Cygames’ Project Awakening Finally Revealed To All

Cygames’ Project Awakening Finally Revealed To All

Last updated on January 14th, 2019

During Sony Interactive Entertainment’s pre-Tokyo Game Show Playstation Lineup tour they have us gearing up for what’s to come. One of the announcements included Cygames’ JRPG Project Awakening.

Cygames’ Project Awakening Finally Revealed To All

While the title had been shown behind closed doors before to the press, it’s the first time that the public has been able to see Project Awakening. Cygames is known for it’s titles such as Granblue Fantasy a mobile title, but this is it’s first console-exclusive game heading to Tokyo Game Show this year.

The trailer does it’s very best to captivate us in this new world of beasts and a knight-like hero who looks to be taking on this monster one-on-one. While part of the trailer shows he doesn’t fare too well, the exact story is still a bit of a mystery. The game sets to include “cutting edge graphics” and will introduce” a fresh approach to the world of fantasy RPGs” according to DualShockers.

The final scene hints at another giant foe in the distance who has devilish horns that walks up-right and carries a spear. The crystals that appear on the natural environment, start to spread like a virus, and shows that this being has some sort of super-natural ability that the developers will hopefully reveal to us soon. But it doesn’t look like this boss travels alone, as an army slowly appears in the fog.

The description of the trailer reads:

“It’s time for the wolves of war to awaken…” Presenting an all new action RPG by Cygames.

Cygames have been well known for their fantasy mobile game Granblue Fantasy and had announced over a month ago that they would be bringing the franchise internationally as an action-RPG to console in the form of Granblue Fantasy Re: Link. Project Awakening appears to be a more gritty, close combat game that looks quite punishing from the way the main character is knocked about.

Check out some of the screenshots and full trailer below:

There will be some more details coming our way for Project Awakening during Tokyo Game Show 2018 where we will be bringing you all the latest RPG news as it comes out.

If you want to know more about Cygames be sure to read about them in Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link Will Be Available In English, French, Italian, German And Spanish. For more upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2018 news be sure to read about it in TGS Sekiro Trailer Reveals Spear, Wall Jumping, Hidden Walls & More and FromSoftware’s VR Adventure Déraciné Gets A November Release.


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  1. Avatar qeter says:

    wait and see i suppose.

  2. Avatar PrimeraEspada91 says:

    inb4 werewolves but interesting. tho im looking forward to the grandblue game more

  3. Avatar announakis says:

    It certainly looks sexy
    Let’s see what it brings nos in the coming months reveals I guess

  4. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Has a monster-hunterish, dragon-dogmaish look with the right amount of a hint of a souls armor to get me intrigued.

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