Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Multiple Endings

Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Multiple Endings

According to a recent interview CD Projekt Red have confirmed that the upcoming futuristic action-RPG will have multiple endings.

Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Multiple Endings

The developer of the Witcher 3 CD Projekt Red recently announced their release date for their upcoming RPG title Cyberpunk 2077 at E3. It seems more details have been revealed in a recent interview with YongYea, who asked about Cyberpunk 2077’s narrative and its endings.

While not disclosing the exact number of endings that players can access, Quest Director Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz did answer “yes” to whether Cyberpunk 2077 would have multiple endings. This means choices made will matter in the narrative.

The developer was also asked about Playstation 4 censorship, when it comes to certain content Cyberpunk 2077 has it’s portion of mature content especially as it takes place in city full of underground of dealings, so it’s a wonder if this was the case for them. Tomaszkiewicz explained that he hadn’t heard much about it but did comment “…from my knowledge we don’t have any issues like that, the only things that do regarding censorship is region based”.

When asked about his reaction to those who say that single-player games are not doing well, Tomaszkiewicz shared that Cyberpunk 2077 was a way to prove this to be untrue:

I want to prove with our games that they are not dying…single-players are still doing quite well for themselves and there is a still a place in the industry for them.

While we’re still a while away from it’s release next year, these new pieces of information are interesting to learn, knowing that CD Projekt Red are striving to prove that the single-player RPGs are very much still at the heart of gaming. We’re curious to find out how many alternate endings will be possible in this upcoming title.

Cyberpunk 2077 will release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on April 16th 2020.

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