the real question:
    I’ve already managed to budget (aka “sell things on ebay”) for the PS4 so, what’s my plan to get the money for this thing?

    1. PierreSBK71 says:

      I really don’t know what to advise, other than ”sell moar”?

      I saved a spare 100 € just to buy the limited edition of DkS2….

      1. Skarekrow13 says:

        Well I’m already looking to unload a guitar. I think the next step is sell my blood. Anyone need some A-?

        1. PierreSBK71 says:

          Nay, sorry.
          Hey, how about selling a kidney? Kidney is OP, needs nerf. Plus, you have two, anyway.

  3. reim0027 says:

    Unfortunately, don’t think I’ll be getting the Collector’s edition. It sounds awesome though.

    1. Fex says:

      120 USD seems rather extreme for a figurine and artbook… but you know they got u xD

  4. Cas says:

    120$ ?!? Ouch! That does seem a bit much…but then I’d kill for that figurine…

  5. The only collector’s edition I’m willing to buy for that much. IT’S GONNA BE MINE!!!

  6. Kenleymac says:

    I want this.. But why not on PS4? 🙁

    1. Fex says:

      The game is releasing at a similar time as the PS4 in Japan, so I think there may be another version in the works, but it will be later than the original launch. Sort of like Resident Evil 5 did with their Move edition

  7. Elite-Knight says:

    Must…..claim….for….my own……

  8. Hachouma says:

    I was hoping for a DeS pc rerelease ;-;

  9. Icegodzilla says:

    I might get this, if i like save 20 bucks a month until the game comes out

  10. Fexelea says:

    Updated this post to reflect the additional T-shirt if you buy directly from Namco

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