Cyberpunk Dungeon Crawler Conglomerate 451 Revealed by 1C Entertainment

Cyberpunk Dungeon Crawler Conglomerate 451 Revealed by 1C Entertainment

The developer RuneHeads known for their action-RPG Fall of Light reveal today that they are teaming up with 1C Entertainment for their next tile Conglomerate 451. A cyberpunk styled first person dungeon crawler with features similar to XCOM games.

Cyberpunk Dungeon Crawler Conglomerate 451 Revealed by 1C Entertainment

Conglomerate 451 is set in the year 2099, where sector 451 has turned into a warzone. Players will be in charge of a team of cloned policing agents that can be kitted out with a range of weapons, implants and cyberlimbs which ultimately change the playstyle of the character. You will need to unlock or find new enhancements while gaining the upper hand with their very own R&D Department. The title also sets to bring some challenge with permadeath and procedural generated levels that draws inspiration from the likes of the XCOM series.

However in Conglomerate 451 players will engage combat with VATS type system, similar to the Fallout franchise, being able to aim at different body parts to take out the weak points in their enemies or disengage them. Enemies will also have this ability to target agents’ limbs causing horrific injuries that can turn into negative status modifiers which may in turn effect future missions. Another feature is hacking, allowing players to gain the upper hand early on in the dungeon.

Conglomerate 451 stands to bring some interesting elements to table, hopefully the hacking feature will be something that needs to be earned otherwise it might not make the game feel as challenging.

Check out the full trailer and screenshots below:

Conglomerate 451 sets to release on Steam Early Access soon according to the trailer.

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