Cute RPG countdown website launched by Compile Heart

Cute RPG countdown website launched by Compile Heart

Compile Heart has launched a countdown website for its “Latest Cute RPG.” However, it should be noted that despite Compile Heart describing it as a countdown website, there’s no countdown on it.

Countdown to Compile Heart’s next cute RPG

The website features an “illustration of a never before seen collaboration RPG”, which you can see below.

Compile Heart

So, do you think this picture looks super cute? What game do you think it’s supposed to represent?

The developer will host its “Compile Heart New Title(s) Presentation” at Dengeki Game Fes 2018 on March 10, where it is expected to announce the recently leaked Mary Skelter 2 for PlayStation 4. It’s possible that this “Cute RPG” could just be Mary Skelter 2. But then again, it may not be.

Mary Skelter

Could the leak for their “latest cute RPG” be Mary Skelter 2? I don’t know – possibly but I wouldn’t say that Mary Skelter was that cute.

Does the illustration give you any idea about which characters from their other games may be in the new one? If so, who do you think those drawings are supposed to be? Please comment below and let us know.

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2 comments on “Cute RPG countdown website launched by Compile Heart”

  1. Mr.Dizems says:

    I think you might be on the right track. They added to the picutre on the countdown website.

  2. Avatar Caradox says:

    Thanks for the tip, Mr.Dizems. I’ll check out the latest addition. :)

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