Crusader Kings 3: Northern Lords DLC Releases March 16th

Crusader Kings 3: Northern Lords DLC Releases March 16th

The first expansion pack for Paradox Interactive’s strategy RPG Crusader Kings 3 called Northen Lords is releasing this week.

Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords DLC Releases March 16th

The first “flavour pack” as it’s called, Crusader Kings 3: Northern Lords brings new small features or thematic content to the game, this time adding a Viking flavour. While it isn’t a full expansion, it does give players “dozens of new stories” and even a chance to “brave harsh winters, or establish a new Viking realm”.

Northern Lords adds new character art inspired by Norse culture, including new hairstyles, and clothes. There is also new thematic music and new 3D models. Also coming with the expansion are new events, decisions and legacies. Players can set out to settle in foreign lands, with new region-appropriate scripted events and innovations all revolving around the north.

You can check out the official features below:

  • Norse Adventurer Realms
    Norse characters may abandon their own homes and lead hosts into foreign lands to establish their own kingdoms.
  • Jomsvikings and Shieldmaidens
    Norse holy warriors and stalwart shieldmaidens take up arms on your behalf, while poet characters can compose stinging rebukes or romantic overtures.
  • New Cultural Content
    Special Norse dynastic legacies, Norse blot sacrifices, trials by combat and cultural innovations, as well as numerous new events for additional color.
  • New Art and Music
    Original art and musical score to enhance your playing experience.
  • And more
    Berserkers, missionaries, runestones, Varangian adventurers, new decisions and other highlights from the exciting history of the Norse people.

You can check out the full feature breakdown in the video below:

Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords is a paid DLC which you can pick up for $6.99. It also releases alongside a free patch update which adds new gameplay features, randomised poetry generation and the ability to settle disputes through duels.

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