Dark Devotion Souls-like RPG Kickstarter Campaign Successful!

Dark Devotion Souls-like RPG Kickstarter Campaign Successful!

The Kickstarter campaign for the roguelike action-RPG, Dark Devotion  by developer Hibernian Workshop, has been successfully crowdfunded.

Dark Devotion – Congratulations!

Trapped in a dark and gloomy temple, find your inner strength and courage to face its dangers. Show your Devotion!

The upcoming souls-like title not only managed to raise enough funds to meet its €20,000 goal, but surpassed it to €31,796 from 1,563 backers by the campaign’s end on October 17, 2017.

The extra funds has allowed the development team to include a whole new set of weapons for players to wield in the game. And revealed the following new stretch goals:

  • €40,000 – Dark Fellows Story (A new side-story for Dark Devotion)
  • €50,000 – Elite Enemies (More lethal enemies)

As of writing this, development for Dark Devotion  is at a 75% completion rate, and now features a new ‘progressive map’ for World 1. At the moment, Hibernian Workshop is working on the game’s World 2 portion and has shared new images that you can check out, below.

The studio has also released a new and improved light demo of Dark Devotion  for Windows PCs, which can be downloaded at their Kickstarter page.

Dark Devotion  is planned for a release on April 2018 for PC via Steam.

To learn more about this upcoming game, you can check out our preview on Dark Devotion.

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