Cygames Trademarks Project Awakening: Arise in Europe

Cygames Trademarks Project Awakening: Arise in Europe

It was towards the end of last year when Sony Interactive Entertainment announced Cygames’ Project Awakening as part of the their Playstation Lineup tour. The developer has now trademarked Project Awakening: Arise for the European region.

Cygames Trademarks Project Awakening: Arise in Europe

Cygames has registered the trademark “Project Awakening: Arise” for Europe. Following their announcement last year of Project Awakening, an action-RPG which looks a cross between something souls-like and Monster Hunter World but set in a more knight like fantasy world. While “project” may not be a part of the final iteration of the game’s title, the addition of “arise” is something new.

The title could be for a demo or another project that the developer could be working on. Either way we will keep you posted with any news regarding Project Awakening or Project Awakening: Arise.

If you want a refresher about Project Awakening you can watch the trailer below:

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