Dark Souls 2 Closed Beta: How To

Dark Souls 2 Closed Beta: How To

Worldwide Closed Beta:

UPDATE: Closed Beta now live! See video footage here

NAMCO BANDAI GAMES AMERICA TO INVITE HARDCORE GAMERS TO TAKE-ON DARK SOULS II BETA THIS FALLOnly the Strong Need Apply for One of the Most Challenging Beta Experiences Ever Offered on the Sony PlayStation 3 System

SAN JOSE, Calif. – (August 21, 2013) – NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. is excited to confirm a special Closed-Beta-Test for DARK SOULS™ II; scheduled to begin on October 5, 2013 for players in North America and Europe on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system via the PlayStation®Network. Anxious fans will want to pay close attention to the DARK SOULS™ Facebook page beginning September 5th for continual DARK SOULS II news and updates regarding the registration process and details pertaining to the DARK SOULS II Closed-Beta.

The depth of the DARK SOULS II Closed-Beta experience will truly test players’ skill, intestinal fortitude, and their sheer will to survive. The DARK SOULS II Closed-Beta will delve into one of the most treacherous areas of the DARK SOULS II world; players will not only get an opportunity to explore an entirely new area of the game, but also experience overwhelming enemy encounters, diabolical challenges, and the unrelenting difficultly that only the developers at FromSoftware can deliver.

NA and SA:

Dark Souls II Beta Details for North and South America!

  • There is no registration required for the Dark Souls II Network Test in North and South America.
  • Select players will receive a message from Sony Computer Entertainment America through the PlayStation 3 XMB with a download code prior to the Network Test.
  • The Dark Souls II Network Test will be available on a first-come, first-served basis with a limited number of participants allowed.
  • The initial Dark Souls II Network Testing round that commences on 10/12 will accommodate up to 5000 players; a larger participant pool will be opened for a later testing round on 10/26.
  • More information will be shared in the future regarding the timing of the XMB messages and the Network Test download availability. Please stay tuned here on Facebook and on http://darksoulsii.com/us/

And NA/SA clarified:

From the Dark Souls reddit page:“Howdy folks – My name is J. and I’m the Community Manager for Namco Bandai Games America and I wanted to offer some clarification on how North / South American players can participate in the Beta.I know there’s been a bit of confusion since the process is different for other territories. -There is no registration required for the Dark Souls II Network Test in North/South America.-Sony will be sending messages via the XMB to a large amount of players with a code to redeem for the download.-The download will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.-We will also be sharing these codes via Facebook and other channels.-There are significantly more codes than spots in the Network Test, especially for the initial round.-Getting a code just gives you a chance to redeem and download the Network Test, if it is full, you won’t be able to redeem the code.-Only 5000 spots are available in the initial 10/12 round, but significantly more spots will open for the later test on 10/26.-We’ll give more details on exactly when the messages will be sent, when we’ll have the codes, and when you can redeem in the coming weeks.


Q: Once I redeem the code and download the client am I guaranteed access for later testing rounds?

A: Yes

Q: What happens if I can’t redeem the code?

A: That means that particular testing round is full.

Q: Will you be able to tell us the exact time that the download will be available?

A: That’s the plan, yes.

Q: Is there a way to register so that I definitely get a code?

A: No, there is no registration. But getting a code won’t be a problem. We’ll have
plenty of those if you don’t receive one from Sony. The only limiting factor will be how many other people redeem their codes.

Q: Why isn’t there a sign-up process?

A: We’re working with SCEA and this is the best way to run things from their end.

Q: If I don’t get into the Network Test will it be the end of the world?

A: Maybe… Who knows, man.

I’ll try to answer any questions here, but hopefully this fills in some of the information gaps. Facebook.com/DarkSouls will always have the latest information and you can always find me on Twitter if you have questions later: https://twitter.com/JKartje

I’m pretty new to this job, but I look forward to doing cool stuff with the Dark Souls community. I’m a pretty hardcore Souls fan myself.”

“Ticket” download via Sony store. Simply go to your local store and search for Dark Souls
Link: https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-gb/games/dark-souls-ii-closed-beta-registration-ticket/cid=EP0700-BLET50006_00-SE00010000000000


“Ticket” download via Sony store. Simply go to your local store and search for Dark Souls


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