Cut Bloodborne Snake Ball Boss Revealed

Cut Bloodborne Snake Ball Boss Revealed

Adata miner by the name of Lance McDonald now reveals a cut snake boss that never made it into Bloodborne. Dataminers unearth a lot of interesting things after they dig through games, they can unveil locations, items and even bosses that never made it into the final iteration.

Cut Bloodborne Snake Ball Boss Revealed

In his latest video McDonald explains that the alpha of Bloodborne held some interesting secrets, revealing items that led to the discovery of an unpublished boss. Today’s reveal is none other than a boss that never saw the light of day….well until now. The video gets up close and personal with the foe he’s calling “Snake Ball”, a multi-headed creature with a body made up of intertwined snakes, that menacingly hiss at you and gnash their teeth. Yes they have teeth and plenty of them!

Images via Lance McDonald’s video

The interactions with the boss show when slashed, blood spouting from its wound. At a certain stage in the would-be fight, the boss takes enough damage and the heads hang down, this triggers snakes to emerge from the ground similar to of the Shadow of Yharnam fight. This boss is no small feat, with two individual lock on points.

One of two lock on points for this giant boss

With a little programming magic, McDonald is able to get the boss to act out its movements as it was intended. As you can imagine those heads aren’t purely decorative, they individually try to take bites out of its opponent. These attacks are quite long range, being able to reach various distances. But that’s not the only danger players would have faced, it spits venom causing more damage.

Its heads are far reaching

Snake Ball Boss in full

He explains that there is also another action that the boss is suppose to perform, but since there is some missing data in terms of the full fight and even balancing, it is not possible to see all of its venomous rage.

You can watch the full video here:

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3 comments on “Cut Bloodborne Snake Ball Boss Revealed”

  1. Avatar Fexelea says:


    I hated those snakes. Having a boss made out of them would have just been too evil.

  2. Avatar qeter says:

    i think its cooler than the shadows.

  3. Avatar lingkarusak says:

    i always evade those snake ball, and now there is a more gigantic snake ball.
    but what a nice found. Lance has more cut content on Bloodborne to see.

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